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Enjoy our tips and ideas on how to create a successful referrals-based business using a real estate CRM. Keeping in touch, building relationships, generating new leads, and staying organized and in control - we cover it all, and more! The blog posts are written by myself and other members of the IXACT Contact team.



Using a real estate CRM to build a referrals-based business is the best way to get high-quality referrals and real estate leads. However, once you have the lead, you need to win the listing presentation, or that potential new business goes down the drain. Fortunately, you’re going into the presen...
        We just published our new series of “Quick Tip” videos on the Resources page of the IXACT Contact website and on our YouTube channel! This new video series features easy-to-follow videos that quickly guide you through key aspects of our real estate contact management system. Learn IXACT ...
One of the most appealing aspects of this business for most real estate sales professionals is the opportunity to work from home. However, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Having a home office certainly has its advantages. But there are a lot of distractions, too. Distractions that can t...
As you may already know, we’ve been blogging twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) every week since we began our Real Estate Contact Management & Marketing Blog over three years ago. We have many loyal readers and get plenty of positive feedback on our posts all the time. However, there are some b...
I particularly like the post below from real estate coach and trainer Richard Robbins because of how it highlights the importance of adding value to your sphere of influence (SOI) over time. Many REALTORS® understand the value of keeping in touch with past clients but don’t realize the significa...
Take this fun quiz to see how well you’re doing at staying organized and managing your time effectively. It’ll take less than 30 seconds to complete. Circle either true or false and at the end of the quiz add up all your “true” answers. I follow a daily calendar and task list.     T/F I use drip...
This great blog post below, from IXACT Contact partner, real estate trainer, and author of “Sell With Soul,” Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, is a good reminder to focus on servicing the loyal client base that you already have, and doing what you can to ensure you benefit from their referrals and repeat...
A REALTORS® most valuable business asset is their real estate CRM database. In fact, it’s the only tangible asset an agent has. Things like experience and track record are intangible assets. The more quality contacts in your real estate CRM database, the more repeat client transactions and refer...
Here’s a great article by vice president of marketing for NewPoint Media Group, Rebecca Chandler, on ways you, as a real estate sales professional, can provide amazing customer service. As you’ll read, Rebecca discusses the importance of following up with every lead and proactively calling your ...

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