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Need a bit more SEO juice to kick you to the top of Google? There's a quick, simple, and easy way to add some keyword backlink SEO juice via your LinkedIn account that a majority (close to 98%) of agents don't know about. It's simple, easy, and almost so obvious you'll probably say "duh why didn'...
It is important for home sellers to remember to put something in the buyer’s hands. Its hard to put a house in their hands though. But it is very easy to highlight the best features of a home onto a convenient  real estate flyer. However, flyers aren't a place for a "data-dump" but rather a remi...
I totally understand protecting IP and copyright; but to propose a bill to censor the internet??? How much more greedier can you get. PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo. Real estate agents are fairly distant in this matter, but what are you thoughts? Should w...
I used to sit in awe watching the IT people blaze through my computer, rifle through the files, and manipulate the web like an Indian Snake Charmer. Speed and efficiency is the name of the game. The secret to their success is their ability to use "Shortcuts." If you play close enough attention, ...
Why do you keep chasing business?   Image and perceptions is probably the single most important factor in your real estate success. If your prospects and clients don’t see you as the expert, you can kiss any business or referrals goodbye! Let’s face it; the real estate market is one of the most ...
  Networking 101: Networking is one of the best ways to open doors of opportunity. The number and quality of contacts that you make and maintain throughout your career will be crucial to your  success in real estate and beyond. In fact, your "network" or "book of business" is probably the most va...
Lunch discussion yesterday after the broker meeting turned into a 2 hour discussion about who's the best Republican candidate to out-seat Obama and, if so, how's that going to positively/negatively affect the housing and financing industries. I don't know what it's like in other parts of the nati...
When you strip away the "spin/fluff" from the "news" all they are saying is "-----." LOL. Very funny video from the Onion News. Caution, this is not totally safe for work so keep the volume down. =) -- enjoy
Staying on top of your Social Media is more important than you think.Social media portals that connect with our customers and clients like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming the hub for Q&A.  According to Conversocial, a social media management application, 49.5% off social media user...
I love movies, as most people, but I especially love it when a movie motivates me to get off my rear-end and get to work! Sometimes inspiration, motivation, and education isn't always learned from books or classes, their taught through the silver screen.Here are a few of my favorite movies and sh...

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