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Enjoy our tips and ideas on how to create a successful referrals-based business using a real estate CRM. Keeping in touch, building relationships, generating new leads, and staying organized and in control - we cover it all, and more! The blog posts are written by myself and other members of the IXACT Contact team.



Blogging has been a pillar to a powerful marketing plan for some time now, and has the staying power of a long-term, sustainable strategy. It helps drive traffic to your site, effectively nurtures leads and can be an incredible brand enhancer by helping to position you as a thought leader. Howeve...
CRM’s get discussed a lot within the business context, but sometimes the extent of knowledge only extends to that acronym. A CRM, or a Customer Relationship Management platform helps you improve your existing relationship, finds new prospective customers and tracks interactions with prospects and...
What started out as a project inside a Harvard dorm room has exploded to a cultural phenomenon, reinventing the way we connect with each other around the globe. Facebook is a social media giant that people use to connect with friends and family, watch videos, get news updates, and maybe even do s...
The days of traditional marketing are numbered, but some businesses haven’t caught up with the times yet. Due to lack of digital know-how or resistance to adopting new methods, many antiquated marketing practices are still lingering in the real estate industry, and they’re quickly becoming ineffe...
Forgive us if we sound like a broken record here, but in order to reiterate our point - leads are the lifeblood to any business and should be given the same level of attention as you would any other client.If a prospect was recommended to you, found you online or heard about you by way of word of...
Personal branding can undoubtedly be challenging. And in the real estate game, it is entirely a relationship building business, meaning that people want to get to know you – not the business version of you – the real you. They can cut through all the marketing speak and know when your content is ...
“Email is the original social media.” – TechCrunch Social media can be an absolute battlefield for your attention, and while social vehicles are very important platforms to broadcast your content, there’s a lot of competition for your attention. And while this war rages on, e-mail newsletters hav...
If you have ever tried to come up with exciting ideas for your blog posts, you’ve likely come face-to-face with the archnemesis of productivity: Writer’s Block.It’s common for many people to sit down at their computer, ready to churn out content, only to be met with a dreadful lack of ideas. Thou...

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