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Enjoy our tips and ideas on how to create a successful referrals-based business using a real estate CRM. Keeping in touch, building relationships, generating new leads, and staying organized and in control - we cover it all, and more! The blog posts are written by myself and other members of the IXACT Contact team.



It’s common sense – to grow your business, you have to grow your real estate network.But with about 2.5 million real estate agents in the U.S. who are also striving to make connections and generate leads, how do you stand out and  expand your network of contacts?Thriving in the competitive real e...
6 Tips for Building Your Real Estate Website Like a Pro60% of buyers Google their real estate agent according to a study by RETechnology. What would a prospect find if they Googled your name? Do you have a professional REALTOR® website for them to find online?Today I’m going to zone in on this on...
Most REALTORS® know that email marketing is a sure way to connect with clients and prospects because it's the platform most contacts use multiple times a day.  Although your clients are likely to receive your emails, the process requires a bit more activity on your clients' end. They need to firs...
Most real estate agents understand the need for effective email marketing, but some struggle with creating the right messages. Others make the mistake of saturating their audience with too many emails, which leads to opt-outs, spam flags and poor open rates. Here’s 4 common email marketing mistak...
For some people, buying gifts seems to come easily. But for many of us well intentioned gift-givers it’s a challenge to find the best, most thoughtful item to mark a special occasion.As a REALTOR®, you often have opportunities to give gifts to your clients who have purchased their new home. It’s ...

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