real estate leads: Find More Quality Real Estate Leads - 09/12/18 09:01 AM
As a real estate agent, you know how critical it is to have new leads coming in on a regular basis. But it’s important not to get hung up on quantity over quality. A thousand new leads that aren’t really interested in working with you aren’t nearly as valuable as 10 who are. So how do you find more of those quality leads? We’ve outlined 4 of the best tips.
1. Ask for ReferralsPeople trust recommendations from friends or family more than any other source of marketing, so a referral from a past client means a far higher quality lead. On top … (0 comments)

real estate leads: How to Nurture Your Garden of Prospects to Blossom into Clients - 08/16/16 12:13 AM

Have you ever tried growing a vegetable garden? For several summers I’ve attempted to grow tomatoes, but between long weekends, summertime travel, and my own forgetfulness, my poor tomato plants have never flourished. I haven’t done a good job of nurturing the plants consistently enough to reap the benefits of fresh tomatoes.
For plants to thrive, they need the right mix of sunshine, water, and regular care. It’s surprisingly similar to your real estate leads! To see your leads really “blossom” into clients, they need the right mix of contact, content, and approach. Let me explain what I mean.
Lead nurturing is the … (1 comments)

real estate leads: How to Get More Real Estate Leads by Using Reporting - 10/13/15 04:00 AM
Many of the savvy real estate marketers I know are big believers in email marketing - and it’s no wonder why!  According to a study by McKinsey, conversion rates to purchase are three times higher with email marketing than with social media! Email marketing is a cost effective way to keep in touch and stay top of mind with your prospects, leads and, past clients.
But do you ever wonder who exactly is clicking on the messages you’re sending out?   They may be people who are especially interested in your message and poised to be hot leads that  are ready to buy or … (6 comments)

real estate leads: How Many Lead Contacts Does it Take to Create a Client? - 08/17/15 04:37 AM
Leads are an important part of any real estate agent’s business. Yet too often, leads are mismanaged and not given the proper attention. It’s amazing when you think about it – some agents will spend a fortune on websites and SEO, for the purpose attracting and capturing leads…and then do very little with them! 
The fact is, it isn’t enough to make 2 or 3 contact attempts. Your leads may not convert after 4 or 5 contacts, either. By this point, it’s easy to become frustrated and assume that your lead is a dud. After all, if your leads were truly ready … (1 comments)

real estate leads: Best Way to Get Qualified Real Estate Leads - 05/19/15 01:09 AM
For most real estate agents, the hunt for qualified leads is ongoing.  The right real estate CRM can help you organize your contacts. But did you know it can also help you better recognize qualified leads for REALTORS®?
By understanding what makes a qualified lead and what doesn’t, you’ll save time and money going after new contacts that have the greatest chance of moving from prospective client to active client.
Email Campaign ReportingWhen you take the time to create email campaigns, you want to know how they’re performing. With IXACT Contact you can see open and click rates for every email you send. Better … (0 comments)

real estate leads: 6 Key Benefits of Using a Real Estate CRM - 09/19/14 12:54 AM
Check out the below article from Jay Thompson, Zillow’s Directory of Industry Outreach. In the post Jay articulates, extremely well, six important benefits to using a real estate CRM. This is a must-read for every REALTOR®! Keep in mind that you can do everything Jay discusses in this post with IXACT Contact.
CRM stands for customer relationship management. To some agents, CRM means software that is designed to help manage clients. Others consider CRM as a philosophy or strategy for how to run a business. Still others view CRM as a process that involves strategy, software and systems to gather, nurture and ultimately convert contacts to … (0 comments)

real estate leads: 4 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Leads Are Falling Through the Cracks - 08/07/14 12:36 AM
You likely work hard to generate real estate leads for your business. But once you get the leads, are you doing everything you can to maximize the chance that they convert into clients?
If you’re not making the most of every lead and letting some fall through the cracks, you could be missing out on many easy sales opportunities – “low hanging fruit.”
In this post, we’re going to share four important reasons why your real estate leads may be falling through the cracks.
1. You’re making it hard to contact you/ find your contact details
I’ve been on REALTOR® websites where the … (0 comments)

real estate leads: IXACT Contact Joins Zillow’s Tech Connect Program - 06/12/14 12:58 AM
We’re excited to announce our partnership with Zillow!
As part of their Tech Connect Program, REALTORS® can now automatically flow all of their Zillow leads into IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management software! And it’s not just contact details that get captured, it’s also property information and buying preferences, including location, bedrooms, bathrooms, min. price, max. price, and lot size.
But that’s just the beginning. With IXACT Contact’s advanced lead management automation features, these leads can be automatically assigned to a specific group, a drip email nurture campaign, and to the professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter that IXACT Contact provides free … (0 comments)

real estate leads: IXACT Contact’s REALTOR® CRM Gets New Email and Lead Capture Automation Features - 04/15/14 03:46 AM
With our new Email Correspondence Capture, you can now capture all email correspondence with your clients and prospects right into your IXACT Contact real estate CRM! No more copying and pasting emails into the contact history or having to type in manual notes!
This new feature will help you get more organized and free up time. And next time you’re on the phone with a contact, you’ll benefit from the convenience of being able to see all past email correspondence with them. Now, everything you would need to see about a client or prospect is in one consolidated system – IXACT Contact.
With … (0 comments)

real estate leads: Top 4 Ways New Agents Can Build Their Database with a Real Estate CRM - 03/26/14 12:01 AM
Are you a new Realtor trying to develop your business?
Are you wondering what role a CRM can play in helping you grow your database?
In this article I’ll explain four great ways you can build your book of business using a CRM for Realtors. With a real estate CRM, you can supercharge your sales success and get more leads than you ever thought possible. Here’s how:
1. Send out an e-Newsletter to those you know
Once you’ve added everyone to your CRM (friends, family, former colleagues, etc.) start sending them a real estate newsletter every month. IXACT Contact’s CRM comes with a professionally written … (0 comments)

real estate leads: It’s 2014 and My Real Estate Sales Business Needs a Boost! - 02/04/14 02:09 AM
Do you want to increase sales? Get more real estate leads? Can you think of one thing you can do within the next two or three weeks to help you achieve that goal? The answer to all of these questions is likely “Yes.”
If you think about it, there are probably many things you can do right away, or in the next few weeks, that’ll help you generate more leads, get more referrals, and/or grow your repeat business.
Here are some ideas:
Introduce yourself to another business professional that could be a good referral source. Use your CRM for Realtors more. Update your real estate … (4 comments)

real estate leads: The 3 Ultimate Ways to Get More Testimonials - 01/30/14 02:37 AM
Testimonials are a powerful business-building tool. In fact, they’re one of the best credibility indicators in your real estate marketing arsenal.
Real estate leads expect you to be biased but they trust that other buyers and sellers will tell it like it is. That’s why testimonials are so powerful; a bunch of great ones on your website can easily sway a lead to pick up the phone and give you a call.
But a steady stream of great testimonials doesn’t “just happen.” Even if you’re providing top-notch service, some clients don’t think to give you testimonials/ don’t realize how important they are … (3 comments)

real estate leads: Think Fast: What’s Your 12 Second Marketing Message? - 01/28/14 01:09 AM
When someone meets you for the first time and asks what you do for a living, what do you say? Simply that you’re REALTOR®? As a real estate agent, it’s important you have a “12 second real estate marketing message”; a brief overview of what you do and what sets you apart.  If you don’t, you’re missing a big opportunity to leave a lasting impression of yourself as a real estate expert – someone worth using for their real estate needs or referring to others.
Crafting Your Real Estate Marketing Message
Your marketing message shouldn’t just describe what you do. Instead, it should … (6 comments)

real estate leads: 4 Amazing Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Database - 01/21/14 03:14 AM
If you think about it, your real estate contact management database is the only tangible asset that you, as a REALTOR® have so naturally it should be your most valuable business asset. Having a large database filled with quality contacts that you nurture over time will lead to a steady flow of referrals and repeat business.
Building Your Real Estate Database
Here are four ways to build your database and get your real estate contact management system working for you:
1. Add people from your personal and professional network to your real estate database
Is everyone you know in your database? They should … (2 comments)

real estate leads: [Infographic] Do I Really Need a Real Estate Agent? - 01/20/14 05:20 AM
Check out this infographic created by The Hoffman Group in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Be sure to share this one using the social media icons to the left of this blog post and at the very end of the post. Real estate agents wear many hats and do a whole lot more than your real estate leads and clients may think. IXACT Contact tip: use a real estate contact management software to stay organized and in control. Automatic prompts help you ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks or gets missed.
Some of the tasks agents need to do on a daily or weekly basis:

real estate leads: Eight Secrets Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know for a Successful 2014 - 01/07/14 04:55 AM
In this article, Chris Kiel, the Director of Strategic Partnerships with, discusses eight important things every REALTOR® should be doing to ensure success. We particularly like point number two (build a reliable network), point four (nurture past client relationships), and point five (audit your business). Remember that a real estate CRM is instrumental to keeping a consolidated database and effectively building it over time, staying in touch with past clients, and gaining key insights into your business.
Enjoy the article:
Real estate sales tend to slow down around the holidays, but if your goal is to increase your brokerage’s profitability in 2014, the end … (0 comments)

real estate leads: 10 Tips for Great Customer Service - 12/12/13 01:49 AM
Today’s post is written by Carrie Gable, President and CEO of RealSupport Inc., a leading real estate virtual assistance company.
As Carrie and her team will tell you, responding to real estate leads fast and keeping clients in the know is a whole lot easier with a good real estate contact management system, like IXACT Contact.
Enjoy the article:
In our online culture today with trying to keep up with our social media, marketing, blogging and a myriad of other tasks, it can be easy to forget the key to our success: our clients.
As real estate agents, you’re constantly being pulled in … (5 comments)

real estate leads: What You Wear Matters More Than You Might Think When It Comes to Getting Real Estate Leads - 12/10/13 12:43 AM
You need some landscaping done, so you start looking for the right professional for the job.
You meet two potential contractors.
The first greets you wearing jeans and a dirty t-shirt. The brochures he shows you are dog eared. His truck is old and caked in dirt. Although he may be a skilled contractor, he doesn’t look like he cares about details or is a particularly successful businessperson.
The second contractor, by contrast, looks like the picture of success. He’s well groomed and friendly. His truck is tidy and has a professional-looking sign on the door. The brochures, samples and other … (2 comments)

real estate leads: Why It’s Essential to Build Great Rapport with Other Real Estate Agents - 11/28/13 12:31 AM
Do you care what other real estate agents think of you?
You should.
Your clients and referral sources will often ask other people they meet in the “home industry” for their opinion of you. Your clients will even ask your competition!
So it pays to be respected by your peers.
Now that doesn’t mean you should become so friendly with your competition that you share leads or let them in on your real estate marketing plans. But, you should be cultivating good working relationships with other real estate agents — especially those who work in the same market or with similar profile clients as you.

real estate leads: An Amazing Way to Build Loyalty and Get More Sales - 11/14/13 04:10 AM
Just about everyone has made New Year’s resolutions or set goals for 2013. Perhaps yours is to grow your real estate database or use your real estate contact management system more to better stay in touch with past clients.  In fact, goal-setting is becoming increasingly common as the years go by.
How can this goal-setting trend help your business? You can use it to get more real estate leads and sales.
The next time you’re in touch with your past clients, ask them about the goals they’ve set regarding their homes. Chances are, many of them will be planning to make some home improvements at some … (0 comments)

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