mobilecomcamp: The Tiger Roars - 02/02/17 01:28 PM
I was in one of my favorite little towns in the Pacific Northwest not long ago, Gig Harbor. I always enjoy my visits here. This day I was on a friendly reconnaissance mission in old downtown down by the waterfront. We were scouting out locations on Harborview Drive for my Mobilecomcamp class.
We stopped at several of the local small businesses along the way and our last stop before taking a lunch break was Wild Birds Unlimited. Out front they have a wonderful menagerie of yard ornaments, bird baths, and yard art etc., and inside the store they have all kinds of … (26 comments)

mobilecomcamp: How does one get here from there? - 06/24/16 08:18 AM
It comes up on occasion and kinda smacked me this past week. ;O) I’ve been all over the Puget Sound area all week from Seattle to Bellingham and busy enough that every time I took a minute to think about my next blog post, my brain was a total blank.
Well duh... Like I haven’t heard it before... “Life’s talking at you every waking minute of every day. Why not post what people actually ask you about.” I know, I know, obvious right? It’s too obvious someday’s yet still I blow right by those emerging thoughts. I’m obsessed it has to be … (25 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Mobile Marketing in Spokaloo... - 02/21/16 08:23 AM
I spent most of the week in Spokane, Washington. We did a #mobilecomcamp clock hour class at the River Park Square downtown on Thursday, February 18th.
I have a special place in my heart for this old town in Eastern Washington. My Mom grew up here, the Larson side of our family. My Grandpa Harvey and Grandma Edna arrived here over 100 years ago         (1901 and 1898 respectively) and I have several fond memories of taking the train from Seattle to visit them as a kid. I also recall many times growing up that Mom would always refer … (14 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Mobilecomcamp comes to Gig Harbor. - 01/12/16 12:10 AM
I’m headed over the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma to Gig Harbor this afternoon with my good friend and coworker Janet Matzke. Our (friendly reconnaissance) mission is to scout historic downtown Gig Harbor thinking it would be a great new location for our #mobilecomcamp 3 clock hour class.
Now that we're here and walking along Harborview Drive and looking over the shops and the boats in the marina, I know this is a perfect place for our class. It's so much of what I love about the Pacific Northwest. 
The class is about marketing your community, and that in fact is marketing you. I’m … (14 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Wrapping it up for the year... - 12/13/15 01:57 AM
It’s been an amazing 2015 and already it seems I now find myself at the end of the year. Christmas is just two short weeks away and it’s time to wind things down. No more travel until mid January and now it's to finish up those year end projects that’ll be launched in 2016.
One of my important goals this year was to get a new class off the ground and build a program around it. I’ve been swimming in the social media pool since its inception and one of my passions is understanding how it’s changing everything and keeping up (or … (26 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Apollo's Bow and Arrow... - 11/30/15 05:23 AM
A wonderful day. Snohomish County. I'm doing the Tulalip #mobilecomcamp class then an afternoon meetup in Everett. Now I'm just in time for the late afternoon commute southbound Interstate 5. Oh yay... It’s gonna be a long long long .. ride home to Renton in this stop and go traffic. I opt for i405 to the eastside of the lake instead of Seattle hoping luck has more options for backroads...
So I enjoy the sunset... Then I’m watching this jet fly over. The vapor trail begins to feather when the moment goes totally emotional OMG and a second jet crosses over perfectly perpendicular. … (17 comments)

mobilecomcamp: 15 seconds of local fame! - 06/26/15 06:00 AM
Who’d a thought! I’m on the Jumbotron at a Seahawks game!
Well, not really, but kind of... Yesterday (6/25/15) we're at Westfield Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, Washington. I’m teaching Mobile Communication Boot Camp, a.k.a. hashtag #mobilecomcamp for a group of local Realtors®.
I’m having a blast! We’re working our way through the mall and this segment of the class is about using images in the context of #location #lifestyle and #community as a web presence and personal brand strategy. So there’s a bunch of us wandering from store to store shooting lots of photos with our smartphones.
Half the fun doing this 3 clock … (20 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Once upon a time there was this smiling goat... - 04/15/15 10:24 AM
Friday's Fotos: Once upon a time there was this smiling goat...
So we're at the University Village in Seattle for #mobilecomcamp when I see these guys outside the Fireworks Store. I'm well caffinated and in a playful mood and the first thing that pops into my head (being the blogger I am and alway's on the lookout for material) is...
Once upon a time there was this smiling goat, a huge colorful rooster, and a cute little bulldog all gathered together on the village plaza... "I just know there's a story here!" :O) But I better put my focus back on the … (29 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Face to Face, is that your strategy? - 04/10/15 02:53 AM
One of the fears many real estate brokers (especially those of a certain age) still seem to have is a concern that social media is just a time suck. More often than not, these opinions come from agents that neither blog or do any social media. Sometimes, they are quite adamant that being online would be a waste their time. They're people to people types and didn't get into real estate to sit behind a computer all day.
"You showed up to a social media marketing class because why again?"
I think their point is obsolete today. It dates back to when the … (26 comments)

mobilecomcamp: YOU GAVE ME A FOREVER... - 04/01/15 05:34 AM
Wordless Wednesday: YOU GAVE ME A FOREVER within the NUMBERED DAYS.

#WestfieldSC #Tukwila #PNW #Forever #mobilecomcamp #Activerain #WordlessWednesday … (12 comments)

mobilecomcamp: Coming Home, at the University Village - 03/18/15 11:04 AM
I’ve posted about the University Village in Seattle several times. I draw a lot of inspiration from this urban village and my co-worker Barbie Van Horn and I teach a a really fun and engaging 3 clock hour social media marketing class here once a month titled: Mobile Communication Boot Camp, or #mobilecomcamp for short.

There’s always something new to discover here and I especially enjoy the public art. One of my favorite ensembles of cast Bronze sculptures is Coming Home (1995), by Georgia Gerber. I'm not sure exactly why I’m so attracted, but it strikes a chord in me … (8 comments)

mobilecomcamp: 3 frogs with flowers, 2 posing cats - 03/11/15 07:02 AM
Wordless Wednesday:  3 frogs with flowers, 2 posing cats...

At the Fireworks Gallery, Westfield Southcenter Mall, Tukwila WA. 

mobilecomcamp: Homemade with love... - 02/11/15 12:52 AM


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