short sale help: My Role in the Offer is an ADVISOR - 10/15/11 11:28 AM
I like how Paula addresses this issue.  We as real estate agents work in the capacity of advisors or consultants. While we can give our buyers information and share all that we know about comparable solds, we are not the ones to set the offer price. If the buyers want to make a low ball offer that makes our hair stand up- we can refuse to do so and let them move on to another agent or we can go ahead and make it, hoping it will be accepted, countered or flat out rejected.  In that way, they hopefully learn a … (2 comments)

short sale help: What is HAFA? - 10/05/11 05:32 PM
HAFA is another one of those terms thrown about in Short Sale discussions and pronounced Hoffa or Halfa. It has not been the most successful of the Short Sale program attempts but is far more successful than the loan modification programs. No matter how you choose to pronounce it, the letters stand for Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative. HAFA sets a structured time frame for the Short Sale process but does not always hit their own goals. None the less, the financial incentive to homeowner's is a powerful carrot to dangle as the journey is long and stressful to a successful closing. … (1 comments)

short sale help: Lordbock earns Luxury Distressed Property Designation - 08/05/11 03:56 PM
Kathleen Lordbock, an agent at Keller Williams Realty Brainerd Lakes, earned the Harris Real Estate University Certified Luxury Distressed Property Designation, having completed extensive training in negotiating and closing short sales for the higher end market at at time when the recession forces more luxury homes into foreclosure.
Lordbock has successfully listed and sold many Short Sales and assisted other fellow agents with their properties being sold short.
She has earned the National Association of REALTORS® Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource certification, is a Short Sale Superstar and many certifications in Short Sales and distressed property. As the owner of Brainerd … (1 comments)

short sale help: Preparing for Homeownership in Ten Steps - 01/29/11 01:34 PM
Preparing for Homeownership in Ten Steps
 1.Decide what you can afford. The best way to do this is with a visit to your favorite lender – that way you will know what price ranges you can search in.
2. Get your credit in order. Obtain a copy of your credit report to make sure it is accurate and to correct any errors immediately. A credit report provides a history of your credit, bad debts, and any late payments.
3 Determine your mortgage qualifications. How large of mortgage do you qualify for? Also, explore different loan options — such … (5 comments)

short sale help: Foreclosure Numbers for 2010 in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnnesota - 01/28/11 12:44 PM
Foreclosure numbers for 2010 in lakes area counties represent a staggering sum.
"The No.1 driver for foreclosure in the state of Minnesota is unemployment and underemployment," said Ed Nelson, marketing and communication manager with St. Paul-based Minnesota Home Ownership Center. "Until we start seeing our unemployment rate drop and stay dropped, we're going to see elevated numbers of foreclosures."
In 2010, there were 71,556 pre-foreclosure notices sent to Minnesota families.
While not all the foreclosures represent a homestead lost, since reports indicate a rise in second-home foreclosures, the majority are serving as primary homes.
In a Seminar at the Greater Lakes … (2 comments)

short sale help: Interest Rates for January 15, 2011 - 01/19/11 05:12 PM

short sale help: Everything Will Sell, Eventually - 11/16/10 02:38 AM
So true, so true. There are many factors that go in to getting a home SOLD- changing all that you can is the best strategy. Clean,staged, some updates, lower price than the competition will surely go a long way in this present market.
If you do nothing- probably nothing will happen!
I plan to share this with clients- thank you,Dan.
Sellers who have selling experience under their belt, as well as real estate licensees who have "been around the block" know;  Everything sells - eventually.
What I mean when I say that is there are only so many factors that need … (0 comments)

short sale help: Real Estate news for the month of October for the Twin Cities area of Minnesota - 11/01/10 01:23 PM
The monthly Skinny in Real Estate for the Twin Cities area of our wonderful state of Minnesota. What is happening in real estate this month? Where is the direction of real estate moving to? From the present and looking into the future- the skinny gives you the latest information on our real estate market. … (0 comments)

short sale help: Interest Rates for October 25, 2010 - 10/25/10 05:09 PM

Just when you think that they can not go any lower, interest rates drop slightly. Wow, if you are waiting for homes prices to drop even more, remember that when these interest rates climb- the game changes.

short sale help: The Monthly Skinny for the Twin Cities, MN October 2010 - 10/25/10 04:50 PM
Wondering what is happening in the real estate market for October in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota?  This video will give you insight into our area market and the latest skinny. Short Sales, foreclosures and traditional sales all compare as well as apples and oranges -both are fruit but have quite different tastes.
Need some help with any of the above in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota- just give me a call.

short sale help: Interest Rates for October 4, 2010 - 10/04/10 03:19 PM
Wondering what the current rates are in the Brainerd Lakes area for October 4, 2010? Well, here you go.
If you are wondering what you could buy with one of these low interest loans- give me a call and I will help you find just what you are looking for.
Hunting land, building lots, already built new construction or a home looking for a new family?
A luxury lake home on one of the Whitefish Chain lakes or how about the Mississippi River?
Foreclosed on properties or a Short Sale?

short sale help: Gull Lake-Cinosam Club - 09/30/10 05:34 PM
Looking for a two bedroom year around residence to come to and Swim in Gull or fish in the many nearby lakes. The famous Cinosam Club has low taxes, low club dues and a peaceful atmosphere much like it was years ago when founded. What has changed is this property. Completely updated full bathroom, new roof, new interior paint,steel siding and newer windows- wow. What are you waiting for? … (0 comments)

short sale help: The Monthly Skinny for the Twin Cities, MN September 2010 - 09/29/10 05:22 PM
Wondering what is happening in the real estate market for the Twin Cities Metro area of Minnesota? Watch the Skinny Video and pick up some tips on still getting properties sold as we move into our slower sales time of the year. It is busy right now with most everyone getting ready for snuggling in for our long cold winters. September's skinny just for you! … (0 comments)

short sale help: Easy Seasonal Centerpiece - 09/15/10 04:36 PM
It is Fall here in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota and the trees are starting to show their brilliant colors.
Instead of the traditional floral arrangement on a dining room table , buffet table, or counter  consider a simple, elegant arrangement of seasonal produce.
Think about Fall's unusual fruits and foliage, and let them inspire you. Search your local farmer's market or grocery store for gourds, nuts in the shells, and bring out your faux fruits and or veggies. Use treated or silk oak and maple leaves with real dried twigs.  When arranged on tiered cake stands, these harvest-time items … (14 comments)

short sale help: Interest Rates for September 7, 2010 - 09/07/10 03:39 AM
     What is happening today in the world of finance, real estate and slightly rising interest rates for home buyers?
Although there was a slight increase from yesterday's closing rates- rates are still rock bottom.
If you are buying and if you are borrowing money to buy- then get moving.

short sale help: Love, Sacrifice and Bravery- Thank you! - 08/21/10 03:52 AM
     This video speaks of love, sacrifice and bravery- both for those men and women in our armed forces and those they leave behind. Everyday those serving in our armed forces risk their lives to bring peace and stability to other regions of the world and to ensure that ours is kept here in the USA. They have marketable skills, they have training and educational backgrounds- they are employable- they could pursue an easier job back home, but they sacrifice for you and for me.  It costs them, it costs their families and I am so grateful that they willing go … (3 comments)

short sale help: Great Truths for Small Children! - 08/16/10 03:24 AM

No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats.   When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair.   If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always catch the second person.   Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.   You can't trust dogs to watch your food.   Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.   Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time.   You can't hide … (10 comments)

short sale help: "X" marks the spot!!!! - 07/21/10 03:45 AM
This really should be an OLE and LENA joke!
Good clean fun.......................
A bit of light humor for the end of the day.   Things seam to be a bit tense so enjoy!
Bob and Fred are out in the boat fishing.  They are having a great time and the fish are biting non-stop also.
"This is the best day of fishing we have ever had", said Bob.
"It sure has, to bad we couldn't mark this spot for the next time", replied Fred.
Bob reaches into his tackle box and pulls out a big marker and puts a big 'X' … (3 comments)

short sale help: Looking for a Fixer-Upper in the Brainerd Lakes? - 07/15/10 04:57 AM

     In the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota, buying a home with the intent to fix it up is one of the best investments you can make. Whether you intend to make it your primary residence, a second home or a rental- there are many things that with some hard work you can tackle yourself.  Our current Brainerd Lakes real estate market may allow you to get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.
     I will tell you that buying a fixer-upper can be a big challenge as there may be structural defects or other hidden … (3 comments)

short sale help: Should Everyone Own a Home? - 07/08/10 04:32 AM
To Quote: "The US Government pushes homeownership in the form of the mortgage interest deduction, low mortgage interest rates and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Most Americans want to own a home, they believe they deserve to own a home and that forces politicians to want the same." As a real estate agent it is my job to help people find and buy the home of their dreams and facilitate the sale and moving on of other dreams.
Should everyone buy a home? Does everyone make a good homeowner? If someone can not afford a home or pay for the upkeep, … (5 comments)

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