growing up: Once upon a two step. - 12/01/15 10:49 AM
Wordless Wednesday: Once upon a two step.
Western Swing Hall of Fame Awards Celebration, Auburn WA, August 2013.

growing up: Dad and Grandpa - 10/15/15 10:41 AM
I wasn’t even a sparkle in my Dad’s eye in 1936. He still had high school to get through then after graduating from Renton High in 1940 he was off to the Army and World War II. Dad was sent to England, the Normandy Invasion, and later served under Patton in the Battle of the Bulge.
This is my family (circa 1936) with Grandpa George Fabre, left, Grandma Pauline, her mom, my Great Grandma Celine Boulanger Longville Delaurenti, Grandpa’s brother Jules and his sister (playing the accordion) Louise, my  Dad, Al, and his older brother, my Uncle Georgie...
I’m thinking they're celebrating the purchase of … (44 comments)

growing up: Mr. Loken's class... - 08/06/15 09:41 AM
Throwback Thursdays: Mr. Loken's class...
That’s me down in the lower left corner. I still remember that cashmere sports jacket! Mom made it for me and oh my did I ever love that thing! I’ve forgotten at least half the names of the kids in our class from back then and I haven’t seen any of them since high school, maybe the 1970s.
I remember I really wanted to be in the school band. I can’t remember why, but I’d have to wait a couple of years until junior high when I started playing the French Horn. This is Mr. Loken’s 5th grade … (18 comments)

growing up: Wake up call... - 07/24/15 05:16 PM
Somewhat ironically, I actually grew up about 2 1/2 miles from where I now live in Renton, Washington. We moved to the Earlington neighborhood in 1958 and it was the family home until we sold the place after Dad passed back in November of 1998. It was a challenge to let go.
Back in the day Renton was a small town with a population of about 12,000 or so. Our home was across the street from the “Little Woods” and west of that, down the alley behind the Shaw’s and a short zag on the path around the Hofmeister home, was the … (12 comments)

growing up: You boys go outside and play! - 05/29/15 04:05 AM
We lived in the Renton Highlands in the 1950’s. Our neighborhood, The Projects, was up on the east hill and made up of little look alike government homes that were built in the early 1940s for the amazing influx of people who came here to work at Boeing and Paccar during World War II.
After the war they were available for purchase and Mom and Dad bought our first home in 1950/51 for about $1,000. I’m sure its size (about 750 square feet) and there being three energetic young boys in residence had a lot to do with the amount of time … (32 comments)

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