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Mortgage and Lending - USA Mortgage - NMLS: 156613 | MLO-1192
USA Mortgage is a local mortgage banker in Columbia, Missouri. We offer a large line of home loans such as FHA, USDA and VA loans with competitive rates. Quick Pre-Approvals, great rates and closing costs. Stop by our branch in Columbia, MO today. Specialties: Conventional, VA, USDA, MHDC, FHA. First time home buyers, Jumbo, Renovation loans and Refinance.
When prices are rising, why not let the market help you?It’s great to save up for a large down payment of 20% or more. Yet, when prices are on the rise, saving quickly enough to keep pace can be extremely difficult. In times such as these, why not let the market build equity for you instead?Build...
Putting Balance Back Into Your Life Have you ever had your day end and wonder where it went? Have you ever been frustrated by how reactive you have been to "emergency" situations that significantly reduced your productivity?Many of us have experienced this to an excessive degree in our business p...
Use a Concierge Form Superstar REALTOR®* Terry Moerler has clients fill out a concierge form at home, prior to meeting with them. This helps her better understand those prospects and target their hot buttons. It affords her an opportunity to probe their minds, know their likes and dislikes, and t...
Streamline Your Workspace As the saying goes, "A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind." How can prospects or clients have any faith in your ability to work on their behalf, if they see a desk overflowing with paper? Or, in this computer age, if they visit your office and watch you spend...
When you refinance your existing mortgage, you are essentially paying off the existing mortgage debt and replacing it with a new loan. Many of the same costs are involved in refinancing a loan as are in first-time financing.To start with, the lender will need personal information to verify emplo...
Choosing the right person to represent you in negotiating your home purchase is a major decision. Whenever you see the designation of REALTOR® (with a registered trademark) you can rest assured that person is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR), and has a commitment to meeting...
Choosing Your Own Address Cybersquatter, n. Person who buys a domain name with the intent of later selling it at an inflated price. Some people feel that all the good domain names are taken. It's true that cybersquatters have pursued almost all the acronyms and one-word phrases they can think of,...
Developing Relationships with Strategic Partners Everyone whose business relies on referrals can benefit from developing relationships with strategic partners. Armed with sufficient knowledge about each other, I feel we could be a great team.As a Loan Executive, I seek to establish relationships ...
Learn About Your Prospect Before You Meet Do you know enough about your prospects and potential strategic partners when you meet for that first appointment?The Internet can tremendously aid your business in many different ways. One of the great benefits is GoogleTM, the world's leading search eng...
Well it's that time of year again! Who's ready for MARCH MADNESS?? No matter how into or how much knowledge you have, everyone gets into filling out their brakets and entering office pools. Now technically, in the state of Missouri it is illegal to bet or gamble in a private office pool. "Under ...

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