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The objective is to have the search engines consider us purveyors of relevant content. If we are successful our contributions will rank and people searching for answers online will find us and we've created opportunity for engagement.



Are you shy? Most of the time I’m not, though on occasion I can be. Sometimes when I least expect it. I speak publicly all the time and I still get those pre-show jitters. Sometimes it’s triggered by someone in the room, other times it’s just the mood I'm in or maybe what’s going on leading up t...
The Power of Profiles... I started a conversation on 2/4/2012 titled: What is a search engine’s job? With a simple nontechnical understanding of search engine purpose and motivation an opportunity is created to develop a relationship that’s mutually beneficial. If the search engine considers us ...
What hardware or software have you recently purchased? Is it changing the way you work? Two years ago I asked the opposite question: What was the very first piece of personal technology you owned? That post was a fun project. I traced my personal technology all the way back to 1958 when I receiv...
On the verge of an epic win. I rediscovered a conversation Jane McGonigal gave on the TED channel back in February of 2010. McGonigal is the director of Game Research & Development at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, California. An epic win, if you’re unaware of gamers parlance, is an ...
The Space Needle is not the only iconic building here in town. The first Grande Dame of Seattle skyscrapers was the Smith Tower, completed way back in 1914. For nearly 50 years, she was the tallest building west of the Rockies. The building is named after Lyman Cornelius Smith, industrialist and ...
For the love of Maps... I have loved maps since I was a half-pint. Not that I’m all that tall now, but back when I was 8 or so to about 12, I remember being enamored by them. I was one of those kids that ordered weather maps from the back page ads in Boys' Life Magazine. We often went to the loca...
Maybe I could put that a little more succinctly? “I’m no expert, but I love to tinker.” As a guy with an artist’s bent I love looking at everyday common things and finding one thing about it that’s special or unique. Be it blogging or composing I enjoy revealing the inherent drama any object or i...
Okay, it happened. I broke up last week, just like people do these days and I made the jump. You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there one way or another... that line you naively crossed one unsuspecting fateful day where life, the universe, and everything changed in a second. I’m sor...
Question: What is a search engine’s job? Answer: To offer up the most relevant and freshest content it has based on the terms we use to search. Why? Search engines like Google, (Bing and Yahoo) want to provide everyone with the latest and most useful on target content they can so we keep coming b...

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