realestate flyers: Don't thank me... - 11/20/12 08:17 AM

... thank my team! There is no such thing as a "one-man or one-woman" show. Real estate or any business requires the skills, expertise, and hard work of teams... without them you fail.
 I define a team as anyone I call upon to help me improve my business. That means my favorite go-to local donut baker who supplies me with fresh donuts for open houses, the friendly Kinko staff that gets last minute listing packages done when I'm in a rush, and it includes my family who support, encourage, and promote me through thick and thin.
The point is, your … (37 comments)

realestate flyers: UNDO SEND FEATURE in Gmail -- A Life Saver! - 11/16/12 03:52 AM
There's a lot of chatter and news lately about 'email' brain farts; Sending out emails to unintended recipients happens, but I'm here to help you save yourself from embarrassment and business suicide! Introducing the UNDO SEND feature (or as I call it, the "panic button" for all you Gmail users!
Activating this feature gives you a 10, 20, or even 30 seconds email cancellation buffer!!!
Imagine how many times you wished to have this feature, right?
Here's how to turn it on!
Go into your Gmail account and access your "settings"

Find the LABS tab and scroll down (it's … (1 comments)

realestate flyers: Too Much Facebook Is Bad Business - 11/05/12 12:05 AM

Like anything "good" in life, too much of a GOOD thing can be bad! This is cannot be more true with social media; AND, I'm not alone in saying so, even Facebook agrees!
In a moment of clarity, Facebook itself posted the above picture and caption. Either this is a the biggest blunder in Socail Media history or the most insightful thing Facebook has said since its explosive growth; I think the later. 
This is more than just Facebook, it's social media as a whole! And, sorry to say it, ActiveRain included. 
We all understand the power and leverage … (3 comments)

realestate flyers: Gmail's Advanced Email Searching Tool -- Saves The Hassle - 10/31/12 12:18 AM
Are you a Gmail power-user? If yourself searching through your emails or looking up attachments often?  I recently started using Gmail's Advanced Email Search tool; and boy let me tell you how much easier it's made my life!
I used to simply type in a few keyword in the search bar, then cycle through the hundreds of email just to get to the one that has that listing doc, inspection report, orreal estate flyer attached. But if you notice now, the search bar has a tiny drop down arrow. Click this, and BAM, your email is your oyster!

Now, you … (8 comments)

realestate flyers: My Top 3 DropBox Tips - 10/29/12 02:21 AM

I couldn't survive without my DropBox! It's a must have app in real estate. As I start using it more and more I'm finding new tricks and uses. Here are my top 3 DropBox tips that might help you!
1. Offline Reading use "Favorite"Let's say you need to access the listing agreement, a document, or your real estate flyer for reference with a client... by selecting the "star" or "Favorite" button, you now have access without the use of WiFi or an Internet connection. Perfect for iPads or tablets without the 3G/4G service!   2. Email Files Directly to Your … (4 comments)

realestate flyers: Real Estate Flyer Template Video Walkthrough - 10/16/12 02:55 AM
We've used 'templates', but you've never used them like this before!
Here's a quick video walk-through video that highlights the key features of the easiest fill-in the blanks flyer templates.

Interested or need a flyer fast and easy? visit:

realestate flyers: Turn-Key Flyer Real Estate Listing Templates... Yes, They're That Easy - 09/29/12 02:26 AM

Hi ActiveRainers, my name is Reuben Fine. I've been a member of ActiveRain since around 2009. I've worked in real estate for over 10 years, starting off as an marketing assistant and later moving into a Marketing Director role for a large National Brokerage firm. Graphics and design come natural and easy to me, but it's not the case for the majority of agents I worked with. At most, MS Word clipart was the extent of a real estate agents' graphic abilities!... I wanted to change that. I tried hosting graphic design workshops and one-on-one training. I even attempted to … (10 comments)

realestate flyers: The Nosey Neighbor - 09/05/12 07:57 AM

Last week my wife and I decided to stop into an open house, we were nicely greeted by the agent and proceeded to walk through the home. Down the hall we were confronted by the next door neighbor, a nice sweet elderly lady,  who struck up a conversation with my wife (I decided to continue and tour the home)... doesn't seem so bad until you realized that 45 minutes later we left the home and my wife had only seen the hallway.
My wife isn't one to be rude and had said the nieghbor was lonely and just wanted to … (2 comments)