real estate prospects: How to Make Your Real Estate Clients Feel Valued - 04/18/16 11:19 PM
It’s no secret that real estate sales is about relationships.  If you’re able to make a prospect feel comfortable and valued, it’s more likely that they’ll trust you with one of the biggest purchases of their lives.
Top producing real estate agents build rapport with prospects and clients, and continue building relationships over time.  When you form a solid relationship with a client, repeat and referral business is sure to follow!
Strive to build authentic relationships with your contacts to remain memorable, and for a more rewarding work experience.  Here are my favorite tips on how to make your real estate clients and … (0 comments)

real estate prospects: Mistakes to Avoid with Your Hot Prospects - 09/10/15 01:12 AM
In the midst of your prospecting phone calls, marketing efforts, and referral seeking, what you’re really hoping for is to connect with more motivated buyers and sellers, or what we call hot prospects.  While it’s good to be aware of what you’re seeking, are you guilty of these common mistakes that many REALTORS® make when it comes to their best real estate leads?
All real estate agents know that curious neighbors will wander through open houses, and some people will request home appraisals without a real intention of selling.  While you’re trying to build relationships and gain contacts, what you’re really after … (13 comments)

real estate prospects: Digging Deeper: Understanding Your Real Estate Prospects - 07/22/15 11:46 PM
This blog was written by IXACT Contact partner and real estate coach Bruce Keith. 
Here are two customer scenarios that come up periodically. The series of questions that follows will help you “get to the bottom of things”. The first one is all about identifying your Prospect’s true motivation, the  second one deals with “which agent to choose?”…
Scenario #1. Understanding Real Estate Prospect's MotivationEver run into that situation when your prospect (buyer or seller) doesn’t reveal their true motivation easily? Sometimes they are vague, sometimes they’re unclear, and sometimes it appears that they're not even sure how motivated they are.
Regardless, there are 6 questions you can ask … (0 comments)

real estate prospects: 3 Keys to Real Estate Sales Success - 07/17/12 12:39 AM
Today’s blog post is written by Michelle Vella, the founder of RealSTUDIO® Branding & Design. Michelle has over 20 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, publishing, photography, branding, and graphic design. RealSTUDIO is the preferred branding and design firm for many real estate agents and broker offices across the country, including RE/MAX Crest Realty Westside in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’re lucky to have Michelle share some insight with us on how REALTORS® can stand out from their competition from a branding and  design standpoint.
One of the challenges that many real estate sales professionals have is “finding business.” Whether you are … (7 comments)

real estate prospects: Quiz: Keeping Customers for Life - 07/11/12 11:52 PM
This is a great quiz that’s featured in REALTOR® Magazine:
“Only 11 percent of buyers and 28 percent of sellers choose a real estate practitioner based on their previous experience with that person, according to research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. Those numbers show that there’s plenty of room for improvement when it comes to garnering repeat business. Take this quiz to find out if you’re doing what it takes to keep customers for life.” You may want to print the quiz out and circle your answers.
Answers (do not read if haven’t taken quiz above):
1. False: give your … (5 comments)

real estate prospects: 2 Amazing Ways to Build Deep Bonds with Your Clients - 06/21/12 01:06 AM
As a real estate sales professional, it’s extremely important to create deep bonds with your clients. In this article, we’ll discuss two simple but powerful ways to forge strong relationships and show you how your REALTOR® CRM can help facilitate this.
When you create strong bonds with clients and build long-lasting relationships, you’ll benefit from referrals, positive word of mouth, and repeat business.
The first way to create a deep bond with clients is to recognize their birthdays. It seems so simple, but its impact is larger than you may realize.
Less than 2% of all service businesses recognize birthdays. So when a … (3 comments)

real estate prospects: Real Estate Prospecting: 3 Ways to Prospect Like a Pro - 06/12/12 02:23 AM
Today’s blog post is written by Gabrielle Jeans, a leading Real Estate Internet Marketing Trainer and an icon in the North American real estate industry. Gabrielle is the Founder and CEO of e2000 Training Institute Inc. and WebTech Dezine Inc. has been training real estate professionals since 1974 across North America. She has taught thousands to take their business to new levels of profitability, market penetration and brand recognition.
Today, Gabrielle Jeans is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts on business development in the North American real estate industry. Participants in her programs rank among the top 5% revenue earners in … (3 comments)

real estate prospects: 5 Tips for Building Lifelong Relationships in Real Estate - 05/16/12 11:32 PM
Today’s blog post is written by a guest author that we’re very fortunate to have contribute to our blog. The article below is by Barbara Gifford who is the Northern Regional Manager of REVStaffing. REVStaffing is one of the leading real estate virtual assistance companies in North America and Barbara has been supporting many of the top performing Realtors in Canada and the United States for over seven years. She specializes in real estate relationship-building and online marketing.
Relationship-building is key to success in real estate. It’s the agent who shows genuine interest and compassion that gets noticed and inspires loyalty. To … (5 comments)

real estate prospects: Good Real Estate Leads 101 - 12/06/11 02:25 AM
The phone rings. You answer. The person on the other end says, “Hi. We may be interested in selling our home and buying a new one. Can you help us?”
Few events will perk up the weary REALTOR® more than this type of call. In fact, some agents will pull out their calendars and try to nail a listing presentation right away – before they even know the potential client’s name! “I have to move fast,” many agents will say. “Or else a hot real estate lead may slip through my fingers.”
But it’s important not to jump the gun. At this point, you don’t … (2 comments)

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