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The objective is to have the search engines consider us purveyors of relevant content. If we are successful our contributions will rank and people searching for answers online will find us and we've created opportunity for engagement.



I’m a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk... and I credit the title of this post to him. It’s a line he uses in many of his talks when he’s making points on being asked about (or confronted with) the ROI of social media. Gary’s a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of guy and I love watching his YouTube videos. I can re...
Thursday, my friend and coworker Rachel was gifted an iPhone. The only downside was it was wrapped in a big old piece of clear packing tape to keep the cracked screen together and attached. While we were talking about it I jumped online and Googled for iPhone repairs and found I not...
I was at cross purposes when I started this post and my thoughts were bouncing everywhere. I couldn’t figure out what it was I was really trying to say. It started as a review about a wonderful dinner, no that wasn’t it... but as I wrote I moved things around the page like a puzzle when I realize...

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