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Experts Series Interviews with Ben Kinney at 1PM Eastern at The Hip Roof Benn Kinney, who you all know by now, will be the first Experts Series Interview at The Hip Roof today (February 28th) at 1PM Eastern.  This is a members only webinar and knowing Ben's work with things like the Ten Days of P...
All these agents under one Hip Roof. The Hip Roof is here.  A website for real estate agents, built and maintained by real estate agents.  No vendors, no advertisers, no agendas.  A place to share your real estate knowledge, learn something new, discuss the latest trends, and talk shop.  A place ...
The Lones Group sues Realtor® Daniel Rothamel aka The Real Estate Zebra. By now you've heard the news, aptly called The Stripes Heard Round the World in one of the many posts I've read over the last twenty four hours.  Real estate marketing company The Lones Group filed a complaint against Daniel...
7 Skills to Master Business and Life I was going to reblog ActiveRain's post about the Surviving Your Serengeti Challenge, but reblog is currently down.  As you can read in my comment, I received an advance copy of the book and I thought the book was an excellent read - both as a story and as a b...
Or are they? I had a great conversation with a new friend the other day and it drove home some thoughts and beliefs I already had, but know that many people struggle with when it comes to social media.  If no one connects or responds, are we making an impact?  If no one comments on our blog post...
I'll keep my words to a minimum as I've said much of what I needed to on Facebook, Twitter, and on my own blog, but if you know Clint Miller, you'll know why posting this video means a lot to me.  I hate cancer and I want Clint and his family to know we're out here. We all know Clint is a tough ...
Download the complete slideshow from the Xplode website.   Friendship and Family - Community Amongst Realtors® and Punks. Punk was not a mainstream movement.  Disregarding the commercial system of the music industry, punk had to find it's own way to build both fans and a distribution network for...
What does punk rock have to do with real estate? I was honored to be given a chance to present at Xplode in Austin this week and as promised, I wanted to cover my slides a bit more in depth.  The conference was geared around real estate technology, but with so many great speakers covering so many...

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