digital marketing: 3 Tips to Get Started with Content Marketing - 06/13/18 08:31 AM
Content marketing. It’s the buzz word in the world of marketing. You’ve heard that it’s a great way to drive sales and improve your business. But if you aren’t a marketing expert, how do you even get started with it? We’ve got 3 simple tips.
1. Send a Monthly e-NewsletterCreating an e-Newsletter is a great way to get started with content marketing. You only have to send it once a month, but it hits your entire database and keeps you top of mind. If you are naturally a writer, you can create a few articles of your own to include. If you … (1 comments)

digital marketing: Making the Most of Your Community Involvement - 05/25/18 07:55 AM
As a great real estate agent, you know all the real estate trends of your community. You are an expert at all the market stats of your area. But are you using your knowledge of the community itself to help build your business? If not, learn how to start now.
1. Build a Local Business DirectoryWith the level of knowledge you have of your community, you definitely know which businesses to recommend to your clients. But have you actually made use of it? Being able to recommend everything from a reliable electrician to a wonderful catering service not only positions you as … (4 comments)

digital marketing: How to Use Marketing Automation to Generate More Business - 04/18/18 07:07 AM
You know you need to market yourself in order for your business to thrive, and you know you can’t just put poor quality content out there just for the sake of having something. But where do you find the time to do great marketing? The answer is with Marketing Automation, your new best friend in business.
Marketing Automation comes in many forms, and you can utilize every different facet as much or as little as you want. If you know you are coming up to a particularly busy season, you might want to lean on it more. If you have a bit … (1 comments)

digital marketing: Analytics: Why They Matter and How to Use Them - 04/04/18 06:57 AM
Analytics are one of those things that can easily feel intimidating and so we avoid dealing with them. When we avoid them, we miss out on so much important information that could improve our business and make our efforts more efficient. That’s why we are breaking analytics down into three easy to digest categories that will take fear out of the equation and set you up to be more successful.
Website AnalyticsThe first type of analytics to pay attention to are on your website. Setting up Google Analytics on your website is always a good idea. The data you can gather here … (3 comments)

digital marketing: Why Google reviews matter, and how to get them - 03/29/18 06:21 AM
Real estate agents appreciate word-of-mouth advertising as much as anyone. Most agents have at one time received a call from someone who heard about them through a friend. So real estate agents have seen firsthand the power of the positive word-of-mouth to produce leads.
On the web, that word-of-mouth advertising is often in the form of online reviews and ratings. And, just like literal word-of-mouth, those online reviews and ratings can happen without your knowledge or input. They can also be a major generator of new business.
According to CREA, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as direct word-of-mouth recommendations. And that’s just … (0 comments)

digital marketing: The Importance of Facebook Reviews & Ratings - 03/22/18 11:33 AM
There’s no denying the power of online reviews and ratings, including those on social platforms like Facebook. Ratings and reviews are everywhere, from being alongside each of the over 12 million products listed on Amazon, and every other major eCommerce site, to seller ratings on eBay and real estate agent ratings on
And if you need any more proof of the importance of online ratings and reviews, 88% of consumers trust online reviews according to CREA, and over half of Millennials trust online reviews more than the opinions of family and friends.
But perhaps more than any other online review and rating system, Facebook’s is … (1 comments)

digital marketing: What Real Estate Agents can Learn About Digital Marketing from Other Industries - 03/15/18 07:50 AM
Using digital marketing to grow your real estate business means constantly being on the lookout for what’s new; after all, digital marketing is constantly evolving. Checking out what works for other industries and companies is a great source of ideas, and can help you stay ahead of the curve.
Here are just a few real estate marketing ideas from other types of businesses that you can add to your arsenal.
Use a Gated Offer to Build a Database of Contacts – Have you ever been to a site that offers a free eBbook? This is a common practice among companies that sell business-to-business. … (2 comments)

digital marketing: 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Real Estate Agents Should Avoid - 03/13/18 06:33 AM
Real estate prospects and clients have certain expectations of your digital marketing and online presence. They expect a mobile optimized website, an active blog and social media presence and an easy way to get in touch with you, just to name a few!
You don’t have to be a marketing expert to meet these expectations (especially when you use IXACT Contact), but you do need to be aware of some common digital marketing mistakes that could impact your ability to get the best results and most business via digital channels.
Here are five digital marketing mistakes real estate agents should avoid:
Using a generic … (0 comments)

digital marketing: Digital Marketing Roundup: A Reading List of Our Top Insights - 03/08/18 10:09 AM
When it comes time to shore up your marketing efforts, a Google search is a great place to start—but the results can be overwhelming. Even here at IXACT Contact the amount of content we produce can be daunting. We regularly publish great content to help you make the most of your marketing resources and your client relationship management efforts, but if you find yourself strapped for time, it can be easy to miss a useful post or two.
To help you out we've created a reading list of recent posts in a few key categories. Bookmark this list and come back to … (1 comments)

digital marketing: 4 Powerful Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018 - 01/19/18 08:48 AM
Real estate agents have to not only master their core competencies, but they have to have a solid grip of sales, marketing and branding – because they will ultimately be the driving force behind this trifecta for the longevity of their career. And in the world of digital marketing, it is important to keep on the pulse of an industry that sees algorithm changes every quarter.
Far too often with marketing campaigns, we see companies get into grooves and not be able to adjust with the times. And it can be an all-out competition for your attention in a digital space that … (16 comments)

digital marketing: Marrying Content Marketing with Real Estate - 11/01/17 10:53 AM
Content will always be the future of marketing.
It is the fuel that will propel your business objectives forward – whether you need to boost search rankings, nurture prospects, generate new leads or enhance your brand – all avenues lead back to having high-quality content as a real estate agent.
Now that’s all well and good you might be saying to yourself, but good content marketing doesn’t just fall from the sky. Everyone from small businesses to the enterprise level is all in on content marketing because it’s a sustainable way to invigorate your business.
What is Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents?
You’ve … (4 comments)

digital marketing: Content is the Holy Grail to Your Marketing Strategy - 08/28/17 06:10 AM
If you’re already familiar with the phrase “Content is King,” then you are ahead of the real estate pack. Coined a few years ago, this phrase has become a mantra repeated over and over again by savvy digital marketers across all industries. The most successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders have adopted the idea that digital content like blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts is central to a marketing strategy. Publishing fresh, engaging content over and over again on a consistent basis is crucial to establishing authority, attracting more website traffic and generating more leads. And who doesn’t want more of … (1 comments)

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