social media marketing: Two of my Favorite Tools... - 02/12/17 02:57 PM
Two of my Favorite Tools...
Aviary is a free photo editor... You can use it on your phone via the app for iPhone or Android, or go to the website The phone app has more features and add ons. I’m a fan of sites like Instagram so I’m always in need of an app that I can use to crop, adjust colors, and occasionally do a few special effects for mood and a little artistic flair.
I use it mostly on my iPhone 6 Plus. I love the fact that there is absolutely no entrapment scenarios. By that I mean, many apps … (13 comments)

social media marketing: How does one get here from there? - 06/24/16 08:18 AM
It comes up on occasion and kinda smacked me this past week. ;O) I’ve been all over the Puget Sound area all week from Seattle to Bellingham and busy enough that every time I took a minute to think about my next blog post, my brain was a total blank.
Well duh... Like I haven’t heard it before... “Life’s talking at you every waking minute of every day. Why not post what people actually ask you about.” I know, I know, obvious right? It’s too obvious someday’s yet still I blow right by those emerging thoughts. I’m obsessed it has to be … (25 comments)

social media marketing: Bee the one that makes a difference. - 06/19/16 08:54 AM
I have goals and work my plan. I have a strategy that’s constantly refined. I prioritize my time and double triple check my lists. And... I do feel a wonderful old school sense of accomplishment when I get to draw a line through that task completed.
As my morning coffee kicks in and I dive into the day I remind myself on the way out the door to KISS it! “Keep it stupid simple.” You got the plan, your itinerary in hand, now just do the day and have some fun with it. Regardless if I’m meeting with clients or coworkers, teaching … (16 comments)

social media marketing: Mobilecomcamp comes to Gig Harbor. - 01/12/16 12:10 AM
I’m headed over the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma to Gig Harbor this afternoon with my good friend and coworker Janet Matzke. Our (friendly reconnaissance) mission is to scout historic downtown Gig Harbor thinking it would be a great new location for our #mobilecomcamp 3 clock hour class.
Now that we're here and walking along Harborview Drive and looking over the shops and the boats in the marina, I know this is a perfect place for our class. It's so much of what I love about the Pacific Northwest. 
The class is about marketing your community, and that in fact is marketing you. I’m … (14 comments)

social media marketing: Wrapping it up for the year... - 12/13/15 01:57 AM
It’s been an amazing 2015 and already it seems I now find myself at the end of the year. Christmas is just two short weeks away and it’s time to wind things down. No more travel until mid January and now it's to finish up those year end projects that’ll be launched in 2016.
One of my important goals this year was to get a new class off the ground and build a program around it. I’ve been swimming in the social media pool since its inception and one of my passions is understanding how it’s changing everything and keeping up (or … (26 comments)

social media marketing: Social Media is best served with doodles and coffee. - 06/08/15 04:02 AM
One of the things I really enjoy about my work is the people! And I love the fact I’m out and about and we’re always up to something creative and interesting. I love brainstorming about marketing in the here and now with my coworkers and clients.
Some of the best times ever have been meetings at coffee shops and cafes. A morning get together over a good cup of Joe is one of my favorites. I like the social setting. For me it’s the perfect place to talk about online marketing concepts and social media strategies.
As much as I am a total … (17 comments)

social media marketing: Twitter laughs with Mac & Cheese - 05/27/15 04:35 AM
Okay, not so wordless this Wednesday. But the photo says more than I will...
I was in Spokane, Washington to teach a few classes May 14 and 15. One of the things I love to do is crack a few jokes before I start a conversation about Twitter... Many who don’t tweet do share a myth. “I don’t use Twitter. It doesn’t make any sense. Like why should I care what you had for lunch?”
Of course Twitter is much more than sharing photos of a meal, but I like starting the convo this way because it breaks the tension and gives us … (15 comments)

social media marketing: Spokane, children of the sun... - 05/26/15 08:46 AM
The indigenous people of the area, the Spokanes, date back about 13,000 years. They lived near Spokane Falls in what is now downtown Spokane hunting the abundant wild game, fishing for salmon and gathered plants, roots and berries in the nearby western foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
The European explorers and fur traders started showing up in 1810 and the first settlers J.J. Downing and S.R. Scranton established a claim here in 1871. The area really started growing when the Northern Pacific Railway reached Spokane in 1891 and the population rose to almost 37,000 by 1900.
My maternal grandfather, Harvey Larson, 24 at … (32 comments)

social media marketing: The #Hashtag - 03/09/15 07:48 AM
Who’d a thought a simple symbol like the pound sign followed by text would revolutionize the social web? But it did...
The “#” hashtag first showed up on Twitter back in 2007. Since then it has grown in popularity and you can use them on any social web platform like Instagram, Yelp, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. etc... You can also use them in your Activerain Blog and you can search hashtags using Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
What is a hashtag? Think context and category. When content purveyors (that’s you) use a hashtag in their post it makes the post easily … (34 comments)

social media marketing: January 2015 Meetups: The week is shaping up! - 01/19/15 03:42 AM
The week is shaping up! I'm so looking forward to two events this week!
This Thursday, January 22nd, 2015, I'll be co-hosting the Seattle Meetup with Charles Buell at one of our favorite haunts, the 14 Carrot Cafe, 2305 Eastlake Ave E. at 8:00 am...

And... Friday, January 23rd, 2015 with Paul Henderson at Johnny's at Fife, 2305 20th St E. Fife at 10:30 am.

Activerain Meetups are such a great opportunity to have face time with community, friends and neighbors. I'm really looking forward to some hang time with two I very much admire, Charlie and Paul. But I am really … (5 comments)

social media marketing: The Asynchronous Conversation, revisited - 12/10/10 10:28 AM
The Asynchronous Conversation, revisited...
The asynchronous online conversation is a lot like the ubiquitous dandelion seeds cast upon the electronic breeze that is cyberspace. They quietly reside dormant in the search engine index until the right conditions exist. We don’t know when, where, or how that will happen. Yet we do know if the search engines consider the seed on topic and relevant to the conversation, they will deliver that seed right up by its search terms and the dandelion will blossom once again.

It only takes one seed to start the whole amazing cycle over again.That is why online … (9 comments)

social media marketing: Social Media for business... It’s like driving a car... - 08/27/10 09:59 AM
You (should) keep your focus in front of you, be aware of what’s around you, and don’t forget to check your rearview mirror so you know what’s going on behind you.
When you first learn to drive a car it’s somewhat complicated. There are a lot of things to do and think about all at the same time. It takes repetition and experience before the tasks become more intuitive.
At the wheel you can’t day dream like a passenger. You don’t just gaze out the window to watch the world go by. That luxury is gone. Now you’re the navigator in … (6 comments)

social media marketing: Stop Freakin.... - 07/13/10 01:39 PM

I had a great social media marketing conversation in Spanaway this morning with some clients at Crescent Realty. We were talking about how search engines work, how to develop an online presence, and creating your own personal brand. It was a fun and lively conversation.
On the way back to the office I was replaying in my mind some of what we talked about when I came up next to the Beacon Plumbing Truck. How apropos. What a great example of what we were talking about. Beacon Plumbing is a familiar icon in the Puget Sound area. Instantly recognized and … (12 comments)

social media marketing: Social Media Marketing SEO and ROI with pictures... - 10/16/09 05:28 AM
Social Media Marketing SEO and ROI with pictures... By spending just a couple of extra minutes to tweak your picutres, you'll  increase your blogging SEO and ROI. Most readers will quickly eye scan the pictures on your blog post before reading and they will spend about 70% of their visit time looking at them. Regardless if they read your entire post or not the reader will remember how the picture made them feel longer than the details of what you talked about. Example... Fall in the Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite times of the year... Well I admit, every season … (22 comments)

social media marketing: You Sing the Perfect Song and I'll Make the Noise... - 10/13/09 04:21 PM
You sing the perfect song... and I'll make the noise. As adults, our willingness to jump right into something new is often held with a somewhat skeptic eye. We look before we leap. We make a lot of decisions very quickly when confronted with a new opportunity. Most of them based on why we shouldn't. There in lies our challenge. Social Media is all about our willingness to participate. It's about joining in online communities, making conversation, opening up and sharing. Bringing value, building trust, and paying forward.
René Fabre is well known for his innovative marketing programs. He is a sought … (5 comments)

social media marketing: Bye Bye... Summer 2009 - 10/02/09 11:53 AM
I can’t believe it's already one week ago today I woke up in Cannon Beach, Oregon on a sunny beautiful Friday morning. I was on the Oregon coast last Thursday and Friday for a couple of great social media marketing workshops with real estate professionals in Tillamook and Seaside. 
When we finished in Tillamook Thursday afternoon we headed up coastal Highway 101 to Cannon Beach. I was working both days with my good friend Julie Olsen, Ticor Title - Marketing Director for Clatsop and Tillamook Counties. Like all great sales reps I've worked with through the years, she knows only one speed... … (8 comments)

social media marketing: Keeping your online presence manageable and in step - part 2 of 3 - 09/30/09 01:16 PM
It’s important that we aren’t just blowing our own horn all the time. When we participate through conversation in communities like Active Rain we’re not only creating relationship with each other, we’re building a rapport with the search engines. Our relevance on line is greatly influenced by others chiming in about us.

In part one... keeping-your-online-presence-manageable-and-in-step-part-1 
we talked about the ubiquitous way of social media marketing. Here in part two we’ll continue this line of inquiry and talk about how the dynamics of group can bolster your ranking.
There’s power in numbers!
Simply put, search engines like Google are … (8 comments)

social media marketing: My work here is done... I'm heading home. - 08/02/09 12:37 PM

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