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The objective is to have the search engines consider us purveyors of relevant content. If we are successful our contributions will rank and people searching for answers online will find us and we've created opportunity for engagement.



A typical autumn November afternoon in Seattle. Either way you look, it's wet. I'm heading home this past Friday and another busy week is behind me. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I love the rain! As long as we get breaks once in a while and it doesn't go on for over a month... #Seattle #A...
Rest in Peace, Dario Martinez... Last December I was in Anchorage, Alaska. I had the amazing good fortune to visit The Last Frontier State four times in 2013. Deb Moore, my good friend and coworker wanted to say thanks by giving me a genuine Alaskan experience before I returned to Seattle. She to...
A few decades ago I lived on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Those are what I refer to as my Cornish and Soundwork years (1978 - 1983). I love 'the hill' and when I come to Seattle, depending on where in town I’m headed, I cut one way or another over my old neighborhood, Capitol Hill. One of my favorite...
Sometimes I'm an early adopter, sometimes not. I've posted before about creating videos and my personal go to app is Corel Video Studio Pro X7 because it's a program I know really well and though the learning curve was a little steep, it offers a lot of great tools that were worth the time to lea...
I’ve heard tell they aren’t the bluest. It just seems that way because you don’t see them that often. In November that can be so true. Case in point, yesterday I was headed up to the Wallingford neighborhood to attend a Personal Safety Class at Cooper Jacobs Real Estate. Yep, that’s our own AR bl...
1975, who remembers? Before title, before real estate... before I even ever thought of owning a home of my own there was something else quite different. 1975 through 1977 was all about Pegasus. We were totally a concept group. Dave Hoskin (percussion), Grant Stott (piano, vocals, bass), and mysel...
I’ve spent way too much time in recovery centers this past year. Thank goodness it wasn’t for me, but for several of my friends and extended family. I don’t care for these places at all and I never ever want to be in one. Perhaps my fear of the inevitable, yet just the same, dear Lord, please nev...
I first discovered Vino Aquino Winery with my good friend and coworker Janet Matzke. We were looking for a place a little out of the ordinary in Tacoma to hold some social web workshops and to meet and greet and network with entrepreneurs in the business community. The twist here is for about $75...
I was combing through one of my external backup drives looking for a particular set of images and I kinda sorta remember when they were taken... If I can just find them! Looking through the tree (more like a forest) of folders I finally found them way way back in 2007 and started laughing, “Did y...

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