real estate professionals: 5 Common Craigslist Mistakes All Real Estate Agents Should Avoid - 08/20/15 03:06 AM

Craigslist can be a great vehicle for listing promotion and lead generation. In order to take advantage of the benefits, you need to make sure you're following best practices and avoiding Craigslist posting faux pas. For the best possible results with your Craigslist real estate marketing, avoid these 5 common mistakes.
5 Common Craigslist Mistakes All Real Estate Agents Should Avoid:
Failure to provide important information in the headline text:
You need to remember four things - location, location, location and price. Potential buyers are going to be most interested in where your listing is and what it costs, so make sure … (3 comments)

real estate professionals: Top 5 Funniest Real Estate Bloopers - 2015 Edition - 08/18/15 05:04 AM

Most of the time, I focus my posts on sharing tech and consumer trends, apps that'll make your life easier and new real estate marketing strategies that'll help you generate qualified leads - but not today.
Today's blog post is all about the funniest (and most embarrassing) real estate stories and real estate bloopers I could find on the world wide web. I scoured sites and forums and found five stories that had me laughing out loud. Names have been removed to protect the embarrassed. Enjoy!
Top 5 Funniest Real Estate Stories - 2015 Edition
When Open House Guests Get a … (6 comments)

real estate professionals: Real Estate Broker Advice: How to Effectively Handle Disputes - 08/18/15 04:25 AM
Dealing with a tense work environment is no fun for anyone. As a real estate broker, you need to know how to act as a mediator (aka human fire extinguisher) so you can quickly put out anger flames when a dispute flares up in your office.
As with most things, there are lots of different ways to handle disputes - some much more effective than others. In order to make sure you can maintain a healthy, peaceful workplace - it's important that you know the best way to tackle conflict when it comes your way. Follow these guidelines to learn how … (1 comments)

real estate professionals: 7 Real Estate Podcasts You Should Be Listening To - 08/14/15 05:22 AM
Editor's note: Originally published May 2015, updated August 2015 for accuracy and relevance.
I think we can all agree that sometimes when you hop in the car, you need to blare your favorite jams and rock out. But if you're looking for a more thought-provoking drive, listen to a podcast. There are several free real estate podcasts that provide fantastic business advice that will get your wheels turning. Tune in to expand your mind and grow your business.
Here are 7 of our favorite real estate podcasts:
Real Estate Uncut
Learn about top performing real estate agents, outstanding mentors and greats leaders with Real … (25 comments)

real estate professionals: 5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Facebook Real Estate Ads - 08/14/15 03:41 AM
Are you using Facebook to promote your real estate business? If not, you should really consider it. Why you ask? Because it's affordable, effective and provides small businesses a great way to build exposure with highly relevant leads. Not sold? Here are a few more reasons why Facebook is worth your time.
If you are already using the Facebook ad platform to build brand awareness and target new leads, give yourself a pat on the back - then read this post to learn how you can take your Facebook real estate ads to the next level. Here are five of my favorite … (3 comments)

real estate professionals: Tips for Executing Stress-Free Contingency Sales - 08/12/15 06:27 AM
Representing a buyer in a contingency sale – where your client’s new home purchase is wholly reliant on a seamless execution of the sale of their property – is stressful. When your sellers are trying to coordinate dual transactions, timing is critical and any small obstacle can quickly escalate into a major crisis. So what can you do to help your client’s experience be as stress free as possible?
Follow these three steps:
Set proper expectations up front:
The first time you meet with an agent representing a potential buyer, let them know your sellers are dealing with a contingency sale. Make it … (0 comments)

real estate professionals: 13 Things You Wish You Could Sneak Into Real Estate Listing Descriptions - 08/11/15 08:01 AM
Be honest – for as many times as you’ve listed the home that practically sells itself, there have also been times when you struggle to think of one nice thing to say about the property. In fact, I bet you’ve had a few days when a supremely sarcastic real estate listing description would do a much better job of explaining how you really feel than a "professional" one ever could.
Just for fun, I came up with some semi-offensive, brutally honest real estate listing descriptions. Though you should definitely never, ever use these in real life, hopefully they’ll give you a good … (28 comments)

real estate professionals: Pros & Cons of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant - 08/11/15 07:35 AM

Time and money are interchangeable - so at some point in your real estate career, you have probably seriously debated pulling the trigger on hiring a real estate virtual assistant. And why not? If time is money, then you can just pay someone to do all your busy work so you can spend more time with clients, right? Well, sort of. Along with the benefits of having a virtual right hand guy or gal helping you out - there are also some pitfalls you should consider.
A very wise man (my dad) taught me that when you're trying to make a … (4 comments)

real estate professionals: 3 Reasons Your Real Estate Lead Conversion Strategy Isn’t Working - 08/06/15 05:46 AM

Real estate lead conversion can be frustrating. Trying to effectively nurture leads is time consuming – and sometimes despite your repeated efforts, unsuccessful. But there are three things that may be working against you right now that you’re completely unaware. Understanding and avoiding these three lead conversion roadblocks will help you achieve better results.
Are you guilty of creating your own lead conversion roadblocks? The answer is yes if you are:
Responding Too Slow:
If it takes you longer than five minutes to respond to new lead inquiries – you’re too slow. According to who you ask? According to your leads! Reports show … (1 comments)

real estate professionals: 3 Simple Real Estate Staging Tips for Busy Agents - 08/06/15 03:19 AM

Real estate staging is a multi-million dollar business. There are literally thousands of tips on the best way to stage a home and there are thousands of certified stagers available to help you do it - if your sellers have the budget to hire someone.
However, in many cases staging fees won't be a top priority for your sellers, so it'll be up to you as the listing agent to help your clients get their home "show ready". There are lots of different considerations you can make, but many of them involve additional costs and can be rather time consuming. So how … (6 comments)

real estate professionals: How to Drive Traffic to Your Real Estate Website - 08/05/15 08:32 AM
So you have a real estate website and you added great content –
now how do you get traffic?
 To effectively drive traffic to your site or blog, there are three key factors you need to consider:
Desired Audience Website & Blog Post SEO Paid Promotion
Step One: Identify Your Target Audience
The most important step in driving relevant traffic to your blog site is to define what relevant means. To do so, you must first brainstorm a list of traits that describe your ideal buyer and/or seller. The resulting list of demographic characteristics can be used to build customer personas, which … (2 comments)

real estate professionals: 5 MLS Listing Photos You Must Include - 08/04/15 05:24 AM
Are you making the most of your MLS listing photos?

I've recently been looking at homes for sale and am sad to report that many of the MLS listings are severely lacking when it comes to quality photos. Most of the listings aren't as bad as some of the photo fails we shared a while back - but agents often neglect to focus on the most important areas of their listing, provide only one photo or provide dark, out of focus or warped images.
But the question is, if you are to provide the best possible photos to intrigue buyers without giving away … (2 comments)

real estate professionals: Best Real Estate Advice From Agents - For Agents - 08/04/15 04:56 AM

“What’s the best piece of real estate advice you’ve ever received?” That's the question that drew my attention in a real estate forum the other day. Agents and brokers were more than happy to share and answers came pouring in. Check out some of the most popular responses.
Best Real Estate Advice - From Agents, For Agents:
Start every day with enthusiasm and service-oriented mind. Get it in writing is not to be taken lightly (a popular one mentioned by multiple commenters). Don’t worry about being popular, just take care of your clients. Document everything. Learn how to qualify early so you … (5 comments)

real estate professionals: 5 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Ruin Your Diet (& Real Estate Career) - 08/04/15 03:31 AM

In 1990-something, everyone was doing Billy Blanks Tae-Bo and was calling Jenny Craig for diet advice. Rewind a few more years to the mid-'80s and it was all about Jane Fonda and the grapefruit diet. (Rumor has it, there was even a global shortage of neon leopard print leotards in 1986!) Today, people won't stop going on about Crossfit, P90X and Paleo (you know the ones...).
Regardless of the decade, there's always been a half-dozen quick fix solutions that help you shed weight fast and achieve your goals with minimal efforts. But what does any of this have to do with real … (3 comments)

real estate professionals: Real Estate Branding in 5 Simple Steps - 07/29/15 08:52 AM
A great brand does two important things:
Helps potential clients identify you Allows you to stand out from your competition Real estate branding is not something you’re trained on when you study to become an agent – but it should be. Effective personal branding is critical to being successful in today’s competitive marketplace.
This 5 step personal branding exercise will walk you through the process of developing an effective brand.
Check out local competition and identify what other agents and brokerages are doing that you like or don’t like. Evaluating what’s already out there will help you determine where to start in … (3 comments)

real estate professionals: 4 Steps to Protect Yourself From Fair Housing Violations - 07/29/15 06:04 AM

There are so many rules and regulations you must know and follow to avoid potential legal issues that it can be overwhelming. The risk of facing litigation is only exacerbated by The Fair Housing Act – a set of laws put into place to protect renters and buyers from housing discrimination. Unfortunately, accidentally violating the act is easier than you might realize. In fact, a seemingly harmless question can be prosecutable in the eyes of the law.
Follow these 4 simple steps to protect yourself:
Know the Rules:
The Fair Housing Act (FHA) strictly prohibits the printing, making or publishing of ads that … (6 comments)

real estate professionals: An Honest Real Estate Agent Job Description - 07/28/15 08:25 AM
Wanted: Ambitious Self-Starters Looking For Demanding Yet Rewarding Career
Real Estate Agent Job Description:
Seeking ambitious and outgoing jack or jill of all trades to serve as a real estate agent. Must be prepared to jump into an unyielding, volatile career that changes daily. Must be comfortable with constant industry guideline shifts, prepared to help people make the largest financial decision of their lives and ready to deal with all types of people.
Base pay: $0 Commission range: $0 - $10 million, contingent on performance Must pay to take test before a resume will be considered  
Qualifications (required):
Strong ability to act as … (7 comments)

real estate professionals: LinkedIn for Real Estate Pros: 5 Success Tips - 07/28/15 03:53 AM

If you're not actively using LinkedIn for real estate marketing, you're missing out on tons of opportunities to make powerful connections and generate new leads. But how do you effectively leverage the platform to promote yourself? Incorporate these five neat tricks for best results!
5 LinkedIn Success Tips for Real Estate Pros:
Set up a vanity URL:
Add your name and / or title to your LinkedIn URL to help people find you more easily. For best results, use the same URL string you've incorporated into other sites. Your vanity URL will look something like this:
Take advantage of better SEO ranking … (11 comments)

real estate professionals: Psychology of Real Estate Success - 07/28/15 03:34 AM

There are a lot of factors that dictate whether or not you're cut out to be successful in real estate. Many articles focus on tangible things - like how connected you are in your community: your sphere of influence. Very few take a deep dive into what psychological factors will assist or deter you in becoming a successful real estate professional. Today, we're going to take an in-depth look at what truly drives real estate success from the inside out.
Real Estate Success - Psychology Must-Haves:
You must be fiercely independent:
In real estate, you will be required to manage things on … (8 comments)

real estate professionals: The Five C's of Effective Real Estate Marketing - 07/22/15 08:47 AM
There is no secret recipe or magic bullet to real estate success. Building a successful business from the ground up takes drive, ambition and most importantly - time. You need goals and must be motivated to achieve them. Once you’ve established your commitment to these goals, you need to establish an effective marketing plan to help you get there.            
Whether you’re new to the industry or whether you’ve been in the field for a few years and are looking to accelerate your results – incorporate the following “5 C’s of Real Estate Marketing” to accelerate your journey … (5 comments)

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