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It’s that time of year again, already. As the clock ticks down and the new year, as of this writing, is just a few hours away; I’m mulling over my Ye Old List of Age Old Questions for the New Year to visualize "me" in 2011. The dance it seems is finding a balance between how and what you make hap...
Stop doing stupid stuff faster, it doesn't work. Look around you, who's actually there for you? Choose wisely. Who do you align yourself with and for what reasons? Will you make that decision now, or perhaps later in 2011 when you have time?Who's in the trenches with you, who rally's when the bat...
I have a weakness (or two), I admit. One is finding old photos, or looking through my digital pics on Picasa, Flickr, my CD's, or my 1.5 terabyte external drive. Often, when I find a treasure, off I go on down the rabbit hole. What's next? I was looking for that special 'Kodak Moment' and grabbed...
Well... not exactly. But it sure did look like it! I took a break about 3:30 this afternoon and looking at pictures on my Blackberry, I didn't realize what I captured. Driving into Seattle this morning shortly after 7:30 AM. It's still dark but the sun is just peaking over Beacon Hill and really ...
The Sillyville Drummer... a Kodak Moment. I was at the Puyallup Fair on the last day this year, September 26, 2010. The weather was “iffy” to say the least and we did have a couple of showers. We saw a few patches of blue sky but for most of the day it was overcast, which has its pluses and minus...
Little did I know when I left for work this morning the dramatic sky I would witness on my way to Seattle. It was dark, gray, and pouring rain when I left Renton.  As I passed Boeing Field the clouds began to break in crisscross patterns. Layers one above the other, moving in different directions...
In July of 2006 I was traveling through Oregon for work. I drove down from Seattle for a day in Roseburg then over to the coast to Coos Bay via Highway 42. What a beautiful drive it is through Tenmile, Camas Valley, over the mountains through Remote, then Myrtle Point, and Coquille. After my day ...
Yes it's true, it rains in Seattle. We are now, at this time of the year, in theBig Gray. Like the song from the 60's television show "Here come the Brides", The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle. That's because we won't see blue skies all that often for several months to come and our ...
The Asynchronous Conversation, revisited... The asynchronous online conversation is a lot like the ubiquitous dandelion seeds cast upon the electronic breeze that is cyberspace. They quietly reside dormant in the search engine index until the right conditions exist. We don’t know when, where, or ...
  I’m Playing off my last post: We were bound to mete Okay, I’m on an old map and tract book kick. I didn’t plan it. It just happened. A sequence of events brought me here. I was going through some project files when I stumbled upon (pun intended) a project I did back in circa 1986. History of th...

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