real estate virtual assistant: Are You Blogging with the Right Mix of Local Flavors? - 08/03/11 01:53 PM
Here at REVStaffing, our professional real estate virtual assistants write a lot of blogs for a lot of clients in (and associated with) the real estate industry. We work hard to stay on the technological cutting edge, keeping everything that bears your name fresh and timely. You may say, “I pull my blog topics straight from Inman News.” Which is terrific; we like Inman, and we get some terrific topic ideas there!
But we're noticing an industry trend that we think is really exciting – combining timeliness with localism. We write about all kinds of topics related to real estate. What's … (2 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Some Simple Rules to Help Control the “Email Spiral” - Part 2 - 08/01/11 01:59 PM
 Last time, REVStaffing talked about the ways in which we unwittingly allow email to gobble up valuable time throughout the work day. We cited the subtle ways in which this can happen, and discussed the Email Charter as a possible solution to this ever-growing problem.
 Today, we're offering the ten components of the Charter for your consideration. We hope you'll read it and share its insights, in the hope that we can help bring the email spiral under control:
 Respect your recipients' time: This is the absolute, fundamental rule; think of it every single time you hit your “Compose Mail” button! … (1 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Some Simple Rules to Help Control the “Email Spiral” - Part 1 - 07/29/11 10:42 AM
For REVStaffing's virtual assistants, and for our clients, working online has endless advantages. There's one clear disadvantage, though, and that's the ever-growing number of emails glutting our in-boxes! We all spend hours each week writing emails, and our recipients spend even more time reading and responding to them.
Last month, following a blog post that initially caught the attention of over 45,000 people, The Email Charter was created. In this and our next blog, we'll share the purpose and the content of the Charter; like its creators, we hope you'll share it with others! Today, let's look at why … (1 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: REVStaffing's Virtual Assistants Go to Camp – SMM Camp! - 07/27/11 12:31 PM
Summer is in full swing, and many of our REVStaffing virtual assistants – and our clients – have sent their kids off to enjoy the summer camp experience. Last Thursday, several of our VAs attended their own version of summer camp at the Social Media Advocate's Social Media Marketing (SMM) Camp. The focus was on blogging, and it was an extraordinary learning experience for everyone involved!
Moderated by SMM Camp's founder and director Ross Hair, six of the nation's top real estate bloggers shared the content strategies they use to engage and connect online with new clients. Those experts included Nicole … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: “Face” It: Facebook WILL Take Your Business to the Next Level - 07/18/11 10:52 AM
Someone who's never heard of Facebook? Is that even possible? Well, of course it's possible. But, let's “face” it; Facebook is hugely popular. According to USAToday, as of this month there are over 750 million active Facebook users.
Here at REVStaffing, we know that there's no denying two facts: Facebook is everywhere, and Facebook is easy. With the ability to update a Facebook status from desktops, laptops, smart phones – anywhere there's an Internet connection – the popularity of the world's leading social media site is overwhelming.
But let's say you're not familiar with Facebook; you've got to be wondering … (3 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Our Fan Base is Growing! - 07/13/11 03:36 PM
We've all heard the old saying: Sometimes, less is more.
Today, REVStaffing is posting our all-time shortest blog in the form of a gigantic “THANK YOU” to Sandy Harper, a Celebration, Florida broker (@SandySellsHomes) who mentioned us on Twitter!
It's a given that the best publicity is word-of-mouth. Sure, we have a terrific new website, a toll-free phone number, an incredible Facebook presence, an extraordinary project management system, and the very finest real estate virtual assistants available in the United States. And those things set us so far apart from the crowd that you might think a little extra … (2 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Check Out Our Fantastic New Look! - 07/08/11 10:44 AM
Remember the feeling you had the last time you bought a brand new car? The excitement you felt was pretty overwhelming, right? You called your friends, drove around town, and generally wanted everyone you knew to share your great feelings.
REVStaffing knows exactly how that feels! We've got a new website, and we're bursting with pride. We want you to check it out, bookmark it, tell your friends about us spread the news.
We're part of your team, and we've always offered “one-stop shopping.” With our new look, that's changed – for the better! You now have faster, … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: What It Takes to Get Started With Us - 07/01/11 11:47 AM
Congratulations! You've made the decision to work more effectively by utilizing the REVStaffing team of professional real estate virtual assistants, and we're very excited for you! Before you take off to enjoy the long holiday weekend, let's talk for just a moment about what you can immediately expect from us.
We have wonderful Client Care Managers. They'll be making an appointment with you to discuss your support needs, your goals, and how we can help. This will include the creation of a Plan of Action, which we'll use to get you set up in BaseCamp and moving forward quickly and easily.

real estate virtual assistant: What Do REVStaffing's Clients Value About Us? - 06/29/11 11:12 AM
We frequently ask REVStaffing's clients to complete short satisfaction surveys, in order to constantly and consistently improve the quality of products and services we offer. If you're still mulling over the idea of working with our crew of professional virtual assistants, consider these points. They're drawn from our current clients' feedback:
Our clients appreciate the fact that they're able to build strong working relationships with REVStaffing, by working with an assigned client manager and a consistent team of virtual assistants. They also know that there's a full team behind every assigned virtual assistant, ready to provide additional help when necessary. … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Are You Ready for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant? - 06/27/11 12:35 PM
At REVStaffing, we know that being organized is critical before adding staff. Think hard about the tasks you’ll delegate, and give your time-management system an appraising look. Then ask yourself these questions (courtesy of Realtor® magazine):
How much do you buy into the old adage, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”?
Working with REVStaffing means that you're willing to let others tackle some of the projects you previously thought would best be handled by you. We can help you meet your goals, and we may even know a different and better path! There are … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: What's the Best Way to Communicate with Your Virtual Assistant? - 06/22/11 01:58 PM
If there's a secret to working with a virtual assistant, it can be summed up in one word: COMMUNICATION. It's definitely a two-way street, and it's essential to achieving your goals and getting things done. Neither party should ever feel (or say) that things have gotten “lost in translation.” Now that you've hired – or are considering hiring – REVStaffing's team of professional virtual assistants, you can expect not only timely delivery, but also truly effective communication.
Daily communication between you and your virtual assistance team is a must, and we use BaseCamp to ensure a standard system for all communication. … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Still Unsure Whether You Need a Virtual Assistant? - 06/15/11 04:00 PM
You've become an avid reader of the REVStaffing blog. We're thrilled! You've learned a lot about the skills and knowledge we offer. Great stuff, isn't it? You've got friends and colleagues – more every day, in fact – who are hiring us to perform all tasks, great and small. It's exciting for them and us! Yet, you're still sitting on the fence, trying to decide if you should contact us...if you really need virtual assistance.
We understand. You're used to doing things for yourself. You don't particularly like it, and you know that you really do need help. So think … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: It's Time to Consider Top Producer - 06/13/11 12:27 PM

We know some interesting things here at REVStaffing. One of those things is that at some time during every agent's career, that agent (yes, we're talking to YOU!) needs to invest in some kind of contact management software. Why, you may ask?
Well, first look at your desk – and your credenza or file cabinet, too. What do you see? Piles of paper? Hmm. “But, no!,” you protest. “They're not piles – they're neatly organized, well-categorized, smallish stacks!”
Face it. You've got to get your business organized. We know, we know. Every January 1, you swear to … (2 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Looking for Increased Traffic? Try Using the Seven Best Real Estate Sites! - 06/10/11 11:56 AM
REVStaffing's clients use a wide variety of our services, including listing management and blogging. A question that frequently arises is: “Where's the best place to post?” We're pleased to report that the answers we most frequently provide were verified this week by Realtor® Magazine.
Hitwise, Experian's Web matrix firm, recently released their April report showing some of the most highly-trafficked real estate Web sites. maintains its No. 1 spot, garnering the most online traffic among all real estate Web sites.
Here are the seven most popular real estate Web sites in April, according to Hitwise. If you aren't currently … (4 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: REVStaffing Just Made Your Life Even EASIER! - 06/07/11 07:48 AM

If you're new to the world of virtual assistance, and you've read our last few REVStaffing blogs (and if you haven't – go read them now!), you know two things that are almost as certain as the proverbial death and taxes. First, you know a little about a day in the life of just one of our many highly skilled and abundantly talented virtual assistants. Of course, each of us is unique, and over the coming weeks and months, we'll occasionally share the perspectives of our other VAs.
You also know that despite a few misgivings that you've tried … (0 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: Don't Be a Social Media Grinch! - 06/03/11 01:29 PM

Imagine this scenario: You're at lunch with friends, and someone starts talking about the fantastic response they got from their blog last week – they've already received two referrals from Active Rain and a couple of leads from Trulia. And get THIS...just since last Friday, a whopping 83 people have “liked” their Facebook page! Everyone at the table is getting really excited, sharing their own stories. As a matter of fact, given that you don't have a blog OR a Facebook page, it sounds like they're all bragging.
Hmm. You've got a couple of options at this point. You … (6 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: What Does A REVStaffing Virtual Assistant DO All Day? - 06/01/11 04:41 PM
You've looked around your office, and discovered that the day-to-day minutiae have gotten out of hand. You need help, but you really don't want to go through the hassle of the hiring process once, let alone the possible many times, that might be needed to find someone who has the skills and personality to fit you and your business.
You've talked with your peers and done a little research, and it sounds like a “virtual assistant” may be the solution. You have a lot of questions, starting with, “What exactly is a VA?” If you went to, this … (3 comments)

real estate virtual assistant: REVStaffing Now Has A Toll-Free Number! - 05/12/11 03:18 AM
We are proud to announce that we now have a Toll-Free Number. You can now call the same number to contact anyone at REVStaffing, or to even send us a fax!
Call Us at 855-REVSVA1 or 855-738-7821 to reach ANYONE at REVStaffing for your real estate virtual assistant needs!

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