mac flyer templates: Marketing is a piece of cake! - 12/31/12 12:38 PM
Too often we place too much emphasis on one layer of real estate marketing. Right now it's Social Media; but socail media is only one layer of a effective marketing cake.
It's like having a wedding cake made of only icing; no fluffy vanilla cake, no cream frosting, no strawberry filling... etc. Icing by itself is awesome! But relying on icing alone won't make for an tasty cake. 
Effective and impactful marketing encompasses online-offiline, new-traditional, guerilla-conventional marketing tactics. But all together, you've got yourself one awesome marketing campaign strategy.
So, this real estate season, make sure you're hitting all aspect of … (11 comments)

mac flyer templates: Turn-Key Flyer Real Estate Listing Templates... Yes, They're That Easy - 09/29/12 02:26 AM

Hi ActiveRainers, my name is Reuben Fine. I've been a member of ActiveRain since around 2009. I've worked in real estate for over 10 years, starting off as an marketing assistant and later moving into a Marketing Director role for a large National Brokerage firm. Graphics and design come natural and easy to me, but it's not the case for the majority of agents I worked with. At most, MS Word clipart was the extent of a real estate agents' graphic abilities!... I wanted to change that. I tried hosting graphic design workshops and one-on-one training. I even attempted to … (10 comments)

mac flyer templates: Comment on the Comments - 11/16/11 04:58 PM
There's only one more valuable key to social media than "comments"...
It's "commenting on the comments!" Sounds weird to you? Let me explain:
People Just Want To Be Loved
It's human nature: people feel good when they're recognized publicly. Doesn't it feel good when you do something nice for a friend and they turn around and tell their other friends how nice you are. The same goes for the virtual space. 
Taking time out of your day to read and post a comment on someone's blog takes a bit of effort and thought. How many times have you wrote a comment … (15 comments)

mac flyer templates: Co-Branding Logo-Mashups and Co-Theme: Best of Both Worlds - 11/08/11 10:20 AM
Branding is a huge part of you're business and should be through of strategically. Some Brokers give you full creative freedom to market and sell yourself; others, prefer you follow their set guidelines. Who right? We'll, no one! Brand building isn't an All or Nothing game. Why not compromise? There are two ways to get this done: Logo-Mashup or Co-Theme your Marketing.

Logo Mashups is combining your personal and broker's brand logos in a cohesive way.  If done correctly it adds value to both you and your broker's brand image. I've helped a few agents do this … (2 comments)

mac flyer templates: Get Guerrilla Style! - 11/02/11 03:13 AM

Getting people to show up to this weekend’s Open House can be a hit-or-miss. You can’t simply rely on Craigslist or Facebook anymore; so how do you get people to come? You’ve got to get “guerrilla!” There’s a great book called “Guerilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business.” It’s an awesome book for quick and non-conventional marketing; which is what we need to compete in this new real estate market. Here’s a few tactics you can deploy for this weekends
Open House: Post flyers at local shops – Starbucks is the #1 place … (6 comments)

mac flyer templates: How to make a PDF real estate flyer (Step-by-Step) - 08/11/11 05:26 AM
Do you remember when making listing flyers consists of taping photos to piece of paper then having them Xeroxed in black and white? If you think about it, this was how agents made flyers about 10-12 years ago. Technology has advanced since then. New breakthroughs in PDF technology has open the doors to new ways in creating listing flyers and making marketing easier, faster, and more convenient. In this tutorial I'm going to walk you through step-by-step on how to create a listing flyer using TurnKeyFlyers PDF templates. We'll make a "Just Listed" flyer; this is what it will look like:

mac flyer templates: How Would You Like Double or Book Style Flyer Templates? - 08/08/11 07:02 AM

You can make killer Single, Double, or even Book Style (Pamphlet) marketing for your property.
What I like about working with Pages is the versatility and range of document templates I can make. I never realized how dynamic Pages really is until I dove in and started really checking out the built-in features. It's like a scaled-down version of Adobe InDesign but 50X easier to use.
What this means for agents is that I can create a very wide variety of layouts all on one document. So far, one theme has 7 unique template layouts. By having this … (0 comments)

mac flyer templates: Real Estate Flyers for Mac Users? Yup... Coming soon! - 07/28/11 02:21 AM
It sucks that Mac users get the short end of the stick when it comes to marketing tools and templates that work on their Macs. I personally use a Mac and trying to find real estate specific templates that work on the native Pages app is near impossible. So Rey and I got to work and decided to end this once and for all... We're still weeks away from the launch but we're too excited to keep in a secret. Keep your eyes peeled because we're about to launch the first ever comprehensive Real Estate Flyer Template designed specifically to … (2 comments)