home staging: How To Neutralize For Staging Your House - 07/03/13 12:45 AM
A staged dining room used a gray blue wall color and oversized art and lighting to add space and interest
I tell my sellers all the time that neutral doesn’t mean neuter.  One of the best things that Apple did early in its history was to offer their computers in fabulous colors and shapes which was so unique in the marketplace.  They appealed to our senses with something as mundane as a computer and your house needs to do the same.  This can be confusing when all you hear is neutralize, neutralize, neutralize.  I am here to set the record straight … (1 comments)

home staging: How To Organize Your House To Stage - 06/10/13 09:48 PM
When you are getting ready to sell, you no longer have complete privacy.  
Buyers will be snooping in every nook and cranny of your house.  And, it is amazing what buyers will assume based on the way you keep your closets and cupboards!
You want to sell quickly and for the most money possible so you cannot afford to lose a sale over a pile of dirty socks in the corner of your closet or tipped over condiments in your cupboards.  When closets and cupboards are crammed, buyers assume:
The house hasn’t been cared for, There isn’t enough storage space (even … (1 comments)

home staging: What A New Study Can Tell You About A Home Buyer's Wish List - 06/04/13 01:33 AM
  A dated bathroom just needed paint and new accessories to feel completely updated.
How cool would it be to get into the minds of you buyers before you ever list your house?
What do they really want?
What should you highlight in your online listing photos and description? ( I recently wrote about what buyer’s spend the most time looking at in an online listing here)
What an advantage you would be at armed with this kind of buyer insight!  The best part is you can learn this easily and you don’t even need to consult a crystal ball–sorry Madame Zelda.

home staging: 3 Reasons To Hire A Home Stager - 05/14/13 01:49 AM
Today l’m answering a question that I get asked a lot in a vlog post--video blog (I cannot believe I know that!).  Click on the goofy photo of me to hear what everyone ought to know about hiring a Home Stager.


home staging: Buyers’ Most Loved Real Estate Photo - 04/30/13 02:58 AM
My mom is my biggest fan.  She seriously thinks that everything I do, well almost everything I do, is great.  I know, I’m lucky, right?  But, to this day, she has one standard that she insists that I adhere to in her presence.
I always thought it was rooted in vanity, but as I grow older and live with two young men who think nothing of leaving the house with bed head and day old shirts on, I understand.  It is really about first impressions and how important they are.  So, yes mom, as I headed out the door this morning, … (4 comments)

home staging: 5 Ways To Stage Your Bedroom Beautifully - 04/23/13 04:40 AM
I am pretty addicted to anything design and home decor related but for some reason, I really adore bedrooms–maybe because of my past obsession with my childhood bedroom?  Either way, your master bedroom needs to be especially beautiful and fresh feeling when you get ready to sell.  Using this bedroom from Studio Ten 25, here are the 5 key elements to creating a gorgeous bedroom that will photograph beautifully for you online listing photos.
From Studio Ten 25 (wall color is similar to Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments)
A Beautiful Headboard I’ve written about creating inexpensive headboards for Staging your house in the past.  The great … (2 comments)

home staging: Home Staging Tips To Attract The Right Buyer - 04/16/13 06:55 AM
This blog post is inspired by a conversation I had with a prospective client for my Online Listing Audit from Massachusettes.  Her house has been on the market for over three months with lots of showings and no offers.  The feedback has been that the kitchen is beautiful but that the house is too dark and the backyard too wooded.  When I looked at her listing, I knew right away what the problems were.  She had only 7 photos with her listing--definitely not enough!  Three of the pictures were of the beautiful kitchen which obviously enticed buyers. The problem was that … (4 comments)

home staging: Sell Your House Faster: 1 Brilliant Way to Do It - 04/09/13 12:36 AM
Ok, I have shamelessly ripped off the concepts for blog today from my favorite marketer, Seth Godin, here but I hope that he will see if for the compliment that it truly is.  He writes:
“There are two kinds of users/creators/customers/pundits.
Some can’t understand why a product or service doesn’t catch on. They can prove that it’s better. They can quote specs and performance and utility. It’s obvious.
The other might be willing to look at the specs, but he really doesn’t understand them enough to care. All he knows is that the other choice is beautiful–it makes him feel good. He wants to … (0 comments)

home staging: When Should You Fire Your Realtor? - 04/02/13 01:19 AM
unstaged living room--neat but not staged I have worked with a few clients over the years who had fired their Realtor or were thinking about it when they called me.  Their house was getting next to no traffic and they were frustrated.
No one ever expects that their house won't sell when they list it with their Realtor but a smart Realtor can tell you exactly which one of their listings are in for a long, drawn out sales cycle full of low offers.  How do they know?  It's actually really easy.  It's the sellers that don't listen to their selling … (4 comments)

home staging: How to Decorate With Yellow and Gray - 03/26/13 04:22 AM
So many daffodils are popping up here in Philadelphia and I just adore the cheerful yellow pops of color dotting the yards of my friends and neighbors.  You know that I love the color combination of gray and yellow so much that I made it the image of my brand.I also adore this combination in home interiors and wanted to share with you some stunning images of rooms that have been done in this fabulous combination to inspire your next makeover whether for Staging or Staying.
But…yellow is a difficult color to choose for your walls because it is highly reflective … (5 comments)

home staging: How I Got My Home Staging Start - 03/19/13 05:03 AM
I am totally putting off my workout this morning–Jillian Michaels, you will just have to wait.  And, I am blowing off my editorial calendar… again!  I hope you’ll indulge me while I reminisce about where my love for all things pretty and the likely start of my Staging career began.
I recently had the best time meeting with my friend and her sweet tweenage daughter.  My friend’s daughter has always had a great flair for fashion and decorating and was in the process of doing a makeover on her bedroom and just needed a little help to get her through the rest … (2 comments)

home staging: 5 Staging Tips If Your House Isn't Selling - 03/04/13 11:28 PM
Good houses don’t sell.  It is a sad, frustrating fact.  I have staged houses that were in that circumstance–great houses, no sale (until we staged!).  What I have found is that there are typically two things at play.
Houses that don’t sell often have an issue with price or presentation.
I tell all of my clients that price is definitely the domain of your Realtor.  Don’t ask the Stager–ask and then listen to your Realtor : ).  Now, presentation is a whole other ball of wax.  That, I can totally help you with!  Here are 5 quick ways to clean up and update … (2 comments)

home staging: When Decluttering Goes Too Far - 02/26/13 12:37 AM
I just stumbled across a great blog from Interior Designer, Christine Fife, which totally resonated with me.  I found myself acting like a little kid sneaking a book under the blankets as I tried to hide the light from my iPad while my husband loudly quietly snored away beside me.  I think what caught my interest and kept me scrolling through her blog was her combination of humor, helpful and, when needed, blunt design advice, and strong design philosophy.  By 2 am, I found myself with yet another blogger crush....
One thing that I thought was particularly helpful to her audience was her willingness … (0 comments)

home staging: 4 Tips to Stage Every Room Better NOW - 02/19/13 12:55 AM
Do you remember the Seinfeld episode with the “close talker”?  Ever been in that situation?  If you have, you know how important space is to how you feel in a social situation.  Did you know that the same thing applies to how you arrange your furniture?  Could your sofa possibly be making a potential buyer feel uncomfortable and wanting to keep their distance?
How you arrange your furniture has a big impact on how your house is perceived online and in person by your future buyers. 
Believe it or not, there is a lot of psychology grounded in Staging and a … (2 comments)

home staging: Baking Cookies: Outdated Home Staging Advice? - 02/13/13 01:18 AM
Aaahh, the old bake cookies advice for open houses and showings...that was so last century, right?  Well, according to some compelling marketing research...maybe not!  I recently read a blog post at www.neurosciencemarketing.com about the importance of having a scent logo and it really caught my attention.
Most people think that Staging is just about the visual, but it really taps into almost all of the senses and scent is a super important one (maybe even the most important and definitely most delicate to approach).  
So, what has the research revealed that will totally make you rethink this heated and controversial cookie debate?  First--and … (3 comments)

home staging: Don't Apologize for Offering Staging! - 09/14/11 06:59 AM
Don't Apologize for Offering Staging!
I have been so fortunate to hear from Realtors all around the country that they whole heartedly believe in the value of Staging.  The sticking point is how to bring up that conversation.  I have offered a few blogs about how to do just that, but at  a certain point, we have to truly acknowledge that we are offering Staging because we want to help our clients.  If we operate from that standpoint, we may have more success. 
If you struggle, here are some ways that you can think about it to reframe it for yourself when a … (2 comments)

home staging: Sellers: 7 Mistakes That Can Keep You From Selling Your House - 09/14/11 05:29 AM
 Sellers:  7 Mistakes That Can Keep You From Selling Your House
Not many showings?  Little interest in your property?  Control what you can control + make sure that you aren't doing any of these:
Forgetting that your property is now a product:  As soon as you decide to sell, your house is now a product.  Divorce yourself from what you know + feel about your house and get in the mindset of buyers.  They want to buy an immaculate, spacious, updated + well maintained home.  If you can't say this about your house, roll up your sleeves + get working.  If not, … (4 comments)

home staging: A New Approach For Recommending Home Staging - 07/14/11 08:00 AM
A New Approach For Recommending Home Staging
I have recently had many conversations with Realtors who tell me that they have a difficult time bringing up the topic of Home Staging with their clients.  When they do, they find that clients can be resistant because it seems insulting to suggest that their property might need design help.  It sounds like there may be a disconnect between the perception of what a Home Stager offers + what we actually do.  It seems that we need to re-examine our approach...
When introducing the concept of Home Staging, clients are most likely thinking of the … (3 comments)

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