social networking: Social Networking - Cutting Your Own Grass - 08/13/09 04:24 AM
Yesterday, I finally got around to editing the kickoff presentation I did at REBarcamp Denver.
This morning I received this message in tweet from Jeremy Blanton: "Can you do me a fav & put that video up on AR?" I asked him to tell me why and the following was his response.
Jeff, I would like you to post your video for the members because this is something they need to hear & understand. Especially those that are just starting down the social media road. Many hear about the new technologies & think that they have to learn & understand … (90 comments)

social networking: You Engaging Others - Concentrate On The Verb, Not The Adjective - 05/08/09 12:27 AM
When I talk about the concept of YEO, You Engaging Others, the word "engaging" is used as a verb. This is not an accident.
Reading through the comment stream of my post last week, I occured to me that some were responding to the word "engaging" as an adjective. In it's adjective form, engaging means, "Interesting; charming; attractive, especially of a manner or behaviour." And while I think that's all well and good, that's not what I mean when I use the word "engaging."
I mean the verb:
To gain over; to win and attach; to attract and hold; to … (73 comments)

social networking: YEO - Numbers That Mean Something - 04/23/09 09:42 AM
Last Thursday I wrote about Why Twitter Follower Counts Mean Nothing. The post touched off some interesting public and private discussions. The number huggers are everywhere and their logic, in a very comfortable, that-sounds-like-something-i've-done-before, kind of way, can certainly appear sound. They ask questions like, "Why broadcast to 10 people when you can broadcast to 10,000?" Who could argue with that, right? <raises hand> The clue to the answer lies in the question itself.
Is that really what we're doing in the social media space? Some think so.  I don't. I received a direct message from Matt Rathbun this morning … (71 comments)

social networking: A Winning Social Media Strategy - Revisiting - 11/05/08 10:03 AM
On February 14, 2007, I wrote "Barak Obama: This Post Is NOT About Politics." I wrote it less than 48 hours after the Obama campaign launched I'm embarrassed that I didn't spell his name correctly in the headline. I am not embarrassed by the analysis or the conversation that took place. What my instincts told me were true in 2007 have now been validated by history.This is still NOT about politics. I wasn't interested in making it about politics then and I am not interested in doing so now. I ended the post below with this statement, "And I bet … (81 comments)

social networking: @NAR2008 - Keep In Touch At The 2008 Realtors® Conference - 10/24/08 08:34 AM
I felt like I needed to say that. :) I have no idea whether the @nar2008 GroupTweet account will work as I hope it will, but i think it's worth the effort. And the only way to test it, is live and with a large group. 
Here's how the @NAR2008 GroupTweet for The National Association of REALTORS® Annual Conference came to be.
At the last few real estate conferences, reBarcamp, Inman, reBlogWorld, the twitter crowd used hashtags to help people keep track of events and conversations taking place. This allows you to … (37 comments)

social networking: LinkedIn Launches Group Discussions - 08/29/08 06:30 AM
For a long time, groups on LinkedIn have served very little purpose.
Today, LinkedIn finally added a few features that will make your LinkedIn group connections more powerful, including advanced search, but the most important of the features is Discussions. When we launched the Real Estate Shows group, this is the feature I was looking forward to the most, so I'm happy to finally be able to use it.
Check it out for yourself.

social networking: It's Your Reputation. Manage it. - 08/07/08 04:53 AM
Recent stories of "profile jacking" on Twitter point out the necessity for corporations to vigorously monitor their on-line reputation. The most notable of the recent stories is that of "Janet," an Exxon "employee" who began posting at the fake Twitter account called ExxonMobilCorp. Jeremiah Owyang has a great review of the Exxon Twitter debacle, and offers some advice to corporations and to the social mediasphere. And, of course, one of his pieces of advice is that "Companies must monitor their brand." Exxon clearly fell asleep on this one, and others have fallen asleep as well, including CNN and Seth Godin.
So … (87 comments)

social networking: Twitter Will Never Get You Any Business - 06/04/08 06:05 PM
Unless you're the REALTOR® who showed up at this Twitter meetup tonight.Overheard on Twitter:
Gruven_Reuven: Had my FIRST twitter meet up tonight. And found a Realtor in the process. Twitter ROCKS about 2 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet It's about relationships. It always has been. It always will be.

social networking: Realtor Twitters: It's Twitter Day On Active Rain It Seems - 02/26/08 01:58 AM
Sarah, Heather and Kim have all written posts about Twitter today. 
I thought I'd add my two cents and show you what you can find if you're paying attention. I monitor the use of the word "realtor" on Twitter, for example. Here's the conversation over the past 24 hours. It's a mix of consumer and REALTOR® voices.
I see at least two opportunities to start a conversation with a consumer. How about you?

social networking: Communicate The Way Your Clients Want You To - 12/04/07 08:42 AM
I Happened On An Interesting Comment A Few Moments AgoI was searching for the term "real estate" in Terraminds, which is a Twitter search tool, and found the following "tweet."
"YEAH, my real estate agent Angie joined twitter! We love our house btw Angie!"
The statement was made by discorax, whose bio says he is in WebDev Design. Here's a consumer who is obviously tech savvy and as you can see by his expression on Twitter above, he likes the fact that his real estate agent is connected to him in the way he wants to be connected with.
The real estate agent, … (59 comments)

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