note buyer: Owner-Financed Notes - How can I Sell My Note? - 01/16/12 09:40 AM
  In today’s tough property market many you found it necessary to agree to an owner-financed note in order to be able to get the sale. This means that you are getting a cash flow from the sale of your property and this can be an attractive feature depending on your circumstances. After all, you should be getting a much higher interest rate than if you had received cash for your house and put the money in the bank. However, you find you would now like to get the cash – perhaps there is something you need to do with the … (0 comments)

note buyer: What is My Real Estate Note Worth? - 10/28/11 04:38 AM
The most common phrase we get when customers dial 512.464.1214 is: " I have a real estate note I want to sell, what is it worth? " If you are receiving monthly payments from sold property, the quickest way for me to answer that question and provide you with an accurate quote is to get a copy of the following documents:
The Real Estate Note Deed of Trust Settlement Statement (if there is one) Story Behind the Payor (Husband and wife with kids, both work) Payor's SS# if you have them Our FAX # (512) 464-1214 or Email Me the docs

note buyer: A Cup of Coffee and a Key - 09/26/11 07:02 AM
Today, Friday 9/23, was the first day of Autumn, a front moved in last night to Austin, Texas and brought with it a slight breeze from the North to cool us off and made this morning just fantastic, with a cup of coffee of course.  To add to the great day we just closed another real estate note deal here at The Texas Note Company.  The transaction was pretty cut and dry, small note about $80K,  and we were able to get it done rather quickly.   After I went through my morning ritual of getting the kids to school and performing … (2 comments)

note buyer: Gimme a Little Credit - 09/20/11 03:45 PM
How important is credit score when creating a note? Well, it depends. Some investors go strictly by credit scores and other investors are more interested in payment history and other factors behind why their credit score is so low. Here’s an example of two notes, both with 12 months worth of payment history, same interest rate, and the value of the note is $80,000:
The first buyer has a credit score of 620. The second buyer has a credit score of 580.  
Which is better?
Well, let’s provide you with a little more information. The first buyer … (2 comments)

note buyer: The Real Estate Market We Face Today! - 09/13/11 03:46 AM
Today’s markets are anything but stable.  On July 21, of this year the Dow Jones Industrial closed at 12,724.  Today Sept 9, the market closed at 10,992 after a fall of 300 points today.  Due to the volatility we are finding in the in the markets there are a number of people that are looking to put their money to work in more ways than one.  Sure you can take your chances and invest in the stock market like every other person out there or just buy an annuity that will give you a steady stream of income, which can be … (2 comments)

note buyer: Sell Promissory Note - Challenging Note Transaction - 05/18/10 07:30 AM
In the current economy we are in Lenders have tightened up their credit requirements and are taking the time to verify every piece of information potential borrowers submit. In fact when you submit an application for a mortgage be ready to run through the gamit and be ready for a frustrating ambiguous process that more than likely will not produce the results you are looking for. It is for this reason we see that many home sellers are using owner financing to sell their home and rightly so. After the note has been created many note holders (home sellers) are selling … (0 comments)

note buyer: Sell My Note – Llano Bald Eagle Nest - 02/17/10 04:34 PM
I had the opportunity to go up to Llano, Texas this past Thursday to look at a piece of ranch land that was the underlying asset for an owner financed real estate note. The note owner sold the property using owner financing. He received a 20% down payment, the note had an interest rate of 10% and was amortized over 15 years. Additionaly there were 3 and 1/2 years of payments all paid a week before the due date. The payor, a cattleman, set up the payments to auto debit his account each month directly to the note owner’s account. This … (0 comments)

note buyer: Sell Your Note with The Texas Note Company - 02/12/10 05:22 PM
The Texas Note Company is a group of real estate professionals that specialize in Owner Financed mortgage notes. We are Texas owned and operated. Our business is to buy and sell mortgage notes, deeds of trusts, land contracts, and mobile home notes. Whether you are in the market to sell a portfolio of notes, a few mortgage notes or just one, The Texas Note Company has the experience and resources to get you the best price for your note. The Texas Note Company purchases notes secured by real estate Nation Wide, but our emphasis as the name would suggest, is Texas.

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