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When I pick a topic to write about I like to do a little research before I throw it to the cyber-winds of online media. I want to know who, when, where, and what others are saying about the same or similar things I’m talking about. In other words, in who’s collective lens will I first and foremos...
I think I’m getting a complex. The other day Foursquare was getting me down. Now I totally get the opportunity for fun and interaction with people via updating your location and it’s good for your SEO, but lately it’s choking my Blackberry 8330... Yes, I know. How can any self respecting social m...
I was in that blissful state of not quite half a sleep, not yet awake, and dreaming. I was well into a sci-fi like dream about how we were all in a big hurry trying to get to the future first. “Is it a race?” It seemed paramount, “where is ‘first’ in the future anyway? Then Poof! To late, so sad,...
At the Renton Farmers Market last Tuesday I stopped by to pick up some fresh veggies. I drive right by the Piazza downtown Renton most weekdays on my way home. I’ve blogged about the Renton Farmers Market a few times but today it's about the music. As I drove by I could hear a small ensemble rock...
Dad would have been 90 years old today. He was born in Newcastle, Washington in 1921 in a coal mining camp. The second son to George and Pauline Fabre. As a young boy he was inspired to be an accordion player like his Uncle Pete Delaurenti. That was in the midst of the Great Depression and money ...
I was downtown Renton yesterday headed for the Farmers Market after work. I found a place to park on Williams Ave S right behind this awesome Russian Ural motorcycle. I haven't seen many of these around. This is the "Gear-Up" model. It was originally built as a military bike back in 1941. It's ba...
I started kindergarten in the fall of 1955. We lived in the Renton Highlands then in one of those little cracker box homes built in 1942 to house the great influx of people who came here to work for Boeing and Pacific Car & Foundry (PACCAR) during World War II... Our kindergarten class met in the...
Once a year towards the end of July the City of Renton takes a week to throw a big festival that celebrates our community. There are all kinds of activities during the week. Arts and crafts, food, live music, contests, treasure hunts, chalk art, and a rubber ducky derby. This was our 26th year. I...
I was hanging out with some friends of mine at the Lakeshore Retirement Home. I posted about it a few weeks back and a few things are still lingering in my thoughts. Vintage People... I'm eyeing that vintage old Buick. As I look over the hood, I'm loving that hood ornament. Man, they don't make e...
Every Tuesday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, June through September at the Piazza in downtown Renton. This year the market is celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary and as we approach mid August, this is a great time to enjoy everything grown local. There are approximately 50 vendors with fresh berries...

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