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Your smartphone home screen says a lot about you! I was watching a short video clip of Gary Vaynerchuk the other day and through the week it got my curiosity going so I’ve been checking home screens on co-worker and client smartphones. Gary says take your phone out and look at your home screen. Y...
The Seattle Municipal Tower 700 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104 Construction started in 1987 and the building was finished and opened in 1990. At 722 feet tall with 62 stories, it was the tallest building constructed in Seattle during the 1990s. Now in 2014 it’s the 4th tallest building in Seattl...
I met Dan back in 1965, I was 15. It was the summer before my sophomore year at Renton High. I don’t remember details except John, a bass player I knew, invited me to a party across town in Sierra Heights. The band I was in just broke up. Well, that’s how they put it, but actually I think I got t...
I was almost aghast and beside myself the other day. I with talking to a few local Seattleites about the current social web environment and one in particular went on and on and relentlessly on about the horrors of the web, security, privacy, eavesdropping, stalkers, plagiarism and weirdos. Hmm......
Every town has its icons and for me the SR 509 (East 21st Street) Bridge in Tacoma is a beauty. It spans 707 feet in length over the Thea Foss Waterway, carries 4 lanes of traffic, and the twin towers reach 180 feet tall. The only other cable stayed suspension bridge in Washington State is the SR...
People forget that in the very early 1900’s our major mover pioneers recreated the entire ecosystem of Seattle for commerce and it affected communities for miles around. Back then there was no practical way by boat to get from Puget Sound to Lake Washington so the Army Core of Engineers dredged a...
My work has me in Seattle several times over the past few weeks. I love going to town as we say around here, except during rush hour. This first photo taken at 3:59 pm is on 9th Avenue looking south past Pacific Place from Olive Way at Two Union Square. I enjoy the way the building changes colors...

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