renton: Trucks, a Brother, and Happy Bento. - 10/07/16 06:13 AM
It started out as a kind of bummer Saturday morning. I’m moping around my condo about the fact I got my back bumper and tail light smacked the day before in West Seattle. But hey, it’s my brother’s birthday so me myself and I  have a little private pep rally. “Like get over it dude, stuff happens!”, then I’m out the door for Graham to spend the day.
Terry bought a beautiful place in the country about a year ago. His home is at the end of a private road in a neighborhood of 5+ acre properties and it’s 'oh so much' … (11 comments)

renton: A February Sunset from the PNW Convergence Zone - 03/02/16 04:30 AM
Wordless Wednesday:
A February Sunset from the PNW Convergence Zone.

renton: snap-on male chorus? - 12/15/15 11:14 AM
Wordless Wednesday: snap-on male chorus?
Do you think time travelers were involved? … (10 comments)

renton: Seniors of Discovery Expedition 2015. - 08/09/15 02:52 PM
Sunday, August 9, 2015...
Final preparations are almost complete for our departure August 11th. The Minkler Expedition, aka  Seniors of Discovery Expedition 2015 will be taking to the great I-90 eastbound across country at 6:00 am sharp Tuesday morning. Destination Branson, Missouri.
It’s been a busy day. I completed my final training this morning with Captain Keith. This was my 4th and final exercise at the helm of our 1998 Dodge diesel 3/4 ton pickup, 5 speed manual with Prairie Schooner attached, up and down freeways and winding side roads to South Hill Puyallup and back to Kent.
I think I did okay, but … (18 comments)

renton: Mr. Loken's class... - 08/06/15 09:41 AM
Throwback Thursdays: Mr. Loken's class...
That’s me down in the lower left corner. I still remember that cashmere sports jacket! Mom made it for me and oh my did I ever love that thing! I’ve forgotten at least half the names of the kids in our class from back then and I haven’t seen any of them since high school, maybe the 1970s.
I remember I really wanted to be in the school band. I can’t remember why, but I’d have to wait a couple of years until junior high when I started playing the French Horn. This is Mr. Loken’s 5th grade … (18 comments)

renton: I'm set for the week! - 08/05/15 06:12 AM
Wordless Wednesday: I’m set for the week!
It’s Tuesday! I’m on my way through town for home and swing by the Renton Farmer’s Market. Everything looks so good today! Fresh veggies, fruits and flowers all look so wonderful this week.
Fresh crispy organic apples from Wenatchee, Washington. A really nice variety including Honeycrisp, MacIntosh, and Granny Smith.
Now these are real carrots! Organic, no pesticides, grown in dirt! Just like Grandpa’s garden.
A huge selection of fresh flowers today! I love this Gladiolus Stargazer. That pistil is huge!
A wonderful selection of wines from Wilridge Winery... I tasted a few reds' and really liked the Estate … (21 comments)

renton: Wordless Wednesday: We're in the Parade! - 07/29/15 04:15 AM
Wordless Wednesday: We're in the Parade!
Some of my fondest memories as a kid were being in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. These young guys are obviously totally in the moment together and having the time of their lives.
 Renton River Days Parade, July 25, 2015, Renton, Washington.
If you’re not in the parade, you watch the parade. That’s life. ~ Mike Ditka

renton: CAR WASH - 07/24/15 04:44 AM
Do you remember the first time you went through a car wash? I was at the Brown Bear on Rainier in Renton this week. Hey it’s summertime and I had a bunch of dead bugs splattered across the windshield and real dusty, I’m thinking, “No way I can show up for my presentation tomorrow looking like this!”
As the attendant pops the big GO button and the roar and whir begin it triggers a memory of when my youngest daughter Paige was along for the first time. Her older siblings Shannon and Jeff had been through the car wash several times. For … (29 comments)

renton: end rally... - 07/23/15 01:59 AM
I was at the Return to Renton Car Show July 12th. I shared some photos in a post on the 14th at Return to Renton Car Show 2015 and I also shot a bunch of video that day. Of course the video took me a while to assemble...
It’s best viewed at full size so after you click play click the fullscreen button in the lower right corner... Or, simply go straight to YouTube: Return to Renton ... Also, best if you use headphones or have decent speaker setup... I love those throaty roars from the hot rods! I really enjoyed the variety … (7 comments)

renton: The New Renton Library over the River. - 07/18/15 07:19 AM
The Renton Library Renovation Project is almost complete...
I’ve been watching the progress on the Renton Library renovation since it started about a year ago. I drive by it all the time. Yesterday, July 17, 2015, I stopped take a few photos in the late afternoon. It’s nearly complete and the new opening is slated for August 22, 2015.
I confess I miss the old library, but I am the first to admit I really like this new version and look forward to seeing inside. I think it has a super clean look and I like some of the views of it from … (6 comments)

renton: Model A or B? - 07/14/15 03:21 AM
I had a great Sunday afternoon in downtown Renton, July 12, 2015. South 3rd Street, the main drag through downtown, was closed to traffic for the 25th Annual Return to Renton 2015 Car Show.
There was a great variety of cars to see (over 300 of them) from vintage antiques, muscle cars, roadsters, hotrods, a Maserati from the 80s, even a really cute little 1957 BMW Isetta 300.
After a few of us had some fun with Endre Barath, Jr.'s  photo posting incident, the Algos Parse Mystery on Activerain last week, the case was quickly solved by some of our members with keen internet … (13 comments)

renton: Return to Renton Car Show 2015 - 07/13/15 11:32 AM
The 25th Anniversary Return to Renton Car Show was a great success this weekend. I really had a great time looking at all the cars and talking to their owners.
I was amazed at how many of the car models that were there I remember seeing as a kid around town. I really liked the mix of totally tricked out hotrods to some really fabulous totally restored and stock models.
A few of my personal favorites were a 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe. This one touched my heart because one of the cars I learned to drive in was my Grandpa’s 1949 Chevy Business … (7 comments)

renton: You boys go outside and play! - 05/29/15 04:05 AM
We lived in the Renton Highlands in the 1950’s. Our neighborhood, The Projects, was up on the east hill and made up of little look alike government homes that were built in the early 1940s for the amazing influx of people who came here to work at Boeing and Paccar during World War II.
After the war they were available for purchase and Mom and Dad bought our first home in 1950/51 for about $1,000. I’m sure its size (about 750 square feet) and there being three energetic young boys in residence had a lot to do with the amount of time … (32 comments)

renton: Born to be Wild. - 05/07/15 01:37 PM
Throwback Thursdays: Born to be Wild...Wild probably isn’t the first thing one conjures up in their mind when they see an accordion. But hey, this was the 1950s...
Like father, like son, I had one of these strapped to me at @ 3 years old. I’m 4 here. I played the accordion into my teens. My dad was a little disappointed when I took up the guitar and embraced rock & roll. That’s when the wild side started to show up, around 1963.
Before the English Invasion, before Grunge, Psychedelic, Experimental Rock, or Heavy Metal we had Paul Revere and the Raiders, The … (18 comments)

renton: Update: The Library Over the River. - 03/21/15 05:28 AM
Update: The Library Over The River
We’re starting to see some real progress on the Renton Library over Cedar River this Friday, the first day of Spring 2015.

The new roof is up and sheathing curtains cover the outside walls. The new wall is nearing finishing touches on the north side of the building. This is a major remodel with all high energy-efficient systems. I’m looking forward to opening day. If they schedule stays on time it will be finished and open this summer.

I’ve posted about the downtown Renton library a few times over the past couple of … (11 comments)

renton: Danke Schoen... Live Music is Best! - 03/15/15 03:08 AM
I swung by the Whistle Stop Ale House in old downtown Renton last Friday evening to see some long time friends. I got a birthday text from Dave on Wednesday with an invite, “Stop by and we’ll buy you a B’day drink. John and I and the guys will be playing from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Should be fun!”
Normally by Friday evening I’m pretty played out and ready for some serious couch time. Like, “Yeah I crossed the finish line!”
So glad I chose to go. It was the Whistle Stop’s 20th anniversary celebration. Tonight’s configuration was the John Giuliani … (6 comments)

renton: A sunset's goodbye to 2014. - 01/03/15 03:33 AM

click to view full size image on Rene's Google+ Photos

renton: It's a small town Merry Christmas after all... - 12/12/14 09:27 AM
Back in the day, growing up in Renton, I remember Sunday drives in Grandpa’s 1949 Chevy Businessman’s Coupe. Leaving the Highlands, heading east for Issaquah I’d see the sign, “Renton, population 12,000.”
As it turns out, we didn’t need to move to the big city, it came to us. Renton is now about 100,000. Yet, depending on your vantage point and those of us who’ve been around these parts for a while, the small town is still there. If you look for it.
I'm on an errand run earlier this week and drove through downtown what a delightful surprise it was … (16 comments)

renton: Throwback Thursday - Flight of the Pegasus - 11/06/14 09:42 AM
1975, who remembers?
Before title, before real estate... before I even ever thought of owning a home of my own there was something else quite different. 1975 through 1977 was all about Pegasus.
We were totally a concept group. Dave Hoskin (percussion), Grant Stott (piano, vocals, bass), and myself (bass, guitar, vocals) we played many a gig together around town during those few short years.

What we played was very danceable, it was club music, yet we were more than that. We were driven to take it to the next level. Our rendition of the familiar tunes was … (12 comments)

renton: A Precious Family Treasure - 06/14/14 06:46 AM
Those of you that know me and my musings online know I like to write a lot about my local surroundings here in the Pacific Northwest. I also like to share technology and online resources I find and use and thoughts about the evolving social web.
But over the past two or three years especially, my online conversations about people and places, local events and history, and my travels have produced the most interesting discoveries, engagement, and opportunities for personal and business connections.
My conversations about the Renton Library, The Library over the River, got me a phone call from … (14 comments)

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