top brainerd agent: Give It Away- Not Me! - 04/19/13 06:12 AM
I don't want to give my home away is an oft repeated phrase as I discuss with prospective home sellers the current estimated market potential of their home.
They sometimes follow that phrase up with-" well, we will just hold on to it then" or "we will rent it out".

Sometimes sellers can lose track of why they wanted to sell in the first place.
  Waiting for a year isn't necessarily going to solve their problem and perhaps there is not really a problem, but a want. 
 I always like to ask them what will change in a year? Do we know … (0 comments)

top brainerd agent: My Role in the Offer is an ADVISOR - 10/15/11 11:28 AM
I like how Paula addresses this issue.  We as real estate agents work in the capacity of advisors or consultants. While we can give our buyers information and share all that we know about comparable solds, we are not the ones to set the offer price. If the buyers want to make a low ball offer that makes our hair stand up- we can refuse to do so and let them move on to another agent or we can go ahead and make it, hoping it will be accepted, countered or flat out rejected.  In that way, they hopefully learn a … (2 comments)

top brainerd agent: The Uncertainty in Housing - 10/13/11 04:50 AM
Lawmakers, housing industry leaders, and policy strategists explore solutions on REALTOR® TV to our current housing market problems. Senator Johnny Isakson states that he feels the correction will take seven to ten years. Ron Phipps, National Association of Realtors President declares that the objective in the cure should "do not harm" and that in time the problem will resolve itself. No new appraisal re-financings and other creative ideas are presented. … (2 comments)

top brainerd agent: Interest Rates for June 2,2011 - 06/02/11 05:32 PM
The Brainerd Lakes area is looking like a the summer playground that it is.  With our sky blue waters and lush green fields and forests, there is something for everyone. Right now with our inventory of homes on most lakes and other desirable locations, one's attention goes to the interest rates for mortgages and they are looking good, as well.


top brainerd agent: Everything Will Sell, Eventually - 11/16/10 02:38 AM
So true, so true. There are many factors that go in to getting a home SOLD- changing all that you can is the best strategy. Clean,staged, some updates, lower price than the competition will surely go a long way in this present market.
If you do nothing- probably nothing will happen!
I plan to share this with clients- thank you,Dan.
Sellers who have selling experience under their belt, as well as real estate licensees who have "been around the block" know;  Everything sells - eventually.
What I mean when I say that is there are only so many factors that need … (0 comments)

top brainerd agent: Easy Seasonal Centerpiece - 09/15/10 04:36 PM
It is Fall here in the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota and the trees are starting to show their brilliant colors.
Instead of the traditional floral arrangement on a dining room table , buffet table, or counter  consider a simple, elegant arrangement of seasonal produce.
Think about Fall's unusual fruits and foliage, and let them inspire you. Search your local farmer's market or grocery store for gourds, nuts in the shells, and bring out your faux fruits and or veggies. Use treated or silk oak and maple leaves with real dried twigs.  When arranged on tiered cake stands, these harvest-time items … (14 comments)

top brainerd agent: Interest Rates for September 7, 2010 - 09/07/10 03:39 AM
     What is happening today in the world of finance, real estate and slightly rising interest rates for home buyers?
Although there was a slight increase from yesterday's closing rates- rates are still rock bottom.
If you are buying and if you are borrowing money to buy- then get moving.

top brainerd agent: Central Mn Vietnam War Memorial - 07/29/10 05:52 PM
Have we forgotten those who served and sacrified in the Vietnam War and were so unsupported by many in the US along with celebrities who sacrificed nothing!

Central Mn Vietnam War Memorial
In Eastman Park at Lake George downtown St Cloud stands the Central Minnesota Vietnam War Memorial. Carved in granite, an American soldier and South Vietnamese soldier represent the 2 countries who fought side by side during the war, and above their heads flies their countries flags.
You'll never be forgotten, carved in granite, at the feet of the the 2 soldiers. The memorial was created due to the efforts of Hoa … (3 comments)

top brainerd agent: Soon it Will be Crow Wing County Fair Time! See You There! - 07/26/10 01:19 AM
     I will soon be setting up my Keller Williams/Re$ale Design & Home Staging booth at our Crow Wing County Fair in Minnesota.The Crow Wing County Fair will celebrate its 113th year anniversary in 2010! The fair was organized in 1897 and fairs were held in Brainerd, Pequot Lakes and Crosby before permanently locating in Brainerd in 1937. The 1897 fair was held at grounds owned by M. K. Swartz located just east of the 1900 block on East Oak Street. In 1938 the fair was held at the Brainerd Armory and beginning in 1939 at the Mill Avenue fairgrounds where … (0 comments)

top brainerd agent: "X" marks the spot!!!! - 07/21/10 03:45 AM
This really should be an OLE and LENA joke!
Good clean fun.......................
A bit of light humor for the end of the day.   Things seam to be a bit tense so enjoy!
Bob and Fred are out in the boat fishing.  They are having a great time and the fish are biting non-stop also.
"This is the best day of fishing we have ever had", said Bob.
"It sure has, to bad we couldn't mark this spot for the next time", replied Fred.
Bob reaches into his tackle box and pulls out a big marker and puts a big 'X' … (3 comments)

top brainerd agent: A Buyers' Agent Is Just As Valuable As A Buyer To A Worthy Listing Agent - 07/21/10 03:14 AM
Not returning my phone calls. do not want to give me access into YOUR listings because you want a hogger?
Marketing to real estate agents is as important a task as marketing to potential buyers.  Co-broke agents are the crux of our business.  We love to see agents from near and far, and the further out they are from the better the chance of closing that buyer.  When an agent from Boston, or one of its suburbs, drives to Franklin, it's realistic to think that a reservation will follow.  Agents do not like to waste their time, nor do … (1 comments)

top brainerd agent: Looking for a Fixer-Upper in the Brainerd Lakes? - 07/15/10 04:57 AM

     In the Brainerd Lakes area of Minnesota, buying a home with the intent to fix it up is one of the best investments you can make. Whether you intend to make it your primary residence, a second home or a rental- there are many things that with some hard work you can tackle yourself.  Our current Brainerd Lakes real estate market may allow you to get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.
     I will tell you that buying a fixer-upper can be a big challenge as there may be structural defects or other hidden … (3 comments)

top brainerd agent: So Mr. Buyer you missed the tax credit... But remember rates are so low you can buy $30,000 more home vs. the rates prior to April 30th!!! - 07/08/10 04:36 AM
Interest rates are the lowest they have been in 50 years!
Hey All,
  We all know that the tax credit is over for new buyers....except Military! It was a great "reason" to advertise, AND gave us something to talk about....   But did you know........that if you were under contract prior to April for the credit, that your rate was around 5.125%   With rates today in the MID 4's, a buyer can basically buy about $30,000 MORE house?   All WE need to do is change our advertising and get back to WHY it's a great time to … (4 comments)

top brainerd agent: Should Everyone Own a Home? - 07/08/10 04:32 AM
To Quote: "The US Government pushes homeownership in the form of the mortgage interest deduction, low mortgage interest rates and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Most Americans want to own a home, they believe they deserve to own a home and that forces politicians to want the same." As a real estate agent it is my job to help people find and buy the home of their dreams and facilitate the sale and moving on of other dreams.
Should everyone buy a home? Does everyone make a good homeowner? If someone can not afford a home or pay for the upkeep, … (5 comments)

top brainerd agent: FORECLOSURE VS. SHORT SALE: PROS AND CONS IN A SIMPLE CHART....... - 07/07/10 03:57 AM
There are major differences in executing a Short Sale of your property and walking away!
FORECLOSURE CONSEQUENCES FOR THE FOLLOWING SECURITY CLEARANCES= may be revoked and position may be terminated CURRENT EMPLOYMENT= may result in reassignment or termination FUTURE EMPLOYMENT= in most cases will challenge employment DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT= 100% of the bank in states where they can may pursuer a deficiency DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT (amount)= If sold at auction at a low price may result in a higher deficiency judgment FUTURE FANNIE MAE LOAN-PRIMARY RESIDENCE= 5 years to get a FM loan FUTURE … (0 comments)

top brainerd agent: Setting the Stage for a Sale! - 07/07/10 03:49 AM
Setting the Stage for a Sale!
There were some very strong opinions in the comments of a recent blog post concerning how a particular home was "staged". Each table was set for dinner (even incorrectly as pointed out by some).  As a Professional Home Stager  in the Los Angeles and Ventura County areas, some Clients and Realtors are even asking us to "set" the tables when we are Staging.  It is in my humble opinion that this can be very contrived and over-done if not done properly which prompted this post to maybe be of inspiration to others in alternatives to "setting" the tables when … (3 comments)

top brainerd agent: When is it time to Paint? How much value does it add? - 06/26/10 03:54 AM
First impressions are huge! See these before and afters of exterior cleaning and painting!
Exterior painting can really help sell a house quicker and for more money!
How much more value do you Real Estate Professionals think this paint job adds to the home below?
What a difference a little paint can make. Check out these Before and After photos of a Melbourne, Florida exterior repaint. After we pressure washed this Melbourne home we repaired all of the staircase stucco cracks, applied a clear sealer (due to chalkyness), and applied two coats of Sherwin Williams A100 satin exterior paint.
Before Pressure washing … (7 comments)

top brainerd agent: The 7 Most Dangerous Short Sale Myths - Complete Version - 06/26/10 03:42 AM
Distressed homeowner- do not just walk away!  There is hope- there is help.
For help with a Short Sale in the central Minnesota Brainerd Lakes area call Kathleen Lordbock, 218-831-8001 Kathleen LordbockREALTOR/CDPD/HSEKeller Williams Realty Brainerd LakesCell:218-831-8001Home:218-829-0339TopBrainerdAgent Contact Me @ WiseStamp Signature. Get it now
Don't let one of these dangerous myths land you and your family in foreclosure ...
A short sale can be an excellent solution for homeowners who must sell and owe more on their homes than they are worth. Unfortunately, a number of myths about short sales have developed, and it is important to understand … (0 comments)

top brainerd agent: The Monthly Skinny for the Twin Cities, MN - 06/23/10 03:23 AM
Where has the Twin Cities real estate market been and where is it heading? This monthly summary provides an overview of current trends and projections for future activity. Narrated by David Arbit, audio recorded by Zach Foty and video produced by Chelsie Foty. With graphs and charts the statistics are well displayed for your viewing pleasure. The summer is off to a slow start partially due to earlier increased buying to take advantage of the tax credit.This is the skinny for the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Other areas of the state vary greatly from the figures quoted for the Twin … (2 comments)

top brainerd agent: Tornados Hit Central Minnesota - 06/23/10 03:15 AM
      Last Thursday was a wild and devastating weather night- the kind I dread. Three people are dead and many families left without homes. Since our home and both businesses were destroyed in June of 2001, I truly understand what most of them are dealing with today. We have only just begun our storm season. Instead of enjoying our beautiful Minnesota summer, these people will be attending funerals, burying dead animals and weeping over their possessions and the places they called HOME. I pray for their recoveries both physical and emotional- that they will find this an opportunity to … (0 comments)

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