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Enjoy our tips and ideas on how to create a successful referrals-based business using a real estate CRM. Keeping in touch, building relationships, generating new leads, and staying organized and in control - we cover it all, and more! The blog posts are written by myself and other members of the IXACT Contact team.



IXACT Contact Solutions Inc., a leading North American real estate CRM vendor, launches a series of tutorial videos that makes it even easier for prospects and customers to understand the product and how to utilize its various features. With a series of short, easy-to-follow videos, IXACT Contact...
New to real estate? I've compiled a list of resources that will help you begin your new career in the best way possible. These resources are filled with helpful tips, advice, and insight that we think both newbies and real estate veterans alike will be able to benefit from: Personal branding Goal...
Check out IXACT Contact’s latest news release: Hobbs/Herder moves to make IXACT Contact a key component of its REALTOR® marketing system, acknowledging that effective contact management and a real estate CRM system are vital to long term success in real estate sales.  IXACT Contact is simple to l...
It’s called the “New Year’s Eve Syndrome.” You’re a real estate sales professional who sets some exciting goals for yourself. Perhaps you want to ramp up your real estate marketing or generate more leads, prospects, and/ or referrals. You’re motivated. You can’t wait to get started. You know that...
So, you’re using Microsoft Outlook and you’re happy with it. Who needs a real estate CRM when you have Outlook, right? If you feel this way, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Outlook is an email client, first and foremost, not a CRM or true contact management system. Yes it has a calendar, task mana...
When your client moves into a new neighborhood, they’re strangers. They may only know a few, if any, of the other families on the street. So consider throwing your client a housewarming party. These types of events are very effective loyalty building techniques in real estate sales. Here’s what y...

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