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My escrow team knows me all too well. We had an awesome month end and they closed well over 100 transactions this month from our Kent Branch. If you know escrow, and you know what two LPOs, two assistants, and one part time receptionist/assistant can do in a month, it's mind boggling! It was tota...
Meet Up and a Raincamp, What a great week! Well I must say that for being the dog day’s of summer, this has been one action packed amazing week! We had our AR Meetup Wednesday morning at the 14 Carrot Cafe on Eastlake Ave E in Seattle. What total blast! Impromptu special guest Maureen Fukumoto ca...
The Library Over the River... The Renton Public Library was dedicated in 1966 and opened its doors in 1968 to replace the former out grown Carnegie Library, Renton's first official Public Library built in 1914. (See below: The Library that Neva Got Built.) I'm intentially avoiding politics today ...
The Carnegie Library, Renton, Washington. Neva Bostwick left Seattle in 1906 and moved to the Earlington neighborhood of west Renton. She must have been a bookworm, because I've come across several accounts of her being a dedicated student and an avid user of the Seattle library. Ironically 1906 ...
If you know my little burg of Renton, Washington then you know we’re the unofficial HQ of antique stores in the area. We have a dozen or more in old downtown alone. I love peering through the windows and rummaging around the shops. I’m no big antique collector, but I’m fascinated by what I find, ...
"Homework Comes First", a bronze sculpture by Martha Pettigrew at the Renton Public Library on the Cedar River. The sculpture is very popular with kids, especially the little one's who can't resist patting and rubbing the top of his head. With all that loving attention over the past 10 years, the...
Before summer's over, let's get together! Join Charlie & Me at the 14 Carrot Cafe on August 29th @ 8:00 am in for an Activerain breakfast meetup! Kick off the day in Seattle with some blog talking AR friends! It's FACE TIME! We'd love to see you in person! There's certainly a lot going on in real...
The technology was different, but the goal was the same. Since 1984 when I started in the title industry, customer service mantras really haven’t changed much. "We will be better, smarter, faster, friendlier, and more accurate than any of our competition!" Though the changes in technology are ama...
A Summer Rescue Back in January when the L. A. Times dissed us in Seattle as a bunch of Snow Wimps, the entire region instantly came together in shared indignation. Those were fightin’ words and Northwest bloggers all over the area weaponed up, pointed their postings south, and fired off several ...
Of all the stuff going on in our world, the thrill of the 2012 Olympics, the heartbreak of recent and senseless shootings, and all the bad news from around the planet, one of humankind’s greatest achievements just happened a few days ago when NASA managed to successfully land the largest man made...

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