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Follow up: Seattle Activerain Meetup August 2013 Wow, it’s been a week already! I just wanted to follow up and let y’all know how special our AR Meetup was. Timing is everything and I totally understood why those who were planning to be there couldn’t. My schedule has been ultra crazy busy too! B...
Some day's I feel I'm becoming the old guy on the block and I fear becoming irrelevant (yet in my heart I'm still an up and coming). So be it. I know eventually it will happen. I'm a human being and like all of us, my time will pass. Yet I have the privilege now in this age (like none before) to ...
There’s a teeny tiny little park at the very northwest corner of Renton Municipal Airport, probably one of Renton’s better kept secrets, unless you fly into Renton in a seaplane or you’re a local like me who’s been around these parts for a long time. You'd probably never know it existed. I love t...
Tuesday at the Renton Farmers Market was a really fun time. Today was Asian Day and the Johnson Music Entertainment group did several American pop/standards and a selection of authentic Chinese and Vietnamese pop songs that everyone enjoyed. It's especially a treat for me to watch the wee ones. T...
Hey you Seattle area Activerainers! It's Summer Meet Up Time! It's time to see your face! Join Charlie Buell, inspector & blogger extraordinaire, and me, your local street side social media evangelist on Monday, August 19th, at 8:00 am, at the 14 Carrot Cafe, 2305 Eastlake Ave E in Seattle on Cap...
Yesterday I was suddenly stricken with an extreme case of pilomotor reflex, or as in my time more colloquially expressed, goose bumps! Back story brief... As many of you know who follow my ramblings online, I was raised in a musicians household. I was practically born at a jam session. Hardly, if...
Thank you Debbie Reynolds for a really fun contest...  What we Have in Common, Getting to Know Each Other Better.     Things from the past you probably didn't know about René Fabre! In no particular order...  1. First in 2002 then 2004 I had total hip replacement surgeries. I’m eternally grateful...
As I'm leaving the Eastlake neighborhood heading back to Renton I approach southbound Interstate 5 via Boylston Ave. I have just a few seconds before the on ramp to catch a glimpse of the traffic into downtown Seattle. If the freeway is backed up I'll opt for the back way over Capitol Hill. My fa...
I was up early and a road warrior this morning. Drove up from Renton to Mill Creek for a workshop in the AM, then back to Eastlake, Seattle for a meeting with Barbie Van Horn and a client. As I’m coming into town I get a message update, “We’re meeting at Agua Verde Cafe for lunch.” Yay! I’m happy...

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