jeff turner: OK.OK. I'm Passing The Friendship Ball - 11/17/08 03:15 AM
It's not that I didn't appreciate the wonderful words written by Gena Riede when she passed the Friendhip Ball to me. I did. I really did.
It's just that I'm not a MEME fan.
Actually, I need to use a strong word. I hate MEME's. I wish I didn't. I know they make people feel good and I'm usually all over that. But the "chain letter" feel of most MEME's makes me shutter a bit and it's all I can do to bring myself to write one. I've already talked to Gena on the phone about it. She knows how … (49 comments)

jeff turner: Where To Find Me At NAR2008 (At Least During The Day) - 11/05/08 02:32 PM
I will be speaking or appearing on panels every day at the National Association of REALTORS® National Convention. Here's the schedule:
Using Social Media to Engage ClientsSunday, November 9 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PMLocation: Orange County Convention Center, West Building, Valencia Room W415DDetermine how to use social media tools and websites including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to market yourself and generate business. Identify ways to use social networks to manage and protect your online identity and successfully engage with online communities.Dustin Luther, Rudy Bachraty and I are planning a "different" kind of presentation. :) Be sure to bookmark this in … (41 comments)

jeff turner: A Winning Social Media Strategy - Revisiting - 11/05/08 10:03 AM
On February 14, 2007, I wrote "Barak Obama: This Post Is NOT About Politics." I wrote it less than 48 hours after the Obama campaign launched I'm embarrassed that I didn't spell his name correctly in the headline. I am not embarrassed by the analysis or the conversation that took place. What my instincts told me were true in 2007 have now been validated by history.This is still NOT about politics. I wasn't interested in making it about politics then and I am not interested in doing so now. I ended the post below with this statement, "And I bet … (81 comments)

jeff turner: The Scary Speed Of Social Media Conversations (Eyejot & Twitter) - 11/01/08 03:24 AM
67% of all statistics are made up on the fly.
It may actually be higher than that, since I just made that one up on the fly. You get the point. This morning, I read a report on MarketWatch that struck me as more than odd. It struck me as misleading. So, I decided to use my EyeJot This! bookmarklet and put out a little video message on Twitter.
What you see below is the instant conversation that took place. It's best to read it from the bottom of this post to the top. And it illustrates a couple of things … (55 comments)

jeff turner: Eyejot Launches SMS Alerts Feature - 10/30/08 04:08 PM
I'm a fan of Eyejot, the Eyejot This! Bookmarklet and David Geller, Eyejot's President. So, yesterday when he told me they were launching a new SMS feature, I was intrigued and immediately set up my personal Eyejot account to receive SMS text messages. But I didn't have time to test it.
A little while ago I received my first notification that someone had sent me an Eyejot message. It was David Geller, commenting on our new Instant Shows feature at Real Estate Shows. I couldn't help but share the experience.


jeff turner: @NAR2008 - Keep In Touch At The 2008 Realtors® Conference - 10/24/08 08:34 AM
I felt like I needed to say that. :) I have no idea whether the @nar2008 GroupTweet account will work as I hope it will, but i think it's worth the effort. And the only way to test it, is live and with a large group. 
Here's how the @NAR2008 GroupTweet for The National Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference came to be.
At the last few real estate conferences, reBarcamp, Inman, reBlogWorld, the twitter crowd used hashtags to help people keep track of events and conversations taking place. This allows you to … (37 comments)

jeff turner: Overheard on Twitter: "Get An Agent" - 10/13/08 08:01 AM
I've shared some of the random messages I see on Twitter regarding REALTORS® or real estate.
Often they've been funny, or inspiration for thoughts on communication, or used to point out why it's important to use Twitter. The message below illustrates the potential power of social media and social messaging to spread messages for spreading good news as well as bad. This is someone who is in the real estate industry but appears to have tried to sell his home by himself. It also appears he's now happy with his real estate agent.
"I was trying to sell house with … (47 comments)

jeff turner: A Free Text Messaging Widget For Your Active Rain Sidebar (From Matt Rains) - 10/11/08 02:44 AM
I love Twitter. Matt Rains, of RETechBlog fame, sent me a private message on Twitter the other night, asking me to take a look at "something" he had built and to give him my opinion. That something was a text messaging widget and I liked it.

So, yesterday Matt and I met for the first time in a video conversation using Skype and he shared with me the reasons why he decided to create it. It made me smile, because his reasons for creating the widget are the same reasons why I sometimes create some tutorial videos. It's easier for … (131 comments)

jeff turner: A New Trade Association For Blogging And New Media (IBNMA) - 09/23/08 07:18 AM
A new trade association was launched over the weekend.
The International Blogging & New Media Association opened it's doors at BlogWorld Expo. Why? "Blogging, podcasting and other forms of new media have become tools of an emerging industry. The International Blogging and New Media Association (IBNMA) has been formed to serve as a single voice representing members of the industry and as an advocate to promote its growth. The Association's mission is four-fold: To provide Research, Information, Education and Advocacy to bloggers, podcasters, social media practitioners and others related to the industry in any way."
I had the pleasure of … (38 comments)

jeff turner: LinkedIn Launches Group Discussions - 08/29/08 06:30 AM
For a long time, groups on LinkedIn have served very little purpose.
Today, LinkedIn finally added a few features that will make your LinkedIn group connections more powerful, including advanced search, but the most important of the features is Discussions. When we launched the Real Estate Shows group, this is the feature I was looking forward to the most, so I'm happy to finally be able to use it.
Check it out for yourself.

jeff turner: It's Your Reputation. Manage it. - 08/07/08 04:53 AM
Recent stories of "profile jacking" on Twitter point out the necessity for corporations to vigorously monitor their on-line reputation. The most notable of the recent stories is that of "Janet," an Exxon "employee" who began posting at the fake Twitter account called ExxonMobilCorp. Jeremiah Owyang has a great review of the Exxon Twitter debacle, and offers some advice to corporations and to the social mediasphere. And, of course, one of his pieces of advice is that "Companies must monitor their brand." Exxon clearly fell asleep on this one, and others have fallen asleep as well, including CNN and Seth Godin.
So … (87 comments)

jeff turner: Opening The Mobile Blogging Bag Of Tricks - 06/24/08 11:09 AM
My mobile blog fest begins tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM.
That's when the entire Turner family, six kids and two parents, will head off on our annual road trip to West Virginia. I blogged all along the way last year on our CA TO WV... AND BACK AGAIN blog. This year I'm doing it again, only I'll be using as many new technologies as I can to chronicle our journey.
The main tool this year? Utterz.
Most of the posts created on our famiy travel blog will be generated using Utterz. I'm confident I'll be able to show a number of … (46 comments)

jeff turner: Happy To Be Chosen An Utterz Ambassador - 05/29/08 05:28 AM
Yesterday, I was thrilled to learn that I was chosen to be among the first group of Utterz Ambassadors.

Although my tongue in cheek "audition" tape may have indicated otherwise, I wanted to be a part of the group for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I believe Utterz is one of the best mobile social media tools available. I've written about it before.
I've even been able to convince my wife to use Utterz. She was reluctant at first, but has finally realized the value in using it to distribute content to her different blogs and social media. … (21 comments)

jeff turner: PicLens Will Change The Way You View Flickr - 05/29/08 02:03 AM
A very special thank you to Teresa Boardman for turning me on to this browser plugin.
PicLens "transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing photos and videos across the web. With one click, PicLens makes online media come to life via an immersive presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser."
If you're a flickr user, and you should be, this browser extension will be your new best friend. PicLens works with Firefox (Windows) Firefox (Mac) Internet Explorer and Safari (Mac).
Here's a quick look at PicLens. Best viewed full screen.
Thank you, Teresa!

jeff turner: I've Got To Be Honest, I'm Really Not Into This Place - 05/28/08 02:47 AM
I've written a bunch about the emotional aspects of the home buying experience.
In a series of posts on Sex And Real Estate, I reviewed the excellent book by Marjorie Garber by the same name. The emotional triggers that cause us to fall in love with a home often overwhelm the "information" that is presented about. There's no denying it. I have personally rationalized away the fact that the home I was about to buy didn't have enough bedrooms because it just "felt like home." I was in love with it.
I couldn't resist posting this hilarious video. It illustrates just … (76 comments)

jeff turner: Happy Memorial Day - 05/26/08 04:59 AM
Happy Memorial Day to everyone on ActiveRain!

My country,’ tis of thee,
sweet land of liberty,
of thee I sing;
land where my fathers died,
land of the pilgrims’ pride,
from every mountainside
let freedom ring! … (21 comments)

jeff turner: Me.Dium May Be A Perfect Fit - 05/15/08 06:36 AM
I stumbled upon a social browsing site that immediately caught my eye - it's called Me.Dium.
What is Me.Dium? By their own definition, "Me.dium is a social browsing software company offering a browser extension that allows people to surf with friends." Me.Dium was founded in 2006 and is compatible with a range of browsers in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer, including Firefox, Flock, and The Songbird Media Player.
The Me.Dium browser extension presents a visual depiction of what your "friends" are looking at online at that exact moment. What makes Me.Dium unique is that everything in Me.Dium is always presented in … (42 comments)

jeff turner: Getting Your Blog Into A WidgetBox - A Video Tutorial - 05/10/08 05:36 AM
Your email inbox should be the greatest resource for blog post ideas.
That thought is certainly not original to me. Many have said this. They say it because it's true. It's certainly true for me.
The other day I received the following in an email from Anita Carrington: "How do I get the WidgetBox without ending up with your blog running on my page."
When I get an email like this, I often send back a quick response if I think it can be answered easily. If I've already answered the question in an existing blog post, I send a link. … (37 comments)

jeff turner: "You Can Blog That!" - 05/03/08 02:15 PM
As we walked around Whole Foods looking for organic versions of the stuff we usually eat, my wife, Rocky, incorrectly read the price on some organic chewing gum and I reacted to it in disgust. I don't remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, "That's ridiculous. Why would something be that much more expensive because it doesn't have any chemicals in it? You should write about that." My 7-year-old then reacted to my response with the comment below. I about fell over laughing.


jeff turner: Point And Shoot Cameras. The Wider The Better. - 04/30/08 05:46 PM
When it comes to digital point a shoot cameras,
bigger is not necessarily better, but wider certainly is. One of the first posts I wrote on ActiveRain was titled, "Sell Your Camera On eBay & Buy This One."
That post was written about the Kodak v705, which, along with the Kodak v570, would still be my recommendation for a point and shoot camera. Unfortunately, Kodak decided to stop making both the v705 and the v570 and they are getting harder and harder to find. So I was forced to find another camera I could feel confident recommending.
My search led me … (80 comments)

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