keep in touch: 9 Signs That You’re a Real Estate Contact Management Expert - 10/08/13 12:45 AM
Practicing effective real estate contact management is key to maximizing your success as a REALTOR®. Below are nine signs that you’re mastering this area of your business:
1. You have birthdays for a lot of the people in your real estate database and wish them a Happy Birthday when the time comes.
2. You are familiar with your real estate leads and past clients’ hobbies or interests. This lets you connect with your contacts better on a one-on-one level and build stronger relationships.
3. You send a real estate newsletter or e-Newsletter.
4. You feel organized and in-control because all of your contact information, transactions, … (3 comments)

keep in touch: Sitting Down With Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, Author of “Sell With Soul” Part 2 - 09/26/13 12:56 AM
This is part two of our Q&A blog post with Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn. In this series, Jennifer discusses success strategies and why agents need a real estate contact management system. Click here to be directed to the first of this Q&A series.
Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, a former top producing real estate broker turned author, knows how to energize a real estate sales career, and, as any of her followers will tell you, can motivate, inspire, and advise like no other.
Jennifer’s books, Sell With Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect, If You’re Not Having Fun Selling Real … (0 comments)

keep in touch: What Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know - 09/24/13 01:23 AM
As a new real estate agent, you likely know the importance of starting out on the right path.
That’s why you need one place to store, manage, and market to your clients. You also need a place to organize your business activity, such as appointments and key tasks.
Studies have shown that the highest earning REALTORS® invest six times as much in technology (such as a real estate contact management system) than the lowest earning ones. And that’s not all. The top earning agents are 54% more likely to use e-Newsletters and drip marketing campaigns.
How New Agents can be Successful in … (2 comments)

keep in touch: Convert More Leads into Listings with a Real Estate Contact Management Software - 09/18/13 04:49 AM
You’re likely getting some real estate leads, and that’s a good start. You may or may not have a real estate contact management software. Now you want to make the most of these leads and maximize the likelihood that they become clients, right?
And perhaps you need some help managing these leads and keeping in touch with them over time. After all, you’re a busy REALTOR® and are doing the best you can do with the tools you have.
Frequently, you may get a lead that’s not yet ready to buy or sell, or that lead for some reason ends up doing business with … (0 comments)

keep in touch: 5 Business-Building Tips for Buyer’s Representatives - 09/04/13 04:18 AM
We wanted to share this important post with you from The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). It originally appeared in RETechnology. In addition to re-blogging the article, as you know, we love providing our “real estate contact management perspective” as well. So enjoy the article with our commentary below each point in the numbered list.
Here it is:
Polishing your buyer-representation skills builds your reputation as a trustworthy, knowledgeable real estate professional who adds value at every stage in the home buying process. Here are five ways to grow your buyer-representation business.
1. Become a community expert Recognition as a community expert wins referrals and … (2 comments)

keep in touch: Creating Real Estate Sales Success through Questions - 08/27/13 02:04 AM
Instead of our usual blog post, today we’re sharing a video from Dirk Zeller, renowned real estate trainer and founder of Real Estate Champions. Take your day from good to great by asking yourself four key questions Dirk discusses in the video.
Remember that an easy to use real estate contact management software, like IXACT Contact, will help you free up time by automating some of your marketing communications and “keep in touch” work. And it’ll help keep you organized and in-control by reminding you when key dates arise and when important tasks need to be completed!

Will you take … (0 comments)

keep in touch: Make Keeping in Touch With Past Clients Effortless - 08/13/13 01:41 AM
Keeping in touch is so vital to getting referrals and repeat business from past clients. REALTORS®  often know this but still put all their time and energy on client acquisition (getting new clients) and very little time into client retention (retaining past clients so they’ll use your services again and refer you).
Keeping in touch can be anything from:
A quarterly check-in call A monthly real estate newsletter Direct mail to your best clients (your “A-List”) An email asking how a client’s son’s baseball tournament went A letter inviting your client to a client appreciation lunch or dinner A happy birthday, happy … (0 comments)

keep in touch: 10 Real Estate Contact Management Tips Every REALTOR® Should Know - 07/18/13 02:06 AM
Below are 10 key real estate contact management facts every Realtor should know. What you’ll read has been pulled from various articles on our popular blog, The Real Estate Contact Management & Marketing Blog. Enjoy:
1. Maximize the chances your email marketing will get through by using a dedicated email service provider (ESP). A good real estate CRM will utilize a dedicated ESP, which will really help your deliverability rates.
2. Host client appreciation events and housewarming parties. They’re great loyalty builders and they’ll give you an opportunity to meet some new real estate leads.
3. Google Plus is the second largest … (0 comments)

keep in touch: 8 Amazing Ways to Keep in Touch With Your Past Clients - 06/25/13 01:27 AM
You likely already know why you need to keep in touch with past clients; they’re great sources of referrals and can bring repeat business to you year after year. And remember, it takes five times more time and money to retain an existing client then to go out and get a new one.
But think about all of your past clients. It’s probable that a small percentage (perhaps 20%) of these clients give you most (80% or more) of your referrals and repeat business. This is an example of Parato’s Principle; the so-called “80-20” rule.
How well you keep in touch … (3 comments)

keep in touch: Top 4 Real Estate Success Principles that Every Agent Must Follow - 06/20/13 04:25 AM
Today’s blog post is written by Leighton Dees, chairman and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Generations in Mobile, Alabama.
In the post, Leighton emphasizes the importance of building relationships with real estate leads and past clients over time. He also highlights how vital it is for REALTORS® to equip themselves with the right technology. “Familiarize yourself with technology and the tools that will allow you to multiply your efforts,” he writes.
If you don’t already have a good, easy to use real estate contact management system, give IXACT Contact a try. It’ll make it quick and easy for you to … (2 comments)

keep in touch: Our Real Estate Contact Management Social Media Promotions are Live! - 06/04/13 01:48 AM
IXACT Contact is giving away two free resources; one on Facebook and the other on Twitter!
One is a white paper, entitled, “5 Surefire Steps to Getting More Leads, Referrals, and Repeat Business.” To download it, simply follow us on Twitter and we’ll message you the download link.
Click here now to be directed to our Twitter page. Simply click the “Follow” button once on the page.
The other is our Ultimate List of Resources for Keeping in Touch with Past Clients. To get a copy of this, simply go to our Facebook page and complete the fun quiz we put together, called, “Are You a … (2 comments)

keep in touch: The Abundance Myth Dispelled - 05/16/13 05:19 AM
I particularly like the post below from real estate coach and trainer Richard Robbins because of how it highlights the importance of adding value to your sphere of influence (SOI) over time. Many REALTORS® understand the value of keeping in touch with past clients but don’t realize the significance of actually “adding value.”
Here’s how to add value to your relationships with clients and past clients:
1. Send out a monthly real estate newsletter that’s packed with great tips and advice for homeowners. The best real estate contact management software, such as IXACT Contact, will come with a professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter … (2 comments)

keep in touch: Fun 30 Second Quiz: What’s Your Time Management IQ? - 05/14/13 12:45 AM
Take this fun quiz to see how well you’re doing at staying organized and managing your time effectively. It’ll take less than 30 seconds to complete. Circle either true or false and at the end of the quiz add up all your “true” answers.
I follow a daily calendar and task list.     T/F I use drip marketing programs to automate some of my “keep in touch” work.     T/F I use listing and closing Activity Plans so nothing falls through the cracks.     T/F I set up automatic prompts so important meetings, commitments, and activities are not forgotten.     T/F All of my contacts … (4 comments)

keep in touch: Getting Busy? Seize the Opportunity to Care For Your Clients! - 05/09/13 12:03 AM
This great blog post below, from IXACT Contact partner, real estate trainer, and author of “Sell With Soul,” Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, is a good reminder to focus on servicing the loyal client base that you already have, and doing what you can to ensure you benefit from their referrals and repeat business.
The best source of future business is current business and if you’re not building on the relationships you currently have and, as Jennifer puts, it “knocking their sox off with your service,” you’re missing out on great opportunities down the road.
Here’s how you can use your IXACT Contact real estate … (0 comments)

keep in touch: 4 Super Fast Ways to Build Your Real Estate CRM Database - 05/07/13 02:02 AM
A REALTORS® most valuable business asset is their real estate CRM database. In fact, it’s the only tangible asset an agent has. Things like experience and track record are intangible assets.
The more quality contacts in your real estate CRM database, the more repeat client transactions and referrals will likely come your way. Of course, you need to keep in touch with these contacts over time and do so in the right ways.
But perhaps you’re just starting out in real estate sales and don’t have a lot of people in your real estate sphere of influence (SOI). Or, maybe you’ve been in the … (5 comments)

keep in touch: Sitting down with Alistair Powell, Broker/Owner of Engel & Völkers, The Villages - 04/09/13 05:35 AM
Alistair Powell is the Managing Broker and owner of Engel & Völkers, The Villages, a global luxury real estate firm. Originally from the United Kingdom, Alistair joined Hamptons International realty to become the youngest ever sales manager. He owned his own brokerage at the age of 21 and established locations in Panama, the Middle East, London, Shanghai and Manila.
He arrived in Florida in 2009 to be closer to family and to see what kind of success he could achieve in the U.S.  He joined Sotheby’s International Realty in Miami where he was the recipient of several awards including the “Young Guns … (2 comments)

keep in touch: 7 Tips for Following Up Effectively After an Event - 03/28/13 07:04 AM
Today I'm re-blogging a great article by Katie Lance, chief strategist for Inman News and CEO/Owner of Katie Lance Consulting. Katie discusses how REALTORS® can make the most of the relationships they form at the various events, conferences, and parties they attend.
I have the good fortune of attending dozens of real estate events and conferences throughout the year – usually two or more per month. After I leave each event, I always have a stash of business cards, receipts, photos on my iPhone and more “stuff” to go through. I am a firm believer that there is a small … (2 comments)

keep in touch: Infographic: 3 Key Facts Every REALTOR® Should Know - 03/21/13 12:34 AM
The great infographic, below, was created by the team here at IXACT Contact. We’ve summarized key research by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the implications for real estate agents. Make sure to pay attention to the key takeaways at the bottom of the graphic. You’ll quickly realize the importance of a real estate CRM in helping you keep in touch and build strong relationships with your past clients. This is precisely how you’ll build that coveted referrals-based business.

Has this infographic been an eye-opener or were you already well aware of NAR’s findings?
FREE 5 WEEK TRIAL! Sign up for a … (2 comments)

keep in touch: Real Estate Sales Best Practice: Do More Than Just Return Calls - 03/15/13 12:40 AM
I always return my phone calls,” a real estate sales professional insists. “I get back to my clients and real estate leads as soon as I can — usually the same day.”
Does that sound like great service to you? Most REALTORS® would think so.
Surprisingly, however, leads and clients waiting for a call-back don’t always see it the same way.
That’s why, when you return a call — even promptly — the person can sometimes sound frustrated or even irritated with you.
What’s happening? Look at it from your client’s perspective. While real estate may be everyday business for you, buying or … (0 comments)

keep in touch: Take this Fun Real Estate CRM Poll! - 03/12/13 01:07 AM
Take this fun, interactive poll now. Do you agree that the automatic prompts in your real estate CRM help keep you organized?
Did you give a thumbs up or down? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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