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The objective is to have the search engines consider us purveyors of relevant content. If we are successful our contributions will rank and people searching for answers online will find us and we've created opportunity for engagement.



R.I.P. Doc Watson Doc, was born in Deep Gap, North Carolina on March 3, 1923. He went blind at 1 years old from an eye infection. Later his Daddy made him a banjo from a cat skin and said, "Learn to play this son... I think it'll help you get through life. We'll get you a store bought one when we...
The Journey of a thousand miles... Tuesday afternoon I drove over to Yakima, Washington. From Seattle it’s a beautiful drive over the Cascade Mountains via Snoqualmie pass, hang a right in Ellensburg and head south down Interstate 82. From my place it’s about 160 miles. I love eastern Washington....
Out for a morning coffee and breakfast with my friend Dave Hoskin. We try to get together at least once a month to catch up on life, current events, reminisce about the old days, a little philosophy, politics, art, and always music, writers, and literature. We were a little disoriented and at a l...
Three Womannequins I was downtown Renton Friday morning to meet with my friend Gary for coffee. Afterwards I strolled along S 3rd St, the main drag in old downtown with my trusty iPhone 4s and heavily armed with my new Olloclip (add on) lense looking for subjects. Along this block there are sever...
Met my friend Gary for coffee this morning at the Liberty Cafe. I confess, I’ve driven by a thousand times but haven’t stopped. Meant to, but haven’t. Well... this morning I’m glad we did. It’s just a tiny little indie place in old downtown Renton. I left so happy just knowing a place like this s...
Sean O’Conner of Boston, Massachusetts has an uncle Scott Widak who’s 47 years old, has down syndrome and terminal liver disease. I heard an interview with Sean a few days ago on CBC’s radio show, As it Happens. Currently Scott is bedridden and near the end of his days. He lives with Sean’s 85 ye...
Happy Mothers Day, Mom... When mom passed back in 1999 I was asked to give the eulogy. I was honored to accept but it threw me into a total panic; “What am I going to say?” After a few days of sheer fright obsessing over scribbled notes a phrase appeared and I clung to it. “Mom was the keeper of ...
Back to the Future: Century 21 revisited. Back in the early 60’s Seattle threw one heck of a party for the world. The idea for the fair was born in 1955 to acknowledge the upcoming 50th anniversary of the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition. It was going to be a celebration of our amazing develo...
One of nature's many gifts to the Pacific Northwest is an abundance of Rhododendrons. Though us natives of the Puget Sound (if the truth were revealed) do become weary of grey days and rain about now, but the Rhododendron's love it as they ready for the warm spring sun to burst into their glory a...

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