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The objective is to have the search engines consider us purveyors of relevant content. If we are successful our contributions will rank and people searching for answers online will find us and we've created opportunity for engagement.



We’ve all felt like a fool at one time or another, some of us maybe more than others. Yet we proud fools of western culture have a rich history dating all the way back to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in 1392. "Syn March Bigan Thritty Dayes and Two" the story begins in the "Nun's Priest's Tale" with...
I love talking about Social Media and lately I’ve had some great conversations that started with the question: “What is social media?” With that said it went suddenly quiet and I looked across the room of concerned faces staring back as if to ask, “Is that a trick question?” No, I laugh. Not at a...
I was grilling some marinated steaks for my son Jeff and I this past Friday night. We splurged! After a busy week it was fun to be home. I had a little more energy than some Friday’s. Instead of dead tired I was inspired to make a “real” dinner with all the fixings, tune out work, and watch a mov...
Wishing you all a great St. Paddy's Day... These things I warmly wish to you- Someone to love Some work to do A bit o' sun A bit o' cheer And a guardian angel always near. Irish Blessings and Sayings, author unknown.
Ironic how times change... I remember several years ago not wanting the big box stores like Border’s Books to move into town because I knew they would blow the many small independent shops out of business, and it did. Now I’m sad to see already the end of another era and watch Border's leave. As ...
One of my favorite buildings in Seattle is the old Lake Union Steam Plant, now the ZymoGenetics building. I love its simple and non-gaudy style. The symmetry uses repetition very much like music, especially minimalism. For an industrial building built in 1920 its designer, city architect Daniel H...
Thursday, March 10, 2011... Heading home from work this afternoon the windstorm we've been hearing about is finally hitting Seattle. Stuff is blowing sideways all over the place and you can see the wind bucking cars back and forth. I got home a few minutes after 6:00 pm and looked off my deck to ...
Last weekend I got to be “Mr. Domestic” as I like to put it. Everyday the week before was about major events. Network meetings, conference calls, a sales meeting, the Northwest Video Summit, RE Barcamp, and we ended the week with Mike Mueller doing a couple of great Facebook Business Page worksho...
I missed this one. We had a closing last Wednesday (March 2, 2011) just as I was leaving for the Northwest Video Summit with Frank & Brian of Think Big Work Small. A young couple was closing the purchase of their new home and had their 5 year old with them. He was a really cute, intelligent, and ...
As the old saying goes, March, in like a lion, out like a lamb. I'm thinking that might qualify this year. I'm looking forward to the lamb as the month goes by. I know this is only the evening of the 2nd day and already I've seen sun, wind, rain, hail, and snow. I love the kaleidoscope of it all....

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