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The objective is to have the search engines consider us purveyors of relevant content. If we are successful our contributions will rank and people searching for answers online will find us and we've created opportunity for engagement.



I've always had a special place in my heart for the Volkswagen Beetle... I owned a blue 1966 Bug back in the early 70's, in fact it was the very first car I actually owned. Not many perks but it got great gas mileage and was fun to drive. I ran into this red 1970 VW at Fry's in Renton, WA. I was ...
I don’t care what you had for lunch, or do I? We’ve heard it before, especially when it comes to Twitter. It still comes up in my social media classes, in fact I no longer wait for it, I bring it up myself. Let's get it on the table and talk about it. I’m curious about technologies and how they c...
The role of the artist is to connect with the human spirit. My favorite quote about that is from Pablo Picasso, “Art is the lie that tells the truth.” Richard ‘Rich’ Beyer was the embodiment of that ideal. Richard Beyer Master sculptor Richard S. Beyer passed this last Monday, April 9, 2012 in Ne...
I was thinking if I were transported back a hundred years would I have any of the media and apps I hold so dear today? At first I thought, no way... A little side trip this week revealed I just might, sort of. On my way home from Spokane last week I stopped by to spend the evening with my brother...

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