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Wednesday evening I attended a local real estate networking get together in downtown Renton with several local brokers, lenders, and others. We met at the Berliner Pub on Main Street. If you love German food and beer, you’ll love this place! Big plate sized pretzels fresh from the oven, sausages ...
Mt Rainier is the highest peak in the Cascade Range. It rises to 14,410 feet above sea level and dominates the Pacific Northwest sky. It’s visible from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, Oregon. It's always a delight when I’m driving around the Northwest and catch an unexpected glimpse or a...
Where do ideas come from? Often they're from the goo. That jumbled morass of unfinished unarticulated thought that lies in a heap somewhere in the subconscious. Sometimes ideas find us in our sleep, but most of these go unremembered. Other times ideas get so close they could pinch us but choose ...
Cruising the Loop... Back in the day (and I’m seriously dating myself here), Friday and Saturday night was about cruising the loop. We’d head downtown Renton when the weather was good, especially in the summertime to join in on what was happening on the street. Oh my, I can hear our Mayor and the...
I discovered Anne Boyington of Trevani Truffles at the Renton Farmers Market a few weeks ago. The business was born out of a family passion for making homemade chocolate truffles. For several years the recipes were only enjoyed by the family and close friends around the holidays. But son Troy and...
Cedarbrook Lodge, Urban Oasis... What a wonderful way to end the week! I was in a Leadership Boot Camp this past week with several of my coworkers who were here for an all week intensive. I was brought in the last two days to help one of the teams create and deliver their presentation. We were at...
Wenatchee, Robe of the Rainbow Bridges have always represented a metaphor to me. Regardless if it’s figurative or physical. When we cross them life changes. I’m in the new now now and that bridge behind me and everything preceding it just became then. I don’t know exactly how this ties into real ...
Voxer - Walkie Talkie Voxer turns your smartphone (iPhone or Android) into a very smart walkie talkie. What I like about it is its ease of use. Once you’re in my Voxer contact list all I have to do is tap your name then push the “hold and talk” bar at the bottom of the screen and start talking. T...
A Houzz is a Home I was instantly enamored by It’s a feast for the eyes to anyone who loves photos of beautiful and interesting homes. I dove deep into the site over the past few days obsessing over luscious photos of living spaces with interesting treatments of wood, glass, tile, conc...
Social Media changed. The wide open frontier is gone. Now it’s a great big densely populated medium that’s busy, noisy and chaotic. Yet those who attract (and don’t push) are winning. To me, Google’s Penguin algorithm update is a wonderful thing. Those who jumped in with an immediate strategy to...

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