real estate marketing: Gun Giveaways: Developing Your Referral Own Militia - 04/12/13 03:59 PM
Want to grow your band of loyal referral sources?
Is it time you weighed into the big gun debate?
Despite the advantages and power of personal branding many Realtors are terrified of offending anyone with their marketing
Instead of standing up for anything they believe in, or voicing any opinions they water it all down to try and appeal to everyone and end up letting what could be a blossoming and intensely loyal mass of referral ‘agents’ slip through their fingers.
Savvy, top producing agents that go on claiming the most sales on the other hand see the value in … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: What Buyers Want Now: Walkability, Pizza, or Love? - 04/08/13 01:05 AM

Want better marketing results?
Is your real estate marketing failing to make the cut?
Could it be that your marketing is missing the mark because you have been misled by the competition in the media as to what today’s home buyers really care about the most?
There is a ton of talk on the web about walkability going on, and many Realtors have taken advice on this, only to completely water down their marketing efforts and focus on serving up information on everything from the best pizza joints to where to get the cheapest beer in town instead of … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Your Social Marketing is USELESS without this… - 11/17/12 02:17 AM
There is a new term being thrown around business in the past few years...
It's called "CONTENT MARKETING"... 
Let's break down each word and how this pertains to your real estate business and how without CONTENT MARKETING your social media marketing efforts are practically useless...
CONTENT (n): is information and experiences that may provide value for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Marketing (n): is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. It is an integrated process through which companies create … (48 comments)

real estate marketing: Tech/Social Overload, How I'm Trying To Stay Focused - 09/17/12 05:15 AM

In today’s world of breakthrough technology it’s easier than ever to stay connected. 
Laptops, Blackberries, and iPhone’s combined with social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter provide business professionals (especially real estate agents) with powerful tools to not only establish many new relationships but also to stay up to date with those relationships on a consistent basis.Although these new methods of staying in touch may provide new opportunities for expanding our personal network, they also present many challenges when it comes to staying productive and focusing our energy into activities that really improve our business and our lives. 
For … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: "I’ve heard of you. You’re the REALTOR® who …" - 09/01/12 05:42 AM
How to develop your Unique Service Proposition (USP)!
A solid and clear USP will get YOU noticed, help your clients' 'pitch' YOU, and get prospects to remember YOU above everyone else!
A unique service proposition (USP) is a simple, concise statement of how you differ from your peers in the industry and what this means to your clients.
In the competitive world of real estate, it’s important that you have a USP that cuts through the clutter and positions you as the REALTOR® of choice in your market.
To identify and define your USP, look first … (8 comments)

real estate marketing: Hey, How Did You Do That With Your Fanpage?!? - 08/21/12 05:05 AM
Amazingly enough, with the amount of people (900,000,000+) users of facebook - there are still many people that are not aware of some of the awesome features that are available to us to use for our business.
Today we want to show you something that many people often ask "How Did You Do That To Your Fanpage?"
What I mean is how can you add customized pages inside your current Fanpage for Your Real Estate Business.
We created this short 5 minute video showing you exactly how you can do it, how you can set it up and start using this … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: There is no substitute for foot traffic... - 08/15/12 01:03 PM

I remember the time of plopping a few open house arrows on the major cross streets, planting a handful of flags, opening the door, and receiving a healthy amount of traffic. Those were the days!!
Unfortunately, with so much technology: virtual tours, high resolution wide angle photos, and digital layouts, plus the softening of the economy, open house traffic has nearly evaporated! Buyers now have the ability to preview a home without ever stepping into it. Sure this may be convenient for buyers, but it's devastating for us agents who rely on that face-to-face connection and relationship!
There will never … (12 comments)

real estate marketing: More Than An Open House... Make It A Social Event - 08/15/12 09:34 AM

You = An Open House Rock Star
As I'm sure that you are aware Facebook has become much more than a social media tool for people to be able to use for sharing pictures and sharing information with their friends and family.
Facebook has primarily taken over as the premier source for businesses marketing their brands on the web. It’s rare to see a commercial on TV that shows the web address of their company, instead you see a url for their facebook business page.
There are so many ways to use facebook to your advantage as a Real … (7 comments)

real estate marketing: Less is More and Niche is Big - 04/12/12 01:47 AM
The thing that makes American business much more successful than other business in the world can come down to one factor: "specialization."
In general, "specialists" are rewarded more so than "generalists." Following my cake analogy theme, let's say you where shopping for your Wedding Cake. Would you go to the supermarket baker? What's wrong with that? They bake a lot of cakes and they know how to do it all; afterall, they make a killer Spider Man cake for your nephew's birthday!
The supermarket baker is a generalist. He/she knows how to make cakes; but what you need is a … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: A Slick LinkedIn SEO Trick to Boost Ranking - 01/25/12 09:30 AM
Need a bit more SEO juice to kick you to the top of Google? There's a quick, simple, and easy way to add some keyword backlink SEO juice via your LinkedIn account that a majority (close to 98%) of agents don't know about. It's simple, easy, and almost so obvious you'll probably say "duh why didn't I think of that?" Here's the tick:
Simply use your target Keyword in your website links on your profile page!

Here is a step by step on how to do it:
Phase 1: Go into your "Website" links and choose the edit. 9/10 your … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: BECOME A KEYBOARD SNAKE CHARMER - 01/17/12 06:53 AM

I used to sit in awe watching the IT people blaze through my computer, rifle through the files, and manipulate the web like an Indian Snake Charmer. Speed and efficiency is the name of the game. The secret to their success is their ability to use "Shortcuts." If you play close enough attention, you'll see they don't touch the mouse often. In fact, Deep, an IT master guru at my office, flips the mouse up-side-down and relies solely on the keyboard shortcuts. It takes years of practice to perfect shortcuts but understanding a few basic shortcut commands can help … (2 comments)

real estate marketing: Why Do You Keep Chasing Business? - 01/12/12 04:00 PM

Why do you keep chasing business?  
Image and perceptions is probably the single most important factor in your real estate success. If your prospects and clients don’t see you as the expert, you can kiss any business or referrals goodbye! Let’s face it; the real estate market is one of the most competitive markets to be in. You face competition from all angles. So how does one compete with so many similar agents selling the same houses? There are two battlefields you can compete in: Service and Expertise.
Of the two, the most valuable and competitive asset … (5 comments)

real estate marketing: Top 5 basic networking tips to build, maintain, and retain your connections. - 01/11/12 11:55 AM
Networking 101: Networking is one of the best ways to open doors of opportunity. The number and quality of contacts that you make and maintain throughout your career will be crucial to your  success in real estate and beyond. In fact, your "network" or "book of business" is probably the most valueable part of your business; without it you're nothing.
Formal networking events, education and training classes, social gatherings and industry functions are all great opportunities to meet new people and/or further relations with those you know. Here are the Top 5 basic networking tips to build, maintain, and retain … (4 comments)

real estate marketing: Market Yourself--Market Your Properties - 06/16/11 04:59 AM

As a new real estate agent, you have two important marketing objectives: A) Marketing yourselfand gaining brand recognition for your business; and B) Marketing the properties you’re listingfor clients.Your UVP: A key first step, before you put any marketing messages out into the ether, is todevelop your unique value proposition (UVP). A unique value proposition is a little riff aboutwhat makes your business special and distinct, what sets you apart from your competitors. Aneffective UVP describes what you do in terms of specific, tangible results and tells yourcustomers why they should use your services.In addition, your UVP serves as a … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: Great Quotes Inspire the Day... - 05/17/11 10:42 AM

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark TwainBeautiful isn’t it?A great quote inspire and give you that ‘umph’ you need to challenge the day. It’s a lifetime of wisdom wrapped-up in a simple sentence. A great quote can be worth more than gold and serve as a beacon to aspire to. A great quote can instantly transform your view of yourself – and your view of reality.So what’s the most profound quote you’ve heard? Do you have a favorite?Let’s create a great collection to share.

real estate marketing: You're a Short Sale Specialist... What a Small World, me too! - 05/16/11 01:08 PM
Where do we draw the line when it comes to positioning? For the past 2 months my custom flyer business has been booming; however, I've noticed a very odd trend. I'd say 80-90% of the agents I make flyers for all have the same or very similar position statement that reads something like:
John Smith - Short sale, REO, or Area specialist
After the 30th agent this starts to sound pretty rediculous. I'd understand if an agent really did specialize in short sales before the short sale was popular, but it seems now it's just an over used keyword … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: I'm Not Charging Enough?? - 04/28/10 03:00 AM
I think I've come to a realization that... "maybe my customer's know something I don't??" Today I finished up a conversation with a local Realtor discussing a few FAQs about the flyer templates and a question came up - which comes up quite often (raised eyebrow)...
"How do you guys stay in business charging $9.95 and $29.95?" I get this question about once or twice a week but never really had the time to analyze it in depth until now. Looking deeper:
Do my customers feel bad that I'm charging only $9.95 and $29.95? Should I be charging more? Am I … (1 comments)

real estate marketing: All New iPhone 3G [S] ... - 06/09/09 06:32 AM
Yesterday, Apple annouced to all it's customer that they will be releasing the all new Apple iPhone 3G [S]... Tons faster and with many new advanced features! Here watch the youtube video: This is especially exciting because the communication uses for your R/E business are AWESOME! Just imagine... You visit a broker preview home that you are sure your client would love! Now with the 3GS you can take pictures and VIDEO and send it via TEXT message and EMAIL! How cool is that!? Reuben | | ReUsable / Plug and Play Flyer Templates! … (0 comments)

real estate marketing: 5 JUMP START Tips for Starting Your Real Estate Business - 06/09/09 06:15 AM
I'm adapting and adding these tips I read at the website:
5 Tips to Jump Start a New Business By Christine Banning, SCORE VP Corporate Relations
Create a brand. Spend a little money to create a professional logo, business card and stationery. Present a professional image. Start with a simple logo. Don't get too complex with this it could be as simple as your Initials. Ramp up Online. Make creating a Web site a top priority. A Web site is today’s calling card. You really shouldn’t do without one. Give people a place to go to learn about your business. … (0 comments)