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Adding PAZAZZ to your Real Estate Flyers!     Adding "Style" to your property content makes your property POP... BOLD Italics and Underline are a few examples of how to enhance your flyer copy... here is how to add "PAZAZZ" to your flyers: 1. Select the text you would like to add Styling to. 2. R...
Adding or replacing photos and logos couldn't get any easier. Here are the steps: 1. Hover over the photo area you wish to add or replace. 2. Double click the photo/area. 3. Find your photo and select "insert" Tada! You are done! Notice how your photo is automaticially adjusted to fit within the...
Adding text to our flyer templates is VERY EASY here are the steps: 1. Type directly onto the text area!!! That is it! Just one step! Below is a demonstration video where I walk you though how to add text step-by-step.
Seems there are many homeowners choosing to walk away from their mortgages. I know 5 people personally that have decided to pack up and turn their backs on thier homes... I just stumbled on this artcle about this subject on the NYT... It's a good read...   John Courson, president and C.E.O. of th...
Do you make the list? Here are the top 3 Over Priced Suberbs in California according the forbes. West 1. Santa Monica, Calif. Median home price: $1.05 million Median household income: $61,423 Gross income to buy house: 17.1 years Part of the Los Angeles metro area, Santa Monica has a wide range o...
Marketing templates are easiest and fastest way to market your listing! With the right templates you present a professional yet custom image to your clients and prospects. Templates are like SHORT-CUTS in marketing saving you about an hour or more, and hundreds of dollars! Not to mention the head...

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