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I develop Fill-in-the-blanks PDF Flyer Templates. The Best Kept Secrete In Real Estate Marketing -
Pretty awesome! It was due time that someone would invent this. Imagine, no more messy booty basket at the door!  
 Curious to know which you use or prefer for taking listing photos: DSLR camera or Mobile Phone/Pad Camera? Which is better in terms of convenience and/or quality? I find myself using my mobile more often, curious to know your thoughts.     
"It's alive... It's alive!" -- Frankenstein  Oh wow... months of dev and working with Edwin. Finally, Pipeline is up an running. We produced a demo/pitch video for it (see below). Time to work on some UX and make this puppy more sexy.  
Hey ARainers! Rey, Edwin, and I have been working on a new project this past year; hence, why I've been MIA for a while.  We're calling our new project Pipeline ( and I wanted to get some feedback and opinons on it. So, if you got a second, check it out and let me k...
Per fellow agent requests, we just hand crafted a new Patriot Flyer Template Kit! Perfect for the next few holidays! We created a full "Template Kit" which includes your: standard listing flyer + back page flyer with additional room for photos + an Announcement flyer, simple flyer used for advert...
Hi A/R members! It've been quite busy in these past few month developing my brand new Marketing Templates! BUT FINALLY... I have completed and now am going LIVE with my new RE-USABLE Real Estate Marketing Flyer Templates! Available on our site at If you are new to my posts.....
Nothing is more time consuming than creating a flyer from scratch, especially now since the market is so HOT! Every second counts! When you need a flyer in a hurry... there is nothing better than using Real Estate Flyer Templates. Templates do about 95% of the workload for you... all you would ha...
 "I totally forgot about my Open House this weekend!!! I Need Some Last Minute Marketing...NOW!"Hey, we can get busy juggling thousands of tasks around each day and blank on our upcoming open houses. We've all been there (if you haven't, trust me you will one day)...When your in a bind or given s...
  Ok, you've finally realized how important participating in social media is for your business; and now you'd like to begining adding social to your overall marketing mix. Before you begin it's important to set realistic expectations, understand the purpose of social media, and start off on the r...
    I used to carry a day planner with me everywhere I went. Now I rely on my smartphone. Thanks to these three Apps I'm an organization machine! Here are the three most important apps for my business:    Evernote. I take a lot of notes. To manage all my notes I use a nifty app called Evernote, ...

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