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Make up your mind that NOTHING is more important than how YOU feel NOW, because NOW is everything. NOW is the whole enchilada.   NOW is the power of you in this moment.   How do you feel right NOW?   Finding ways to FEEL GOOD, to feel love, to feel productive is so very important right now, now, ...
Achieve, first, the vibrational essence of your desire-and then, through the crack of least resistance the manifestation will be delivered...   You have an opportunity to work on the essence of the feeling of FREEDOM;  You have an opportunity to work on the essence of the feeling of EMPOWERMENT- ...
---response to Michael--thanks for writing! Yes this is very similar in thought to the use of a Pendulum, however, I find this method more accurate (for me) as I cannot manipulate the direction of the answer as easily.  It is all about getting quiet enough to HEAR our inner voice.  You don't real...
Have you ever heard of muscle testing?  do you want to learn how to do it?  For those of you who are rigid in your thinking, you may want to skip this post.  Here are the steps -- I use muscle testing frequently:   First your body is much like a compass, and when you line up with true North, ever...
There is nothing the human soul longs for more than to know God, Truth, the Light of the World.      With a restlessness that is pitiful to see, people are ever shifting from one thing to another...always hoping to find rest and satisfaction in some anticipated accomplishment or possession.   Man...
  Today is the day to set your Hard Work intentions for 2009 and the Ox will assist you!!THE YEAR OF THE OX 1/26/2009 - 2/13/2010 (Earth) 2009 is the Year of Ji Chou double click on the images if you want to see a larger version Ox Years (Earth, Yin, North-Northeast)  Key Word:  Patient: 2/19/190...
If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God.
To bring something forth into the physical, you must study the realm of contrast to define what you want. Note what you don't want and then define what you do want.   To connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention... not because the objects ofatte...
If you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it.   We spoke of President Obama's journey to the White House and how yesterday his rockets of desire were SIGNED-SEALED & DELIVERED.  This was evidence of a SIGN of the TIMES.   So how do you create those rockets of d...
"At Last" WASHINGTON (Jan. 20) - may have been just what President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were thinking Tuesday night as they glided through a their first inaugural dance to the Etta James classic.   The president pulled his wife close and they danced a slow, dignified two-step while ...

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