real estate flyers: The Pipeline Works! - 03/15/16 08:30 AM
"It's alive... It's alive!" -- Frankenstein 
Oh wow... months of dev and working with Edwin. Finally, Pipeline is up an running. We produced a demo/pitch video for it (see below). 
Time to work on some UX and make this puppy more sexy. 

real estate flyers: My new real estate flyer project - 09/02/15 11:05 AM
Hey ARainers! Rey, Edwin, and I have been working on a new project this past year; hence, why I've been MIA for a while.  We're calling our new project Pipeline ( and I wanted to get some feedback and opinons on it. So, if you got a second, check it out and let me know what you think. 
The object was to "automate" real estate marketing for each property and make it easier to get stuff done. 
If you have a moment, take a look. We are still working on it, but it's good to show and demo now. 
Would love your feedback! 


real estate flyers: New Patriot Flyer Template Kit - 05/08/14 11:02 AM
Per fellow agent requests, we just hand crafted a new Patriot Flyer Template Kit! Perfect for the next few holidays!
We created a full "Template Kit" which includes your: standard listing flyer + back page flyer with additional room for photos + an Announcement flyer, simple flyer used for advertising your Open House, Just Listed, or even Just Sold listing, + a supporting flyer which allows you to display up to 12 additional listings! This is awesome for open houses, perfect as a "conversation starter", and buyers just LOVE it!
I hope you all like them.


real estate flyers: When You Need A Flyer FAST! - 06/29/13 02:17 AM
Nothing is more time consuming than creating a flyer from scratch, especially now since the market is so HOT! Every second counts!
When you need a flyer in a hurry... there is nothing better than using Real Estate Flyer Templates.
Templates do about 95% of the workload for you... all you would have to do is add your content like photos and descriptions. It's as easy as Filling-In-The-Blanks, and who would want that, right?
There are a few choices when it comes to Real Estate Flyers... develop your own, contract a designer, or you can try pre-made Fill-In-The-Blank Templates.
Turn-Key Flyers has … (9 comments)

real estate flyers: How TO Make A Last Minute Open House Flyer In Less Than 10 minutes. - 06/21/13 10:47 AM
"I totally forgot about my Open House this weekend!!! I Need Some Last Minute Marketing...NOW!"
Hey, we can get busy juggling thousands of tasks around each day and blank on our upcoming open houses. We've all been there (if you haven't, trust me you will one day)...
When your in a bind or given short notice for an open house, I have the perfect 'Turn-Key' solution that will help you create custom looking flyers that will impress your sellers and buyers. From start to finish,5-8 minutes, AND without any design software or graphic design skills... I guarantee it!
Here, watch this:
Hi, my name is … (22 comments)

real estate flyers: Need A Flyer In A Hurry??? Possibly for a new open house this weekend - 04/17/13 09:35 AM
Need A Flyer In A Hurry??? Possibly for a new listing or open house this weekend... check this out... Watch this

You can make these Listing flyers right now here

Go here to learn more and to make your flyer NOW! … (0 comments)

real estate flyers: How to direct FB comments to your PAGE! - 04/15/13 12:18 PM
Facebook has a little known setting called "Use Facebook as...", which I'm noticing many agents are not taking advantage of.
If you comment, like, or interact on Facebook your profile is linked. When people want to learn more about you, chances are they end up on your "personal" profile rather than your "business page." This is because you are using Facebook as [Your Personal Profile], however, you can change this setting and get more people directed to your Business Page with one simple click. Here's how to do it:
Open the Admin Panel in your Business Page. Then select Manage. … (118 comments)

real estate flyers: Here, Try this Real Estate Flyer Template Sample For Yourself - 04/10/13 12:11 AM

We've got a lot of request from fellow AR members asking for "test samples" of our templates, so they can get better understanding of our "Fill-in-the-blanks" technology.
We just recently added a sample template, which can be downloaded here (for free - no obligation): Turn-Key Flyers Sample Flyer
  The purpose of offering a flyer sample is to give our prospective customer a chance to test, feel, and see if our templates are a good fit for their businesses.    Give it a shot and test out our template for yourself!   Below is a "walk-through" guide on How to … (2 comments)

real estate flyers: What Buyers Want Now: Walkability, Pizza, or Love? - 04/08/13 01:05 AM

Want better marketing results?
Is your real estate marketing failing to make the cut?
Could it be that your marketing is missing the mark because you have been misled by the competition in the media as to what today’s home buyers really care about the most?
There is a ton of talk on the web about walkability going on, and many Realtors have taken advice on this, only to completely water down their marketing efforts and focus on serving up information on everything from the best pizza joints to where to get the cheapest beer in town instead of … (0 comments)

real estate flyers: The Single Most Valuable Email You Can Ever Send… - 04/07/13 03:07 PM

What’s the most valuable and profitable email marketing message you can ever send as a Realtor?
Despite positive signs in the housing market many real estate agents are sabotaging their futures in the industry and dooming themselves to a career always just a few weeks away from having to resort to flipping burgers to make ends meet.
Whether you are flush with incoming leads right now or not this is the time to secure your long term success.
There is a huge pool of qualified buyers and even more interested home buyers out there not being capitalized on … (0 comments)

real estate flyers: How to Add 10,000 New Email Subscribers in 2 Weeks - 04/03/13 11:28 AM

Winning in the real estate game today is all about building a direct marketing list. So how can you add 10k new names to your list in the next 14 days?
Listing homes, selling them fast, maximizing marketing ROI, and even building a real estate brand you can sell for millions is all about the list today.
Sadly many fall for all types of overly complex, extremely time consuming and expensive pitches for products and services and strategies for real estate list building that yield incredibly poor results.
Yes, buying lists has become ridiculously expensive and … (2 comments)

real estate flyers: The 7 Must Haves on A Listing Flyer - 03/09/13 02:47 AM
They seem easy and straight forward, but why do they seem so difficult to make? Well, 9/10 times it’s because we overthink our marketing. Whenever I get stuck I always revert to the basics, and when listing a new property the basics start with a flyers.
Today, I’m going to breakdown a listing flyer to its most essential components. Doing so has helped to focus and create flyers that sell listings and impress clients.
The flyer has 7 core sections: (1) Header & Sub-headline, (2) Address, (3) Price, (4) Property Description, (5) Bullet Points, (6) Agent Contact, and (7) Advertising Disclaimer. … (26 comments)

real estate flyers: We love it! Thanks for the 5 Stars! - 03/04/13 05:45 AM
 Thank you to all that recently reviewed our templates. I and our entire graphic, programming, and support teams truly appreciate the love, support, and shout-out!
You can read more updated review on the ActiveRain Product Review section here:
Thank you again!

real estate flyers: How to convert your listing flyer into an Open House flyer! - 02/22/13 03:58 AM
 Simple, change the headline to OPEN HOUSE!
So you want to customize or change the headline of the flyer for your next Open House but don’t want to go through the trouble of creating a whole new flyer. Take your existing listing flyer and simply change the headline to read OPEN HOUSE. Tad-da! You’ve got your self a new Open House flyer, all done within 5 seconds. This is a quick and simple way to repurpose your existing listing flyer and present a more custom/tailored presentation that your clients and prospects will find impressive.
Here’s how you do it: Open your … (2 comments)

real estate flyers: Point Click - Fill In The Blanks - 02/02/13 05:52 AM

Demo on our Point-Click Fill-In the blanks technology. We simply opened the template in Adobe Reader, clicked on the text, and changed it. 

Photos are the same way. Point, click, find your photo, and add it.
All the coding and magic is already built into each template making them very streamlined and simple to use. … (0 comments)

real estate flyers: This Year Eliminate Time and Stress… - 01/01/13 01:12 AM

This year is the year to work more efficient and effectively; a time to focus on promoting personal brand, and steamling business. One easy way to do this is by streamlining and developing semi-custom flyers. Real estate flyers are the cornerstone to an complete marketing campaign to promote, advertise, and sell listings. But DARN-IT, they can be such a PAIN to create from scratch... Computer software, On-line logins, and graphic design...eeek!
Even for professional graphic designers, the task of creating flyers can be frustrating; but there is a secret weapon the pros have: TEMPLATES!
With new advancements … (5 comments)

real estate flyers: Marketing is a piece of cake! - 12/31/12 12:38 PM
Too often we place too much emphasis on one layer of real estate marketing. Right now it's Social Media; but socail media is only one layer of a effective marketing cake.
It's like having a wedding cake made of only icing; no fluffy vanilla cake, no cream frosting, no strawberry filling... etc. Icing by itself is awesome! But relying on icing alone won't make for an tasty cake. 
Effective and impactful marketing encompasses online-offiline, new-traditional, guerilla-conventional marketing tactics. But all together, you've got yourself one awesome marketing campaign strategy.
So, this real estate season, make sure you're hitting all aspect of … (11 comments)

real estate flyers: Your Social Marketing is USELESS without this… - 11/17/12 02:17 AM
There is a new term being thrown around business in the past few years...
It's called "CONTENT MARKETING"... 
Let's break down each word and how this pertains to your real estate business and how without CONTENT MARKETING your social media marketing efforts are practically useless...
CONTENT (n): is information and experiences that may provide value for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Marketing (n): is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. It is an integrated process through which companies create … (48 comments)

real estate flyers: UNDO SEND FEATURE in Gmail -- A Life Saver! - 11/16/12 03:52 AM
There's a lot of chatter and news lately about 'email' brain farts; Sending out emails to unintended recipients happens, but I'm here to help you save yourself from embarrassment and business suicide! Introducing the UNDO SEND feature (or as I call it, the "panic button" for all you Gmail users!
Activating this feature gives you a 10, 20, or even 30 seconds email cancellation buffer!!!
Imagine how many times you wished to have this feature, right?
Here's how to turn it on!
Go into your Gmail account and access your "settings"

Find the LABS tab and scroll down (it's … (1 comments)

real estate flyers: Too Much Facebook Is Bad Business - 11/05/12 12:05 AM

Like anything "good" in life, too much of a GOOD thing can be bad! This is cannot be more true with social media; AND, I'm not alone in saying so, even Facebook agrees!
In a moment of clarity, Facebook itself posted the above picture and caption. Either this is a the biggest blunder in Socail Media history or the most insightful thing Facebook has said since its explosive growth; I think the later. 
This is more than just Facebook, it's social media as a whole! And, sorry to say it, ActiveRain included. 
We all understand the power and leverage … (3 comments)