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Title Insurance - First American Title
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After working in the city for about a year and a half again I've been thinking about selling my beloved 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer and getting something smaller. I love my Explorer and I bought it 'one year old used'  back in late 2008. It was the perfect vehicle to travel my territory, Washi...
Raincamp Seattle #2: Behind the Secret Curtain  It was not like standing in the grocery store line waiting for checkout near the end of a busy day. You know, gazing for a moment at the covers on the magazine rack at the rich and glamorous who did something really stupid and got caught in public. ...
I was thinking the other day how blogging is similar to making music. I made this recording 'Impromptu for guitar, take 1' back in 1988 when I was just 4 years into my title insurance career. I quit teaching and playing music for a living, life presented me with another adventure. I was working d...
I was at Tacoma General the other day to see my sister in law Kathy. Another cancer operation. My brother Terry looked tired. He was hungry and wanted to get something from his car. He needed a brake so we went for a walk. On the campus is Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. It was a gray afternoon ...
One of my favorite places for breakfast food is Mom’s Kitchen. It’s tucked away in an older industrial area of south Kent warehouses on Central Ave. It’s easy to drive by without knowing it’s there if you don’t catch the one roadside sign. It wasn’t scientifically located by experts from a nation...
Once upon a time trains were the Empire Builders. They connected us long before the Interstate Highways. Work ended in Bellevue the other day so heading for home was down Interstate 405 to Renton. I wanted to make a few stops downtown so I took the old Sunset Highway (SR 900) exit to Bronson Way....

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