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Was digging through my YouTube videos and found this... I was just learning how to create videos then! It's my speed test demonstration on How To Create A Real Estate Flyer in 3 Minutes using our templates. Check out the nifty pop-ups!
In today’s world of breakthrough technology it’s easier than ever to stay connected. Laptops, Blackberries, and iPhone’s combined with social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter provide business professionals (especially real estate agents) with powerful tools to not only establish man...
  Ocean Flier... Included on both Starter and Top Producer Set Great for listings that have a coast view or on the coastal side of the US. Original background photo Laguna Beach during the summer. Each photo is framed with a white border and a neat photo shade effect that makes the pictures look...
By: Reuben Fine ( It is typical, in this economy, that homes may remain for sale in the market in excess of 6 to 8 months or more. There is a huge reduction in qualified buyers due to uncertainty of the market and a sudden increase in unemployment. The good buyers ar...
  Times are tough right now. The economy is in the pits and deal flow is harder to come by and more unpredictable. We're forced to trim cost, streamline our business, and watch cash-flow. One of the major ways we can streamline and conserve is by taking on more labor intensive tasks. Some agents...
      Hi... looking for some help and reviews of my product... Turn-Key Flyer Templates.   Simply need you to try a few templates and let me know what you think. In exchange, you will get my Top Producer Template Set for FREE! ($29 value)... our best, top selling, and most valueable template kit....
  Here's another Real Estate Flier we created. It's called the Red Satin. Great as: Listing Fliers Open House Fliers Exclusive Listings Private Property Listings   Reuben Really Easy Real Estate Flyer Templates
  Ahhh... the Orchid real estate flyer. This was on of my original designs. I've taken it out of a few packages I used to have in the past, but seems most agents really like this one so I've kept it in... It's almost 7 years old!   Uses: Just Listed Current Listing Open House Just Sold Reduced  ...
ONE PHOTO REAL ESTATE FLYER (SHOTGUN FLYER) Great For: Last minute real estate flyer for a "pick-up" open house Quick Real Estate Flyer for price changes Supplemental Real Estate flyer (when you run out of flyers) Instant take home flyer for your prospective buyer clients I was approached by a c...
  4 Photo layout with a larger descriptive text and highlight features on top. So far one of my favorite real estate flyers. Took about 10 hours to create...   Available on my website:   Reuben Chief Designer - Real Estate Flyer Templat...

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