activity plans: Get Organized in Real Estate with Listing and Closing Activity Plans - 08/12/14 02:16 AM
Check out the video at the end of this blog post by real estate coach Bruce Keith of Bruce Keith Results. Bruce is a big fan of IXACT Contact and recommends the real estate CRM to all of his coaching clients. In this video he discusses how IXACT Contact’s listing and closing Activity Plans help get you more organized and in control.
Listing and closing Activity Plans come included in IXACT Contact. They are a series of tasks with corresponding due dates. At the right date and time, the REALTOR® CRM will remind you to take specific actions, like install a lockbox, update … (2 comments)

activity plans: How to Follow-up on a FSBO Referral - 12/15/11 02:59 AM
Depending on the state of the real estate market, up to 20% of homes listed at any one time are For Sale by Owner (FSBO). So, there’s a good chance that in your real estate sales career one of your past clients will refer you to people who are trying to sell their home without a real estate agent.
Following-up on a FSBO, even when you’ve been referred, can be tricky. These people are inundated by REALTORS® trying to get them to list the traditional way — and, as a consequence, they can be understandably defensive.
Yet, if you approach these independently-minded home sellers in … (2 comments)

activity plans: New Facebook Promotion! Download our FREE White Paper, “5 Surefire Steps to Getting More Leads, Referrals, and Repeat Business”! - 10/27/11 04:01 AM
For a limited time only, we’re giving away FREE copies of our insightful white paper, “5 Surefire Steps to Getting More Leads, Referrals, and Repeat Business.”
To get your FREE copy, all you have to do is visit our Facebook page and click the Like button! 
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By becoming an IXACT Contact Facebook fan, you’ll get access to our white paper AND insider product news, tips on relationship marketing, and valuable advice on effective contact management!
After reading our white paper, “5 Surefire Steps to Getting More Leads, … (0 comments)

activity plans: Hobbs/Herder Selects IXACT Contact as their Real Estate CRM of Choice - 09/22/11 03:48 AM
Check out IXACT Contact’s latest news release:
Hobbs/Herder moves to make IXACT Contact a key component of its REALTOR® marketing system, acknowledging that effective contact management and a real estate CRM system are vital to long term success in real estate sales. 

IXACT Contact is simple to learn and easy to use. This real estate CRM will help our clients implement the Hobbs/Herder marketing process and systematize their business
IXACT Contact and Hobbs/Herder have joined forces, with IXACT Contact adding important components of the Hobbs/Herder REALTOR® marketing system into its real estate CRM.
Hobbs/Herder clients that sign up for IXACT Contact will now … (1 comments)

activity plans: New REALTOR®? Why Activity Plans Are a Must - 07/26/11 02:31 AM
You’re new to real estate sales. You have a million and one things coming at you so organization is certainly a challenge. Surely, it’s easy to forget to action or follow up on key tasks and ensure you’re starting out in the best way possible. 
If you’re a real estate novice, there’s also a good chance that you’re unsure of the best way to get new clients. What effective strategies and tactics are out there, you might ask, that will help me build a loyal client base? How can I stand out from the crowd and differentiate myself and my services?
You know … (4 comments)

activity plans: Achieving Your Real Estate Goals - 07/05/11 03:28 AM

Below is a great article by one of our affiliates, Bruce Keith.  We have a million and one things that we’re trying to accomplish but to some, it feels like the path to accomplishing these goals or tasks are out of sight. Bruce shares some tips that will help you achieve your desired goals and results. Use your IXACT Contact real estate CRM to help you keep track of your results and automate a lot of the work involved. If your goal is to track your real estate leads more closely or send out more marketing (or create more drip marketing campaigns) to prospects, IXACT Contact will … (2 comments)

activity plans: The Two MOST Frequently Asked Questions about IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM - 06/23/11 02:35 AM
As a real estate CRM company, we’re contacted by REALTORS® everyday asking us about how our smartphone wireless sync works. Many times on that same call or email, the conversation moves to our Activity Plan functionality and what that’s all about. In fact, we have found that these two questions are our most frequently asked ones. You might be wondering what the answers to these questions are too, so let me take the time to address them now.
Wireless Sync

As an IXACT Contact subscriber, you can easily sync your Blackberry, iPhone, android, or Windows Mobile Device with the system. It’s a constant, two-way … (2 comments)

activity plans: Important New Enhancements to Task List and Activity Plans - 04/26/11 03:31 AM
At IXACT Contact, we’ve launched some exciting new product enhancements to our real estate software. Outlined below are some of these new features. We know that you’ll find these enhancements to save you time and allow you to be even more productive.
Filter your Task List by subject/activity type keyword and/or due date range.
Your search criteria are remembered even if you navigate away from the Task List page and come back later. By default, your incomplete drip emails are not displayed in the Task List. By popular … (2 comments)

activity plans: Keeping In Touch With Clients Doesn't Have To Be Hard - 01/24/11 08:11 AM
I published a series of posts in the fall about the “HOW” of practicing effective contact management and what good real estate marketing is all about.  I’d like to pick that up again, and go a little deeper now into communication strategy. Let’s take a look at some real world examples of what we refer to as keep in touch events.  A keep in touch event can be anything from:
a quick phone call to say Hi a preferred client update mailer on a monthly basis to your “A List” or “Group 1″ contacts an email to a prospect asking how his daughter’s dance recital went … (3 comments)

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