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A Beautiful Autumn Afternoon in Orting, Washington. Yesterday was “THE” most beautiful autumn day I can remember for many years. My good friend and coworker Kim Schildt and I had an appointment in Orting yesterday so we drove down from Puyallup together. Orting, Washington is a small town of abou...
One of the things I love about social media is the people I meet and the connections I make. Most of the time these days I meet people online, then in person. And others I meet in person and keep the relationships going online.  I met Anne Boyington of Trevani Truffles at the Renton Farmers Marke...
Wordless Wednesday: Vino Aquino Winery A great find last week on 6th Ave in the Proctor District of Tacoma Washington. Rock Star Red... Bottoms Up!
Yesterday I had a workshop to teach in Gig Harbor, Washington. I love the Harbor and getting there is half the fun. West on State Route 16 out of Tacoma and over the Narrows Bridge to the peninsula is almost always a treat. The original Narrows Bridge opened on July 1, 1940 and just 4 months late...
My friend Dave and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair last Sunday, October 12, 2013. It’s our annual trek and get together for something we both love, books. There were vendors from all over the Pacific Northwest; Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho. 88 exhibitors al...
Myself, I think multitasking is a big myth... Unless you call downloading a file or rendering a video and hanging out on Facebook at the same time as multitasking. Or perhaps watching TV and writing your blog post during commercials. I use two screens almost all the time, except when I’m on my iP...
Mount Rainier With a summit elevation of 14,411 feet Mt. Rainier is the tallest in the Cascade Range. She’s located 54 miles southeast of Seattle, yet standing here in Sumner it appears but a walk across the fields and I could reach out and touch her. I never tire of of her beauty and yes, we in ...
I was in Alaska most of last week in Anchorage for work. One of the big highlights of the trip was Thursday morning (10/10/2013) at O'Dark Thirty when we flew down to Kenai to teach a day of clock hour classes for local real estate professionals. We caught a flight out of Ted Stevens Internationa...
If I were a fish with fingers... Having some fun at the Renton Farmers Market a few weeks ago with my Olloclip fish eye lense for my iPhone. When I went through the camera roll I had a good laugh when I noticed half of my shots had a finger or two in them. Not sure why I was doing that. As it tur...
If you’ve been in real estate for awhile hopefully you’ve taken a plant tour at one or more of your local title companies. You’ll find most of them have very detailed land records that predate statehood. I was in Yakima last week for work and during my visit I had a some time to hangout in the ba...

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