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when the sun broke through the clouds this February afternoon long shadows danced as she stepped up to the line sudden warmth and light welcome and embraced her smile said life is different now somehow, someway, forever I’m curious about the little moments in life. You know, those little minutes ...
Tuesday I had appointments in Seattle, then a quick trip across the lake to the Eastside and back to Renton. It was one of those typical winter days in the Pacific Northwest when the rain really pours all day long. I'm headed down Benson on Easthill Kent for my office in the afternoon listening t...
Just a few minutes north of Seattle in southwest Snohomish County lies Edmonds, Washington. Like many cities in the area it’s a waterfront town with a rich colorful history. Edmonds is the oldest incorporated city in the county (1890) but its namesake dates back to 1884. George Brackett, city fou...
Are you superstitious? I am, but not nearly as much as I used to be. My mom and dad and my grandma were about some things. As a kid I had a rabbits foot, we didn’t walk under ladders, and it was always time for concern when out of nowhere a black cat crossed your path. I still catch myself using ...
I call it the backside of Seattle and perhaps that’s not so accurate. Yet, if you know Seattle at all you know it lies between Puget Sound and Lake Washington surrounded by hills. If you head up James Street out of downtown and over First Hill you’ll cross Broadway then merge onto Cherry Street a...
The Old Rainier Brewery, if you’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for a few decades plus, is a Seattle landmark. That familiar “R” on top of it’s tower has been a Northwest icon since before I was a kid. Rainier Brewing Company has a long history dating back to 1884 and on this same site beer has...
I can’t believe it! My old Dell Latitude D610 issued in 2005 was just granted a totally new 2nd life. Up until the holidays this past December it's been sitting in my closet for the last 4+ years. This old Dell is probably the first real productive portable computer I ever had and the most reliab...
I have to confess, I like football, really I do... but I’m really not a super avid fan of the game. That said, it probably dates back to being a kid. I played a lot of football, pick up games in vacant lots with guys in the neighborhood. I even turned out for football in high school. I lasted one...

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