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I love it when people test things.  In this case, Celeste tested my guess that perhaps 10% of your friends on Facebook were actually "listening" to anything you have to say. And, she did it in a way that helped her prove her own point. You gotta applaud that. :) Recently, Jeff Turner wrote this b...
Perhaps I'm the only one being effected, but I doubt it.  The amount of spam comments getting through the ActiveRain system is simply too much. The number of emails containing spam comments coming to me this morning on old blog posts is quite remarkable. It's unfortunate. I have had my email sett...
A few weeks ago, ActiveRain released a new feature that allowed members to export an archive of their individual blog posts. In the announcement, Brad said, "It's open nature will allow for the development of third-party import tools." So, I sent the link to my partner, Steve Zehngut, and we put ...
I'm continually moved by the support that the ActiveRain Real Estate community gives to MFFO. But I want to say a special thank you to Monica McNamara and Bill Lublin, for stepping up to help others double their money!In August 2008, I attended the Inman Conference in San Franciso. Now how I even...
The first book I shared, The Tipping Point, was mailed to the winner, Jeff Gingerich, last week. That book was shared from Zeek.com, but this book, Sex And Real Estate, simply MUST be given away here on Active Rain. Why? Because this is where I wrote the original reviews and posts about this very...
I was honored to be the kick-off speaker at New Media Atlanta last month. The topic I was given to speak about was, "Why Social Media Is Here To Stay." The reason is simple. Social Media is the love child of Social Networking and New Science. I actually wrote about this same topic here on ActiveR...
Yesterday, I finally got around to editing the kickoff presentation I did at REBarcamp Denver. This morning I received this message in tweet from Jeremy Blanton: "Can you do me a fav & put that video up on AR?" I asked him to tell me why and the following was his response. Jeff, I would like you ...
The following doesn't surprise me anymore. I've come to expect it. The reading list contained in the conversation below was generated in less than 30 minutes on Facebook. What's more, I expect that it might grow a bit from here. I think it illustrates the beauty of YEO. Because these relationship...
I was honored to be interviewed by Angie Swartz on Twittertalk Radio a couple of weeks ago.  Angie and I spent a good portion of the first segment talking about YEO and it's origins here on ActiveRain. Her take on the segment: "Jeff Turner coined one of his taglines by accident in a blogpost he w...
When I talk about the concept of YEO, You Engaging Others, the word "engaging" is used as a verb. This is not an accident. Reading through the comment stream of my post last week, I occured to me that some were responding to the word "engaging" as an adjective. In it's adjective form, engaging me...

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