clock hour classes: Meet Ms Underwood. Ain't she a beauty! - 05/20/16 08:54 AM
Over the past several months I’ve been in a marathon. I’ve been building our digital marketing education program with a focus on mobile marketing strategies that engage local businesses as a key ingredient to a successful prospecting (farming) scenario.
Though it’s a marathon to be sure, it’s also a total blast and I’ve never had more fun meeting with clients and getting to know local small businesses up close and personal. Anyhow, funny, ironic, mystical, lunar driven synchronicity, what have you, old typewriters have been showing up in my life lately after years of not seeing any.
We did the #mobilecomcamp field trip … (24 comments)

clock hour classes: Mobile Marketing in Spokaloo... - 02/21/16 08:23 AM
I spent most of the week in Spokane, Washington. We did a #mobilecomcamp clock hour class at the River Park Square downtown on Thursday, February 18th.
I have a special place in my heart for this old town in Eastern Washington. My Mom grew up here, the Larson side of our family. My Grandpa Harvey and Grandma Edna arrived here over 100 years ago         (1901 and 1898 respectively) and I have several fond memories of taking the train from Seattle to visit them as a kid. I also recall many times growing up that Mom would always refer … (14 comments)

clock hour classes: Wrapping it up for the year... - 12/13/15 01:57 AM
It’s been an amazing 2015 and already it seems I now find myself at the end of the year. Christmas is just two short weeks away and it’s time to wind things down. No more travel until mid January and now it's to finish up those year end projects that’ll be launched in 2016.
One of my important goals this year was to get a new class off the ground and build a program around it. I’ve been swimming in the social media pool since its inception and one of my passions is understanding how it’s changing everything and keeping up (or … (26 comments)

clock hour classes: Twitter laughs with Mac & Cheese - 05/27/15 04:35 AM
Okay, not so wordless this Wednesday. But the photo says more than I will...
I was in Spokane, Washington to teach a few classes May 14 and 15. One of the things I love to do is crack a few jokes before I start a conversation about Twitter... Many who don’t tweet do share a myth. “I don’t use Twitter. It doesn’t make any sense. Like why should I care what you had for lunch?”
Of course Twitter is much more than sharing photos of a meal, but I like starting the convo this way because it breaks the tension and gives us … (15 comments)

clock hour classes: Spokane, children of the sun... - 05/26/15 08:46 AM
The indigenous people of the area, the Spokanes, date back about 13,000 years. They lived near Spokane Falls in what is now downtown Spokane hunting the abundant wild game, fishing for salmon and gathered plants, roots and berries in the nearby western foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
The European explorers and fur traders started showing up in 1810 and the first settlers J.J. Downing and S.R. Scranton established a claim here in 1871. The area really started growing when the Northern Pacific Railway reached Spokane in 1891 and the population rose to almost 37,000 by 1900.
My maternal grandfather, Harvey Larson, 24 at … (32 comments)

clock hour classes: Once upon a time there was this smiling goat... - 04/15/15 10:24 AM
Friday's Fotos: Once upon a time there was this smiling goat...
So we're at the University Village in Seattle for #mobilecomcamp when I see these guys outside the Fireworks Store. I'm well caffinated and in a playful mood and the first thing that pops into my head (being the blogger I am and alway's on the lookout for material) is...
Once upon a time there was this smiling goat, a huge colorful rooster, and a cute little bulldog all gathered together on the village plaza... "I just know there's a story here!" :O) But I better put my focus back on the … (29 comments)

clock hour classes: Pink Flamingos in Glass - 12/05/14 02:31 AM
We're on a location scouting trip November 24, 2014 for our new 3 clock hour social media class, Mobile Communication Boot Camp. My good friend and coworker Jill Bell and I are doing a first walk through for a second class location at Westfield Southcenter in Tukwila.

click the photo for full size view on Google+ We had a couple of hours and roamed the mall to visit every store possible for this new scavenger hunt type class. I had a blast with the photo opportunities here and the Pink Flamingos in Glass was one of my favorites that … (8 comments)

clock hour classes: Mocking up Marketing Ideas. - 12/03/14 11:40 PM
When I'm working on a marketing idea and strategy, I love to do a quick mock-up so I have a model in front of me as I develop the ideas. I just want to capture the mood, style, feel... The other day I was with my good friend and coworker, Jill Bell. We were scouting out Westfield Southcenter in Seattle / Tukwila for a 2nd location to use for our new 3 clock hour class, Mobile Communication Boot Camp. 
I'll be talking more about the class soon, but for now let's just say it's a class on using your smartphone to … (3 comments)

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