ron taylor and sons auctioneers: Will The Feds Make the Lenders Whole? - 11/10/08 05:12 AM
Recently, I received a few calls from some real estate investor friends of mine here in North Carolina venting their frustration with working out short sales with some lenders. It seems some lenders are stalling in making any decisions as to whether they will release a mortgage for less than what is owed. If you have a buyer waiting for a decision from the lenders, believe me, they will not wait around very long.
It seems some lenders may be unwilling to short sale the property thinking that the Federal government will purchase these bad loans at par, thus no need … (0 comments)

ron taylor and sons auctioneers: Should Realtors Become Auctioneers? - 09/11/08 04:53 AM
I received an interesting phone call from a realtor in California. She had read some articles I had written about using an auction as a first choice method of selling a home, rather than as a last option. Her question to me was this, "Should I become an auctioneer?"
My first tacit thought was, "Go for it!" Yes, auctioning a home is a fast way to sell it, but not all homes will qualify for an auction. But before I get into answering the question, let me discuss briefly what an auctioneer does and does not do.
Some think that an … (0 comments)

ron taylor and sons auctioneers: IS THERE A REAL ESTATE TURN AROUND IN THE MAKING? - 07/25/08 02:38 AM
In an effort to turn around the depressing attitude of many realtors across the country because of the market we are in, some local North Carolina real estate publications are trying to put a positive spin on the market by stating that 2009 will be good year and that preparation needs to be made now to take advantage of the 2009 "turnaround."
Yet, several of the major on-line networks reported this morning that foreclosures doubled during the first half of this year and that 2009 doesn't look any better.
As a North Carolina auctioneer, I have tried and tried to approach … (5 comments)

ron taylor and sons auctioneers: When is an Auction not an Auction? - 05/03/08 02:03 AM
Over the past six months or so, I have noticed an increase in the ads in the paper about auctioning homes. Here in the state of North Carolina, you must list your auctioneer license number in the advertisements and the property owner along with the terms of the sale. When I don't see this in the ad, I get suspicious.
Upon further investigation of these ads, I have found two things happening. First of all, there is an investor or group of investors that claim they own the home by way of a deed BUT they do not own the debt … (0 comments)

ron taylor and sons auctioneers: Selling Before the Foreclosure Auction Date - 04/30/08 08:27 AM
A local realtor recently called me about a home she just visited. The bank is foreclosing on this property in about 45 days. The courthouse auction date had already been set. She wanted to know if she sold the property prior to the foreclosure date, would the bank still give her client 30 days to close the deal?
After I told her I was not giving her legal advice, the short answer was "it depends." In today's upside down real estate market, banks and lenders are doing things I thought they never would do. The first thing she needed to know … (0 comments)

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